Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Budkowa to Ali (United Arab Emirates)

Letter 1
Hi Dear Ali, I am very happy that I've met you. I wanted someone to find me amonggreat number of girls and write me. Your response is like a smallmiracle! My name is Anastasia. I was born in a small picturesque town Novopskov, Ukraine. You probably may know about a ****** town which is situated close to it, called Luhansk. Here I study at University. My future profession is economist. I hope you don't think that it is boring. I'm 21 and my birthday is on November,7. Have you heard anything about Ukraine? I'd like to know more about your country.Hasan, I think I am a happy person, because I havekind and caring parents and I believe I was born under the lucky star.Unfortunately, I have neither brother nor sister. But I'm sure that there must be at least two children in a family. I don't need much tobe happy, just a cosy house, a man, for whom I can become the one andonly, and a couple of nice kids. I am very romantic and believe inlove at first sight, at first word, at first touch. Sometimes I lookat faces of other people and try to find the special eyes, that willtake capture me. And do you believe in fate? A lot of people saythat I am attractive and nice, but I wonder what I will see in theeyes of my sweetheart. I am sure that love has no age and nonationality, love is wonderful and amazingly pleasant. I'd like totaste it, I am sure that it is even sweeter than honey.By the way, do you like sweets? If so, you should ******** cake"Napoleon". I like to bake different cakes and pies. But I think ourbest cake is still ahead. It will definitely have a male name. A nameof my man. I adore to experiment on a kitchen. I wish my futurehusband has great appetite! Are you OK with it? If so, you deserve my attraction ;-)Ali, I want to know more about you very much, and, frankly speaking, I havesome woman's curiosity. You can tell me about everything. It willbe a great honor for me to become someone you can trust in everything.
Waiting for your letter impatiently.
Kisses Anastasia.
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Letter 2
Dear Ali! If you only knew, you touched my soul deep inside with your attention. You replied to my letter and I feel so good. And how are you? You know,I even want to sing, because I've got your letter. To tell you the truth, I Like dance so much. I went for Latino-American dances since my childhood. The dancing takes great part of my life. I like Sting, Vanessa Mae, Madonna and Russian rock. I am very curious person and trying always be well informed in the new literature and fine arts. But Ali, I envy people, who can draw. Though the mosttalented painter for me is a nature. I love nature: flowers, trees, animals. But most of all I adore dogs. It's my passion! They are very faithful and ingenuous. Many people lack these qualities... But for my pity I rent my flat in Luhansk and there is no chance to have a dog.I liked everything you described about your life. When I've got your first letter, I had only one question: "Why are you looking for your other half via Internet?" You are tired to be alone? If so, I'll try to make you happy. I want you to be happy, when you read my letters. Instead of this, I need your trust and understanding. Can you promise me that? I want you to believe in a miracle. May thesparkle of hope will appear in your eyes, and your heart will melt! I want you to know, there is a girl, living in Ukraine and thinking of you. There is a girl who is waiting impatiently for your next letter. Please don't delay with your reply. I liked you and miss your attention. Let me be closer to you...
With sincere wishes and warm from Anastasia
Letter 3
Hello my dear Ali
!Wow, Ali, what wonderful photos you sent to me! I liked them verymuch! You are such a handsome man! I like you a lot!Thank you very much for your sweet letter! I was very glad to hear from you. How are you? I hope, that everything goes right way with you andyour family.I came to the Internet by poor accident. Not long ago my friendinvited me for a lunch to show her fiance she met via Internet. He'sa Belgian man, who's name is Karel. Now they are going to form fianceevisa, because they are going to marry in a few months. Their eyes wereshining, because they were in love. Katia told me, that Karel isthe best man she ever met. I didn't believe in love via Internetbefore. Though nobody proposed me to find a man via Internet, Idecided to get my own way. I did my best to find my other half viaInternet. I wanted to find the same happiness Katia found. I am just a woman,I want to have my female happiness of giving love and being loved, i do not ask for a lot!When I saw this couple I understood, that I cannot lose my chance to be happy. I wanted to findsomeone very special, who can size up all my state of mind.I wanted to find someone, who can size up me like a woman.That's why, Ali I'm in the Internet! I believe in a littlemiracle that will be done for me only, and you?But your reply already gave me this hope. I count on your understanding and openness... Theneverything will be all right between you and me.Waiting for your soon reply.
