Scam letter(s) from Katrina Isabel Flores to Thys (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello there **** Thys, ****,i have already gone to th moneygram office and i have already collect the money that you have sent to me here ****.So i after this i will be booking a flight **** for me to start the process of my international passport which is to be done in Cagayan de Oro City.So by tomorrow 12 noon **** is my scheduled to fly tomorrow i will be a little busy when i alredy start the process ****...but don't worry i will email you at a time for you to have update for me..ok ****...thanks for the call and for the pictures as well...thank you so much...ok pls do take good care always...and speak to you later ok ****...God Bless Us... Katrina
Letter 2
Hello there ****... How are you? I've been ready for my trip to Cagayan de Oro ****..about 45 mins here so i drop here in the net cafe to update you about me here ****...ok ****..wish me luck long as i finished my passport ****,i able to sacn it here and send it to you ok **** so sincere about you and your daughter and i really want to be a part of your family **** thats why i am so eager to fly there with you in South Africa....ok ****...i will need to go now but i will be expecting your call by tomorrow ****...i know you cant call me here today so i will just need to be patient untill tomorrow to hear you again on the phone...ok **** pls do take good care always...and pls extend my regards to your daughter as well....muah muah..**** Thys.... Sincerely yours, Katrina
Letter 3
Hi **** Thys, How are you ****? Anyway i want to tell you that i am already back here in Ozamiz City,and here i would wait till the DFA or Department of Foreign Affairs office to release my passport ****,maybe they will call up till a week of my process....anyway ****...i plan to do my visa in Cebu City,as long as i get my passport i will do process directly my visa here ****.So tell me when you would like me to do it here?i just wait for the funds here **** for me to process,anyway as long as i could get my passport i will scan it here and send it to you ****...anyway i will wait for your responds...pls do take good care always....i will be here waiting for your thoughs ****.and pls extent my regards to Rossane your daughter.....lots of hugs and kisses for you ****......i have sent you some well hope you like them... Love always, Katrina
Letter 4

Hello **** Thys, How are you? Anyway apologize me to make my email so late here,anyway as i told you here that i've been to the mail office today because the DFA office told me that my passport is already finished and issued today January 27,2009.And i have scan it here so that i could able to send it to you **** Thys.Anyway i got my passport finished here **** so we need to pursue our next plan which is to process my applications of visa..well i have already inquire here **** about all the expenses i must need to have my visa applications..anyway **** all i needed funds would be 30,000 pesos **** or in dollars would be 650 dollars ****,that include about my expenses like my air fare back and fort going to Manila,which i chooses to process my visa to make the process more fast,and for my food expenses and accomodations.And will also have my payments for the actual processing of my visa applications **** and some fares as well.And hopefully i could have the funds as possible **** so that i could able to start the process,im so sincere and eager about this **** because i really wanted to be a part of your life and your family....also would love to met your daughter Rossane.Ok ****,i will be waiting for your responds or your calls here....thanks and pls do take good care always....God Bless Us both..lots of hugs and kisses....!!! Your ****, Katrina
Letter 5
hello there **** Thys, Good day ****? Sorry for the late responds here,you know im so busy with the Philippine Embassy's office this afternoon.I didn't noticed your calls ****...anyway don't be too worry **** because everything going fine here ****...anyway i have already found out the things i might needed to make all of my papers done successfully.First thing i should **** is my passport here which i bring it here with my hand..the medical certificate,the NBI clearance,baptismal certificate and the invitations letter which i completely bring it here **** Thys.Anyway ****,i have already paid my processing fees..and important is i must have a ticket and a show money ****..the show money means is a funds for me to show the embassy **** as an assurance that i could able to finance my stay and trip thier in South Africa but that funds is just have to show them but i can take it back to my hand and bring bakc with you when i am there already in South Africa ****.Anyway **** this is badly needed to make my visa approved...the show money **** worth 350$ dollars or 16,000 pesos,this amount **** would be refunded after my departure there in South Africa and that the funds will go back to our hand....ok ****...let me know your thoughs....i will be waiting for your responds....i missed you already and so excited to be there with you and have some real hugs and kisses for you ****....thanks and pls do take good care always ****....kisses for you,,muah muah muah....... Your ****, Katrina
Letter 6
Hello there **** Thys, How are you? Im so sorry for late responds here ****,as you know that i am so busy with processing my papers in the embassy here ****....anything is doing well here **** except that my phone is accidentally lost here and im so worry maybe you keep contacting at that number ****.Maybe the person happens to see my lost phone and throw my sim card away,i think i left it here in the motorcycle when im on my way to the embassy ****...i ddint have the chance to tell you earlier because as i told you that im so busy with my visa processing here ****...anyway i will communicate us with our email address here my **** Thys...ok pls do take good care always....i will be here waiting for your responds.......thanks and pls do take good care always **** so excited to be there in south africa as soon as my papers approved here **** Thys....ok lots of hugs and kisses for you ****.....God Bless both of us.... Sincerely yours, Katrina
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