Scam Letter(s) from Marina Yakimova to Patrice (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello Patrice!!!
It was very pleasant to me to receive your first letter which you have written to me and it was very pleasant.In me it is a lot of excitement today, it because I have received your letter and with greater excitement I answer you.I do not know from what to begin the first letter as I for the first time write the letter to the man from other country.I the modest woman, but however I have found boldness to write to you. Today you have made happy me with that have written to me!!! For me dialogue with the man from other country very much is not usual, but in too it is a high time interestingly.Earlier I never required in internet to get acquainted with men, but now I have decided to try to make it.Excuse me if I write to you not correctly, but I try to study only your language, and I hope, that I shall soon know it in perfection.Earlier I would not like to study other languages, but now I have understood, that I need to know languages that it was easier in a life.I wish to write to you in the first letter a little about myself that you knew about me more. I shall hope, that for you it will not be boring.I wish to begin that my name - Marina!I live in small city of Russia Syktyvkar which is in the north of the Russian Federation.My city very beautiful and very ancient. It has more than 1000. This city was formed in days of old Russia. Up to capital of Russia (City of Moscow) it is very far, approximately 1800 km. In our city live 400000 person.My age of 30 years!!!I was born in city in which till now I live Syktyvkar, on January, 14th, 1972.My growth - 165 sm, my weight - 57 kg. I always try to support the figure to look is younger and it is more beautiful!On it I go to a sports hall 2 times a week and I support the figure.My work consists in training children at school.I the teacher of Russian and the literature in one of school Syktyvkar. My work is pleasant to me, because I train children of correct speech in Russian, also in the literature.From the childhood I dreamed to become the teacher and here my dream has come true, now I the teacher of school.Patrice I would like, that you in the following letter have told more about yourselves as it will let to us the know more about each other.In the following letter I shall speak you more about myself and about my parents if it is interesting to you.Now I shall wait for your following letter with greater impatience and I very much would like, that you to me to send me your photo.
Today I send you the photo, I hope, that it is pleasant to you!
Up to the following letter Patrice!!!!

Letter 2

Hello Patrice!
Thanks for your letter which I have received again from you.I very much worried, when opened the email but when has seen your letter my mood at once rose above.Your letter has filled my day with good mood and I am glad to such beginning of our acquaintance.It is pleasant to me to have acquaintance to the man from other country and it is even more pleasant to learn about all of you more.I write to you from school library of my school because I do not have personal computer and I should choose time once a day to write to you the letter, but you do not worry, as I shall write to you every day and even in target.Our school library to work daily.ABOUT ITSELF, IT IS PLEASANT TO ME TO KNOW THANKS FOR YOUR STORY ABOUT YOU MORE!!!I to you to promise to tell in the last letter about myself directly it is more.I was born in happy family where my mum with the daddy to love me and to give me all from a life. Since the childhood they to grow up me that I was the formed and decent lady.I wish to tell to you about the parents.My daddy lived always in Russia, in this city where we till now all family live Syktyvkar and it was born also here, at present it the militiaman in resignation. My daddy has lighted all life to work of the militiaman.Now it on pension. To it of 68 years.My mum comes from France, it lived in beautiful city Bordeaux, in a southwest of France.It spoke me about this city and about France, now my dream to visit once France and city in a southwest of France "Bordeaux" much!My mum have got acquainted with the daddy in a youth, in the beginning of 60 years and had correspondence by means of mail.They very long time corresponded letters and eventually my mum has arrived to mine to the daddy to Russia and now they many years live together.Mum any more did not leave Russia about 68 years because it has received the Russian citizenship, and in 1960 it was forbidden to it to leave Russia as it to change the French Citizenship on Russian.Now, when my mum has lost all relatives and had no contact to the relatives from France, it to not leave Russia.It carried also the French surname (Doring), it was the surname of my mum till a marriage with mine the daddy.Now you know, that in me half of French blood and half of Russian blood flows.I am proud of it!Now I would like to know about you more and about your family, about your life!I hope, that in the following letter you to write to me more and tell more about the family and about a daily life!Now I shall go home and I expect your letter with greater impatience. Marina!