Kissing you softly.
your Anastasia
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Ali!
How did you spend your weekend? I was at home in Lisichansk and had agood time!What a wonderful day today, isn't it? You are here with me again and Ifeel myself fine and calm. Yesterday at the dinner with myfamily, we shared the latest news with each other, as we always do when they come to visit me here. I told them I found you. If you only knew, they asked me so many questions about you: whoare you, why are you still single, etc. I was a little shy and cannotfind the answers for all their questions. But my Mom told me "Everythingcomes in dew time, the most important thing Anastasia likes Ali". I will nothide it, I really like you very much. After talking to my relatives, Itook the English-Russian dictionary and start to study English wordsone after another. I feel absolute necessity to study English,understand it and write by myself. Ali, I have such feeling for the veryfirst time in my life. Please give me some time, I'll study Englishdays and nights to understand you without translator. There isthe Internet Cafe not far from my house, where I come to write you myletters. I hope you don't mind?Honey, I hate to tell you something but I have to. I have to pay forthe translation's services in the Internet Cafe. But I think it worthour communication. Any time I can ask professional photographer tomake me photos or video for you. If you want to talk on the phone withme, we can do it as well via Internet Cafe. You know, I like thetranslator who translate our letters very much as well. Her name isAngelina. They take 4,59$ per letter with all their services Ienumerated to you. One month unlimited correspondence cost 99$. I findout the payment for such services are the same in different parts of my city. You know, I can't to ask my parents to help me to pay ourletters, they provide me and pay for my studying, and I know for doing this - they have to refuse themselves in something. I wanted us to solve it by ourselves. Ali, tell me, may I count onyour help? Honey, I want to be your girlfriend, whom you want to take care of. Icannot say I'm strong woman, but I may call myself "home cat", whoneeds your caress and care. Can you be my real knight?
Looking for your letter.
With tenderness.
Yours Anastasia
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Ali!
I have an excellent mood today. I also have some good news for both of us. For me, because I found a real man, with whom I can finally feelmyself like a real lady. Thanks for coming into my life! For you,because I've seen you in my dream. You won't believe me, but you werenear my house on the white horse. You gave me your hand and told:"Nastya, let's go with me, I need you". It was a real happiness!As soon as I wake up, I had the only wish - to see you and touch you.To tell you the truth, I didn't feel it to anyone.Thank you very much for your wish to help me to pay ourcorrespondence. One month unlimited correspondence cost 98,99 USD. It's a real man's act. Now I know for sure, I want tofeel you near every day, to share my news with you. I want to knoweverything goes on with you. I want to be closer to you day by day.Here is my address where your Nastya alwayswaiting for you:
Anastasia Budkowa
Kotsiubinskogo street 27/497
Lugansk, 91000
You can transfer money for our correspondence on my address viaWestern Union. I don't want us to stop our correspondence even for a day. I wantto feel your warmth, Ali which warm me and give me strength. But I don'twant to be strong woman with you, because I want to be tender, springflower for you. I want to warm and take care of you. Do you have thesame wish?Ali, how long ago did anyone tell you how wonderful man youwere? I will open you a small mystery. I am crazy about your photos!You are very handsome, you have great body. I don't even wan to showyour photos to my friends! I bet they would be jealous to me!
Waiting to hear from you.
Kissing you.
Yours Anastasia.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Ali!
