Letter(s) from Temi Jully Williams to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

However,i find you so different and educative and i can read your mind from the letter you wrote me the first time we chat.You sound very responsible and caring.I am using this medium to assure you that you have all my trust and i will give you all the time that you need to get incontact with me on bed .and i will give you all the corperation you need as regards your wife.i am ready to give you kids life honset caring family all the surport and care for better assumption.

My dreams that you asked about is to have a man you in my arms all the time ,have beautiful kids and happy home.my mission is to establish my self own business as to enable me to be self reliance.I pray everything works out for us as we both wish .And i am ready to give you the respect and love that you need and deserve....