Letter 3

Hello Patrice!!!
In me it is a lot of pleasure, that I see your letter today and to do your letter a smile on my person.With each letter we to learn something new about each other and this big for me because I wish to have dialogue with the person from other country.Your letters more increasing and to please me more, to fill my day with new paints.Now, when I to open the email I would not like to see your letter. It is a pity, that I do not have personal computer. In this letter I would like to speak with you my interests and about yours including.In the free time, I like to leave on the nature to take walk on park, on a wood.Sometimes we with mine girlfriend Lena to leave by the bus on the nature, it at any time year.In the summer we to go with Lena in a wood to collect mushrooms, wood berries. In the winter for example we like to go in a wood simply to take a walk on a beautiful wood, to see winter birds, wood animals.Our city Syktyvkar is located in the north of Russia, on it our edge is very rich with woods and the beautiful nature.Sometimes my daddy to take me with itself to fish and we all the day long we fish and we fish on our small lake "Oshla". This lake very beautiful and pure, it is approximately in 30 km from our city in depth of a wood.I very romantic woman and on it to involve me the nature and beautiful places.Inna of time I leave at night on street and I look at the pure sky to see as to fall stars and I think of desire. I always trust, that my desire will be executed.You tell to me, romantic the man???You like to go on the nature?Also in the free time, I to play on the piano which costs at my place. It is the piano has got from my grandmother who has died more 20 years ago when I was young.I live separately from the parents, at me the apartment which they have bought to me when I entered the university.I very much love quiet music, and also I try to play classical music.As I already wrote to you, that I the teacher of Russian and the literature and am a lot of to have to read me books to train children at school in the Russian literature.In the life, I have read through many different books and during free time to me also to have to take in hands the book and to read.Tell to me Patrice, what you like to do in your free time???I I hope has not tired to you the story and it will be pleasant to you to read.I would write to you more, but now I should go home.With impatience I shall wait for the following moment when I can open mail and see your letter.To me it will be pleasant, if you will speak about your interests! Up to the following letter my new friend Patrice!!!!! Marina!!!

Letter 4

Hello Patrice!!! Thanks for your letter. Today it was pleasant to me to receive from you sincerely letter because my day today not so was good. All has begun that I to be late for work and me to do reprimand the principal. How your day today?I hope, that at all of you it is good also you in good mood.When I have read through your letter, my mood rose on top.Now I already start to get used to going after the work to library and to write to you the letter.I read your letters some times and so I printAlso allocate home with me for readable again your letters. I loveReading, also it is one of my hobbies, also I love music, and I loveTo observe good films. One of last cinema whom I saw - some old, but very muchCharming film; it names, " Island not success ". This film does meThe impression also does me by shout. You ever saw this film? ThatYour favourite music and cinema? You make like to dance? I loveSlowly dancing so with good romantic music, but I am regrettableUnless dance during long time …, has not made you Can be, would like to dance with me?Also I still like to play on the piano which at me costs in my bedroom to a room and I can sometimes play on this musical instrument.I hope, that you well understand me, when I write to you the letter if not to all of you it is clear you could ask me repeatedly. But it is sometimes simply difficult to me to understand some your words because I still study in your language and with you I start to know each time more.It to please me!So it is a pity, that you now not beside with me, we could meet or go on walk.I also would like to speak by with you to phone, but in me there is no it and it to do me malicious now.Tell to me about your ideas?How you like to have a rest and spend the free time?
I shall expect your letter with greater impatience!
With pleasure Marina.