Yesterday when I was going home across the central park our regionalbroadcast television took a public-opinion poll by theme "What does myfamily need for happiness?" At first I stood aside listening to otherpeople. They took a public-opinion poll from young to old people. Two children shouted they wanted a bag of sweets. One old lady told thatshe needed very expensive medicine for her happiness. Then a 30 years old lady told, she could give anything to find a good husband andDad for her 6 y.o. son. She looked very hopeless.I thought if it was possible that such a young lady had been alreadylonely? I'm much younger but I'm afraid, Ali! Will you still love mewhen I'm 30? Please be honest with me!Now when I've got my happiness, I'm afraid to lose it. I want ourrelations to be always the same. I want you always to look at me withyour loving eyes. If we are together, we can overcome each other'slacks.Sometimes I think that your soul is my soul, your thoughts are mythoughts and we have one heart for both. Everything I need is to feel your tender glance, your kiss, to feel myself the happiest woman in theworld. I want to know about life of Sixteen Madonna. I cannot takemy eyes from her great look. She has the appearance of a loving woman. Iwant to have the same look. But I want you only to see this look. I want you to remember about me wherever you are, and I'll be waiting for you giving you all my warmth, tenderness and care. I want to feel that whenI am 30, my life will quasi begin. My grandma always told me that awoman can always be young and beautiful if a man really loves her.I'm sure you are one of those men. I wonder if a man has a young woman, does he feel himself younger?Darling, I already tried to study English with a help of Englishself-taught and dictionary, but without any success.Honey, the English courses I chosen are situated by the translator'shigh school in the East Ukrainian University. They have classes 3 times in a week by 1,5 hours. They are professional translators there.By the way, they teach us how to work at the computer as well. Thefull course lasts 6 months and cost 700$. One month cost 150$ and 3 months courses cost 450$. The first and second courses are theoretical, and the third part is a practical course. After these courses, I'll get the certificate of international standard.By the way, then I can write you letters myself, without anybody'shelp. Can you imagine that? Oh, that would be great! One of myfriend finished these courses with success and now she teaches other people as well.
Your Nastya
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Ali!
My love, i have received the money which you sent, I'll start English classes from today and I have already paid for our correspondence too!Here's one more long week-end left behind. I had so many plans forthis week-end, honey. I planned to go on my friend's betrothal, wholives in a little city called Stahanov. But unfortunately I was latefor the bus and used to hitch-hiking. So, when I finally got there,the ceremony of betrothal had already finished. I felt so sad, I couldn'tbe with my friend in such a solemn occasion. How annoying! I wantedeven to cry, but I couldn't spoil their perfect mood. When I woke upin the morning in their house, I decided to go home. Only at home Ican stay tete-a-tete with my thoughts and dreams.Then I decided to have some rest. I fell asleep on a pink pillow my grandma sewed for me. That pillow knows every little thing about me.It absorbed the tears of my first love and saw all the sweetestdreams. It's as smooth as your palms. That moment I thought only aboutyou and me. Though I didn't remember the details of my dream, but I'msure it was a sweet one with your loving eyes and tender kisses. Thisdream took me to another country, where you are. This dream cannotlive in Lugansk, because all my dreams are there with you. Why are youso far away from me? I often ask this question to myself...The phantom of my love, I miss you so much!!! My smooth hare, you make my heart beating! I miss your sweet words so much. I only wish youhappiness, love and warmth. I know, that we have the same dream andwe get closer to it step by step. This dream is not look like phantomat all. It get closer with each long week-end. My happiness is in myhands. Tell me, do you still doubt about your right choice? As youknow, I'm not ideal person. But I cannot imagine any man with me, butyou in the future. All my happiness is you, honey! You only have togive me your hand and I'll give you mine. We have a long and happy wayahead.Tell me, do you think you know everything about me and my life in Lugansk? It seems, I knew you for ages and I know every littlething about you. I have only one question: "Do you love me?" Please tell me about it more often, okay?And I'll repeat always - my love, my love, my love...
Kiss you
Your Nastia
Letter 8
The manager told me today that we have debt in payment for ourcorrespondence, we had to pay on August, 21. She made me a warning! Irelied on you in this question so much, dear. And I have one morerequest for you. My mother's salary is delayed for a month already and I must pay 150$ for renting my flat in Lugansk by Monday. I would be very grateful to you if you helped me with solving this problem.There is 2 hours drive by bus from Lugansk to Novopskov. So if I can'tpay for the flat in Lugansk, I'll have to go every day to Lugansk from Novopskov, this is very hard! My sunshine, I really hope that you will understand me and help me.Looking forward to your letter
Kiss you
Your Nastia
Letter 9
Dear Sir,
Anastasia didn't come to the Internet cafe today, she had to leave tovisit her family.
