Letter(s) from Alevtina to Francesco (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi. as passes your day? I hope that at your day has passed today well! At me all goes well, I am glad that have got acquainted with you to me your compliments and your attention are very pleasant. I hope that we shall soon know better each other and it will allow us to communicate easily. I think that you agree with me? Now I want to tell to you not much about myself I hope that it will be pleasant for you, unfortunately in one letter it is not possible to tell all my life, but I think that gradually it really:) Concerning a place of my birth, I have grown and was born in city Cheboksary it is ancient city, in our city many well-known people were born very much. Our city costs near to the Ural mountains, our city is very beautiful also friendly, in comparison with city capital Moscow it very small many times over, also in our city it is a lot of sights various monuments of culture, museums and buildings of olden time. I very much love my city, I have finished the state university at faculty management this trade to me very much it is pleasant as I like dialogue with people and to get new acquaintances. At me it is a lot of friends we very well we carry out together time, in our city in very well summer as it very beautifully blossoms unfortunately in Russia winter very severe and frosts reach a point of-32 degrees below zero it very coldly also winter in Russia passes about one half-year. concerning my work I work by a trade, in a lady's wear shop my working day begins in 11 am and I come to an end in 20 pm after work usually to go home, but now when my girlfriend has advised to use the Internet as search of the man of my dream after work now I to go in the Internet of cafe as an at home I have no a computer because in Russia very difficultly to install a telephone in the house for this purpose it is necessary to consist in turn of subscribers but it already other history and follies of Russia. Also during a dinner I to go in the Internet of cafe. Unfortunately in the Internet still more few that I know as I use only one month and I hope what to find that which man wait all life. I very serious girl and my intentions are very serious. I want will always find the man of my dream which beside and the most important I think this trust and understanding in the present love if these qualities will not be that I think there is no sense further to communicate as without these qualities there will be very difficultly in a life you agree with me? I think that you the decent person, understand that I very trustful girl and very open. Concerning that why I to search for the man in the Internet that I have come to this because in a real life very difficultly to find the man which I was such which to search. In Russia sex on one is interesting to men only, two times for me it categorically does not approach! I very pure and I do not love doubtful acquaintances, especially I find the Internet of acquaintance very romantic because two persons sit and write letters each other not seeing, and then meet and already you know about each other practically all this very wonderfully agree with me? Also I do not love those men which interest naked photos I categorically I shall not send also all in this sort!!!! I want only cleanliness of dialogue and on the further meeting if we shall be each other nice and interesting. I very much like to travel, but unfortunately I was not abroad, is usual we with friends we go in a campaign on foot in a wood or along the river it is very fascinating. You like to go to campaigns for example to fish, hunting? At me it is a lot of hobbies, I very much love sports of a various kind especially preference I give water that is I very much like to float and jumps from a tower, also I like to run in the mornings it very much invigorates. Also I love driving on a ski, and skating. You love sports? You are keen on what sports? I love game in billiards though at me yet very well it turns out but shortly I think that all will be good. You can tell to me more about yourselves? Where do you live the name of your city as your city looks, I have in a kind more in detail to describe your life to me it was very pleasant to read your letters and to learn you more. You can ask me and it will be very pleasant for me to answer your questions. I very much like to be photographed, many speak that on a photo I look as the model, and speak that I have engaged in modelling business, but I do not find modelling business good at least in Russia as basically in this business continuous it is criminal. And in general Russia it is very criminal the country unfortunately: (and basically in Russia all youth goes to serve gangsters it very bad as in Russia not enough work for youth. I live with parents at me there is mum, father and the younger brother it it studies at university as the teacher very well. Mine mum and father work at one factory on manufacture of tractors, a tractor of our city very much glory in Russia and in the countries of near abroad. I very much like art and I visit at leisure museums and various exhibitions, also I love a cinema of various genres last film which I visited it you it was " King kong " looked film? On mine it is very well removed, it was very a pity to me the monkey at the end of film when her have killed on mine it very tragically (as I very much love animals I I have a cat her name is Mashka she is very good cat she many years live at us. You love animals? I want will find the man which me to protect and respect! My favourite color is blue I very much I love this color. What your favourite color? Not so long ago I have gone studies as the driver's license unfortunately at me there is no machine, but I think that this certificate is useful in a life, also of machines I very am afraid did not go to time yet itself behind a rudder. While on study we is passable the theory soon have told that we shall start practice in city, for me it is very terrible. I very much like to study foreign languages I know English also French also I want to start to study Italian. My day a birth 15.04.80 years. I very much dream of a marriage and to give birth to children, I very much love children and I would like to have not less than two children. You love children? How many you would like to have children? Unfortunately I should finish my short letter:) I hope that you have not got tired it to read. Simply I wanted to tell about my life and all my interests. Write to me I with impatience I shall soon wait continuation of our dialogue.
Yours faithfully Alevtina ...