Letter 5

Hello Patrice.
I am glad to receive your letter today. Your letter would do me by pleasure and if I read
It then I will be in good mood all the day long.
How your mood today?
I wish to inform you a little on that that I love.
I like to go in a wood. I love
Walk there at any time year. In the winter I ski in a wood everyone
Sunday. You like to ski? I like to ski very much. I have small dream, me
Wish to ski in mountains of Austria. In the summer I like to leave by the nature
It to have rest. Usually I go to lake which have the name - Oshla. I spoke you about it in the last letter. There there Is very beautiful a nature on this lake. We do
Small trip with my friends on this lake. One of my girlfriends I have small
The house at coast of lake. We love this place.
Even, when I was still small, we with the father to go in this lake and to fish, fry it on a fire, to cook to an ear.
We spent cheerfully time and now we to continue to go in this lake, here only my daddy now cannot go with us, because it already old.
And now we with friends go.
When night arrives, we create fire and we sing songs with a guitar. I like to look
On fire. I like to observe a sunset. I like to look at stars.
It is very romantic. Any way, what I can inform you on me and my life? I love
Animals. I most of all I prefer a bear and a tiger. What your favorite
Animal? I want, observe animals in their inhabitancy. I do not like to go in
Menagerie. I do not like to look at animals in cells. You like to go to a menagerie?
Today in me joyful day because my mum and the daddy today come on a visit to me and we shall drink a few tea with chocolates and I shall tell it, that I get acquainted with the man from other country.
It seems to me, that my parents will be glad to learn it because my parents have got acquainted from the different countries.
I spoke you in one of the letters, remember?
In the following letter I shall write to you, that my parents to speak about my acquaintance to you.
Today I finish the letter.
I shall look forward to hearing.
Sincerely yours friend Marina!

Letter 6

Hello road Patrice!
I today am happy to go and write to you the letter, because I waited for it all the day long to write to you the letter and here I to do it.It is pleasant to me to see also your letter which over to lift my mood and to do me pleasure.How you today?As I to write to you in the last letter, that I shall speak about you with my parents and here I wish to tell to you about it.My mum and the daddy to come to me along toward evening and we to sit down for a table. We to do it is very frequent, as it is accepted in our family.I have told at once about our dialogue through internet to parents.They have repeatedly asked again me " That I to tell? ".I again it have repeated that I have got acquainted with the man from other country and we communicate with it well.They have been a little lost in this situation because could not expect, that I shall tell it such.But they were glad to hear, that I can find common language with the man from other country.They to wish my of good luck in our dialogue and have told, that I was cautiously in it as different men happen and do not know that from them it is possible to expect.But I have told it, that you good the man and at us much in common. We learn each time more increasing and more about each other.Here only we do not know in what this all leaves.My mum and the daddy to transfer you "Hello"! They only are glad to our dialogue. Tell to me Patrice, you spoke about our dialogue to the friends or parents??I think, that at such men as you are many friends and it would be interesting to me to learn, that you speak about dialogue with me.I also would like you to tell about my search.I wish to have the family, the favourite person beside, feeling care and constant support a difficult minute, here to what to aspire each person in a life and I too. To me 30 years, and I and to not have, about what I speak you. I was close fortunately in the past, but my trust to break my heart. I should trust the person with whom I shall be all life. To trust its each word, gesture, a sight, a smile. In the world now so it is a lot of meanness and deceit that it is necessary to concern to people whom to surround you very attentively. I to not speak you, that it is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, just necessary to know the person so that to be completely assured in it. I the nobility you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and opened and it very much to involve me and to allow me to trust, that I can love and be favourite!!! My mum to learn me, that I should be always open. What do you think of it???I shall wait for your following letter and your opinion! Sincerely yours friend Marina.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Patrice!!
Thanks for your pleasant letter.
As I am sad without you, and I wait to receive news from you.
Is happy to see the new letter from you. That I see you to interestingly me very much. It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. I shall try to write something about me that it could be interesting to you, and
Only things which I wish to tell to you. And if you will wish to ask me something, be not afraid to ask. I always have only two variants of the answer: to answer fairly, or to not answer.
I never shall be lie.
As you know, that I work at school the teacher of the literature and Russian.
I the teacher. My work consists to explain correctly and competently all rules of Russian that children could know well the native language and became the formed people of our country.
My purpose to learn children of correct Russian speech.
This work demands skill to convince and skills eloquently, to speak.
It not so is easy, and consequently I have very often got tired after work.
But I love the work and to me other work would not be desirable to search more to itself.
If I had a chance to go for other work more paid I all the same to not leave the work because I love it!

In us very few highly paid works basically the average income does 8-9 thousand Russian roubles.
It approximately 300 euros.