Her translator told me about your letter. She is now in a bad situation because of the vain of our ex-worker Oksana Levitina.Please, sir, listen to me and treat me with understanding.In February 2008, our security discovered, that photos and some letters were stolen with this person and she used them in her private selfish purposes. She got the access to the e-mails of clients and sent letters with photos to clients with the hope to receive advantages from our clients. Unfortunately we got to know about her lies too late and didn't stop her in time. It was her vain, that several girls trapped to anti scam sites. Many of them were already wedded and Oksana's actions almost torn loving couples apart.Unfortunately, Anastasia Butkova were one of the persons with stoleni nformation.I new about the black list existence and that her name is there. I got in touch with the owners of a site not for a once. But they didn'twant even to hear. Sir, please, understand, it is Internet and unfortunately, scammers here the same often as in real life. I didn't put in an application to the police about Oksana, but today Anastasia insisted and I just was there and informed to police about a scam. Ipromise you sir, this scammer will be punished! Please, don't getdoubts of your lady honesty, there is not guilt of her, she is just asacrifice of Oksana's actions. I beg your pardon sir for our badstaff. It will be very sad for us if, such a good couple will partbecause of the Oksana's vain! Best regards,
Irina Soboleva
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Ali!
Dear, when I came to the Internet cafe today, I was shocked with news which I was told! I don't even know what to tell you. I can't even find words, someone used my photos and letters in his aims! What can Ido or say? I am going to the police. I have already called my uncle and we will solve out this situation immediately.I am sorry, Ali, but I can't talk to you on the phone now, I barely keep myself from crying! Call me in the evening. I am just killed withall those news Nastia

Letter 11
Hello, my dear Ali!
I am so sorry about this awful situation. neither you nor me guilty inthis! That shameless Oksana killed my faith to good. She made something funny from my name, mockery! Many people visit that site and I am afraid to think that they will think about me! Ali, if administration of my University know about this information, they will exclude me! Our police works badly, they didn't do any thing serious to find Oksana. My sunshine, maybe you can write to the owners of the site and and explain them this situation? I can't imagine what may happen if my name and photos will stay there. It seems like tragedies follow my family. My mother was given not paid vacation, andI have no idea if I can pay for the flat which I rent this month. If Idon't pay 150$ till Monday, they will move me out. I was trying to ask for a room in a dormitory of University, but there are no vacant places. Ali, I can't eat already for 2 days, my soul hurts. This Oksana killed me. You are the only man who I love, Ali, that's whyI need your care and love so much! Please, I beg you, Ali, don'tbetray me! If you leave me, why will I live?Call me tonight, I'll be waiting!And remember, in spite of anything, I love you!
You are my god!
Kiss you, love you All yours
Letter 12
Hello, my dear Ali!
I'm scared a lot today. In the morning, when I went outside, I saw ahuge cloud above my head. I thought it'll be raining. Then I remembered, today is Wednesday, my lucky day. Half-way I saw lightning flashes and it started raining. I hardly run to the bus station. There were so many people, benches were occupied. Suddenly I heard someone told me: "Young lady, have a seat". I was looking back over my shoulder and saw middle-aged man, who talked to me. I thought to myself what a gallant man. When the bus came, all the people left and only me and that man stayed in the bus station again. I decided to dry off for 10 minutes and then leave by my business. I wasn't going to talk to this man, I even didn't watch towards him. But he asked me:"Don't you want to spend the evening with me?" I scared and said "No"!Then he start show me that if I refuse , it'll be worse for me and he can force me be force of him. I went at full speed in the street. I felt that this man followed me. Then I ran into the first entrance and rang to the first door. Thanks God, one old lady let me came in. It old her about everything in details. That woman called the police.When policemen came, that man disappeared. So, sweetheart, you won't believe me , but today I got to the Internet Cafe by police car .You are the first whom I told you these news, nobody else of my family knows about it. It's really terrible, and my hands are trembling now,when I write you my letter. I'm afraid to think, what may happen ifnot that old woman who opened me the door. One of these days I'll go to see her again and thank her for her help! Sunshine, I'm afraid to go outside now! This story showed me that men in our city are unpredictable and they can hide behind a mask of intelligent man.I promise you to be more careful from this moment, honey, and will look around. I'll do my everything to guard myself from any danger!I'll try to fall asleep after this nightmare tonight! Why am I so unlucky on Wednesdays? What is this? Fate, ill luck or shall I wait for troubles each Wednesday? Maybe I tune up myself for worries?This moment I want to hug you more than ever, feeling protect andloved! But thanks God, my Ali, you are not only my man, but my guardian angel who always protect me against worries. I guess,thoughts about you helped me to keep my head and find a way out!I dream all Wednesdays will be lucky for me, but if not - I'll delete Wednesdays in my week! I love you, honey, love you fully and I promiseyou everything will be fine with me and I can protect myself evenwithout you!Waiting for your reply
Kiss you
Your Nastia
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