Scam letter(s) from Nancy Turner Uwa to Christian (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello My Darling.

Thanks for writing me back. So how are you doing over there, I hope you are fine. And I will be very glad to meet you one day in your country. Well I am writing to you now with sincerity and truth since we have not yet met.

But I am asking for your assistance and I will be so glad if you can lead me to the right channel with your assistance to my situation now. And I want to make my proposal well known to you, I will like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you again. I am Miss Nancy Turner Uwa 22 years old girl and I know that this proposal might be a little surprise to you but please do consider it.

My (late) father Dr.Turner Uwa. Was the managing director of a company in my country Liberia in west Africa, but he was wickedly poisoned to death by his business associate on one of their business discuss in oversea.

However after my Father death my uncle he collected all my late father house''s and money and enjoy with his wife and children and my uncle try to **** me before I managed to escape with a very important document of (US$ 8.5m) Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars, deposited in a bank on my name by my late father which I am the next of kin.

Meanwhile I am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy person who can help me with out betrayers and transfer this money into his position the main reason I contact you is this, the bank said to me I should look for a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf as my trustee and have the money transfered into his account with my approval since with my status as a refugee they will not release the money directly to me.

I have made all the necessary arrangement with the bank for successful transfer of this fund into your account without any problem I will give you full detail on how this process will be done, It is 100% risk free.

Furthermore, I will send the bank contact information to you as soon as I receive a positive response from you, and remember I am giving you all this information due to the trust I deposed on you and I like honest and understanding person,faithful and truth and a woman of vision.

Here is my direct mobile phone number ( 00221 77 186 1851 ) you can call me any time, and please send me your reply immediately you receive this letter.

Please my dear friend promise me that you will keep all this transaction Secret and Confidential and I promise to bring happiness and joy to your home.

Hoping to read from you soonest.

Your''s In Love.

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