I wish to inform you in this letter small a particle more on my family.
As you know, that I live one, and my mum and my daddy at present already on pension and to not work.
My mum very good and kind person. I very much respect with it, and I love.
However, as all children love parents.
My mum sometimes to learn me to correct speech of the French language because it earlier the vein in France, but many years lives with the daddy in Russia.
Certainly it wished to find the relatives in France, but could not make it.
It even wished to go in France 2 years ago to find the relatives or relatives, but it has not turned out.
I can once can go instead of mum in France and try to find relatives or close people of my mum.
To me the the grandmother on my line mum very would be desirable to know, but I never to see it.
I hope, whether that was interesting to read through to you about me?
Dear yesterday I did not sleep till 12 o'clock. I thought of us.
Whether I tried to understand really me you, I love, or it simply seems to me.
You see love it when constantly you see an image of one person before eyes.
When you think often of it when dream.
Probably I am afraid to believe to that I love you, being afraid of this word.
As we not nearby I not together with you. I wish to be convinced that you grew up love me and that we shall meet.
Then I shall not be, to be afraid of feelings. Now I am simple in the disorder.
I wish to love you, but I do not wish to remain again one.
I wish to be with you always if you will wish it?
On this note I shall finish this letter.
I hope for your sincere answer.
Sincerely yours and a kiss, yours Marina!!!

Letter 8

Hello my dear Patrice.
My mood is very good, the reason which I read to your letter.
Every day I receive from you good energy. You do me by one of the happiest women in the world. I feel, that I - am not lonely, the reason, I have conversation with you.
When I read your letter, I feel very good feelings on my soul.
I wish to tell to you a little about the city, I hope, that it is interesting to you to know.
My City very ancient. It has many colors and trees. And we have much from streets where grow up many colors.
In our city it is many monuments of culture.
Also there is a monument of the big poet of Russia " A. S. Pushkin ".
You to hear about this poet???
How many monuments in your country?
I often visit sights in my city because I love culture and history from our city. You like to visit a museum? I love it. By the way, sometimes other various museum arrives here, and we can see other things which we have no here in our city.
I wish to ask you my dear, - you the pessimist or
The optimist? The reason I is an optimist. I always think of the future with hope.
I always have my hope, mine to trust. So for example I hope to create family with the good person. To me 30 years and I still to not have the love, but I each time to start to understand, that I to find the love.
Whether I do not know I wish to have children, I think, that all depends on mine the man, whether it wishes to have children.
But it should be only with the correct person. I hope, that it will be you and that you wish to have these children also but if you did not wish to have many children, I think, that it - not a greater problem for us.

What sports meets you love? What do you love to game? What does you like to observe on TV? You observe TV much?
Today I have gone with mine of the girlfriend to cafe. We often go with my girlfriends to various cafe. We speak on various themes. I have many friends and girlfriends and I think, that it is good.
I am impatient, and I would like to see you right now, it would be desirable to go with you to cafe and to speak with you face to face, but I understand and I accept, that we should wait sometime and study more about the friend the friend.
I want it, you know, I shall never lay to you, and that I shall never deceive you, And I wait for the same from you. I want that you will be fair and true with me and with my intentions.
I feel, that you are a good person so please do not show me, that I mix up in you.
Know, that it is very difficult for me to remain here one and the nobility, that everything, that I can do now only to be here and to wait for your following letter. I hope, that you will understand my feelings and that you will answer me soon.
Care my dear.
Yours Marina.

Letter 9

Hello my love Patrice.
You to resolve you so to name?
I am happy to read your letter. With each letter I feel, that there are serious attitudes between us. You feel it also?
I do not want to deceive my heart. I do not wish to repeat a mistake of the past. I wish to be happy and to light the future. I know, that I know you not enough time, but I feel very much warm feelings to you. I never saw you in real.
But I feel your kind heat.

I think it
People always send the best looking pictures, they inform amusing histories, good things which happen in their lives, but never other material.
So in the end when you live or divide a life with them your illusions, dies, because an image from which you had who they were, was all very nice lie...
I did not want it for us, I am assured, that at all of us to the best and we of good dialogue with each other, we have the mutual sympathy, enamoured feelings, you are better.
I would like to see you actually. But it is very difficult for creation.
It is fine dream. How you think, it can be executed actually?
It would be fine.

At us in the north of Russia in my city Syktyvkar the snow happens almost the year round. Here it lays from September till April. In April the snow starts to thaw and the summer begins.
Summer here short, approximately 2 months.
When I was to be the child, we with my girlfriends always play a snow and I remember, that it was to be very beautiful time.
Sometimes, I like to look out of a window in the evening when in streets there is a lot of snow.
I love a snow! Tell to me, you love a snow? At you it is a lot of it? What your favourite season?

My dear, you trust enamoured at first sight? If you never saw me in real, you can love me? I think of you. How you think, something can happen with us? You know, that I wish to see you in valid.
I understand it very difficultly for creation. How you think, is our possible meeting actually? My dear, I shall not speak rather this theme because I do not wish to build illusion. I know, what we study about the friend the friend we shall meet once not much but how you think, maybe, we?
It seems to me, what We should meet sometime if we shall not meet, we shall write each other all life ;-)?
I do not wish to lose you and I very much would like to write each time to you and to be with you.
I to finish on this letter and with greater impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Kisses from your Russian love Marina!!!

Letter 10

Hello my love Patrice!
How - you today?
When I receive your letter, on my person always a smile.
Thanks for creation of my soul pleasure, thanks for creation of my heart with the most beautiful feelings!!
If we shall decide to be for ever so we can be together and live together for ever!
I think, that you are a good person and I really hope to meet you and - with you. I think, that we can spend romantic time together, in coast under a moonlight. I now cannot display day without your message.
But it is really difficult to me to write every day because me it to have to do after work with children. I rise in school library and I write to you the letter.
Even if the library is closed, to me to have to go in internet kafe and to write to you from kafe.
I very much very much love, when receiving your messages. I hope, that we shall be better hear each other and probably in one beautiful day we to meet and will speak face to face. You love it?
It is my greater dream Patrice!!!
" Someone will always cherish heat of your smile and happiness in your heart. Someone wishes be always close sufficient to care each way and to value each and each divine day spent together.
Someone will always hold you love in opinion and welcomes each time to find you in happy think.
Someone will always know, that the life is good, because from you, and that tomorrow has bright and light hope for a meeting!
It would not be, if you were not here today.
Someone will be always attempt to find a word to thank you for a filled life with dreams. Come true and with beautiful memoirs.
Someone will be always grateful for you..... And it someone will be always I!
You always in my ideas and dreams ".
It is a poem, that I love I think, that with this poem I can speak about all of you better and about my feelings to you.

With the big love I send you sweet kisses to your sweet lips!
Yours on a century Marina!

Letter 11

Hello my love Patrice!!!

I am very happy, to accept your letter today, it is full of warm-heartedness and sympathies to me. I think, that for that time that we with you correspond we very much have approached and between us there was a feeling, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.
On work I became a little inattentive also my employees speak, that I am enamoured. I was never so is happy. I have absolutely changed, my girlfriends and friends speak about it. This all because of you. I as though fly in heavens.
I yesterday thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I already have so become attached to you, that I miss every day your letters. I always, think of you. I can do nothing with myself. I think, that I am enamoured.
Yes I love you!!!
I talked about it to mum, and it speaks, that it is good, it thinks, that I shall be happy. I have told to mum, that you the most good person and that I completely trust you.
It speaks me, that I should not be mistaken. It speaks, that we should even is closer study each other. It to love me. And it is simple my native mother. I think, that you understand me. It wishes us happiness and greater love.
I think, that we should meet, we should see each other, look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other.
My mum also once has got acquainted with the daddy, only through mail because at that time is not present internet and to people it was necessary to write letters through mail.
It was long and the big patience was necessary.
But now it is better to communicate with people from other country as exists internet and it to do, that fast dialogue.
My love Patrice, tomorrow I wished to go to agency to learn a few information as I can arrive to you and we with you have met. I wish to find out in detail all, that it will be necessary for me to make, that I could arrive to you!
And tomorrow I to you shall write to you about my campaign to agency.

What you to think of it?
I hope, that you not against it.

I feel, what our hearts fight in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important to me to know you divide my ideas.
During a century yours Marina.

Letter 12

Hello my Love Patrice!!!

My love it was very pleasant to receive for me from you the letter today.
In me all this is good. Dear I have learned some information concerning registration of the visa.
In agency to me all has informed on how I can arrive to you, but to me have told, that it will be very difficult.
It will be difficult enough way because I need to do many documents.
I should receive the visa in Moscow, but the application it is necessary to submit here in agency, only after that to go to Moscow behind documents.
In Moscow I should enter any embassy and interview of pass.

As I should not do the passport for travel abroad because I already to do the passport for travel abroad 2 years ago, but it was not necessary to me, and now I think, that the passport is necessary to me.
The visa which will be given to me for 3 months or for 6 months because it will be tourist is necessary for me.
This visa is used 3 months or it is possible to prolong it till 6 months.
Cost the visa - 84 euri. Registration of the visa 78 euri.
In total it appears 162 euri.
My love I still need to be insured before to take off for your country. Insurance of the person necessarily and cost of insurance 192 euri.
Now you understand, that it is necessary for me for documents 354 euros.
When my documents will be ready, I should go to Moscow and there take tickets up to you, but I do not know the price of tickets at present when I shall arrive to Moscow I go to the airport and to learn the prices of tickets, well?
Dear Inform me please, whether it is necessary for me to start to do documents???
I shall listen your opinion, well?
Because without your consent I shall not start to do anything and if you will tell, that you are glad me to meet, tomorrow I go to start to do all documents.
My love, it is a shame to me to speak and ask now you about the help, but tell to me please, you will help me with money that I to do all documents?
Term of registration of the visa approximately 12 days.
Patrice I shall do for all to be with you and you with me were happy, if you will always wish it.
But again and again we should reach the friend the friend.

My love Patrice I want you!!!

Dear I wait your answer soon.
I hope for good news of you!
I send you 1000000000000000000 kisses to your fine lips!!!
With all love, yours Marina!!!

Letter 13

Hello my honey PATRICE.
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thanks for your sincere and warm letters.
It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a person,
Which trusts me.
My love I is glad, that you will help me with money that I have arrived to you and we with you were together.
Today I learned as you can send me of money.
In our small city there is a monetary translation system of money is Western Union.
That you could send me of money this system you should know my full data which I you to give.
Here my data:

My name - Marina
My surname - Yakimova
My country - Russia

My love, I to not write to these data the city of residing because it is not necessarily necessary when you will send money.
It because, my city Syktyvkar is written on latin letters not correctly and on it do not write city when you will send money, well?
Simply write my address and specify the country Russia.
My city Syktyvkar is not correctly written on letters!
You will require these data to send me of money.
I hope, that you go to bank and to send me to these days money!!!
Favourite mine, I wish to tell to you many thanks, that so many to think of me.
I also cannot day and night to fall asleep because in my ideas only you and are not present in me at present anything!
You in my heart already for ever and I never could believe in such love at first sight.
But there is one problem at me, I cannot write to you often, because now in me greater difficulties with the finance.
If I cannot write you of 2-5 days you do not worry, it simply I could not come in internet kafe to write to you.
Each time I should pay for the Internet of cafe and I already have a duty for it.
So you do not worry, what I do not write to you, well?
I wait for the salary 3 months and as I can not receive it when I shall receive I shall write to you each time.
I hope, that you have understood me!

How you?
How your free days have passed?
I hope, that at you all is perfectly good.

Each time when I read your letters, I feel, that it brings to me
More close to you. I very much think, and I dream of our future.
I cannot wait that day when we can be with each other.
I cannot wait day when we can have the first conversation, ours
Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all
I wish to inform you, that I never felt so much e?aiae in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect with you and that you
Always you will be with me. You what completed the god, have created all for me.
That I have divided with you all life.

I love you my prince.
Your love during a century Marina!



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