Romance scam letter(s) from Evgenia Cherepanova to Linus (Italy)
Letter 1

Hello my friend. We very much far apart, but I hope it will not prevent our dialogue. How are you? Thanks that you written to me. I very much hoped that you will answer my letter. It is important for me. I hope our correspondence gives us good chance of the joint future. I wish to find the friend, maybe loved men. We shall understand it together after our correspondence. I wish to tell to you about myself. I hope you can imagine my life and my character. So,
I'am 27 years. I have brown eyes and dark chestnut hair. You can see it in my photo. My growth of 170 centimeters (5,6 foots) my weight of 52 kgs (115 pounds). Probably you have question: why this beauty does not marry in Russia Certainly, I can marry in Russia, but Russian men are very thoughtless. I had earlier boyfriend and to have serious mutual relations, but it always came to an end badly. My first boyfriend did not wish have children. He spoke - children too big cargo. I asked him what for you live? And he could not answer at once.
His eyes were empty. Another boyfriend "loved" alcohol. I told him:
choose, I or bottle. He told, that freedom for him above all. We had to leave. It is very sad. My third boyfriend told that he cannot be only with one woman and him it is necessary to meet other women. I to slap smb.'s face him also have left. I disappointed in Russian men.
There can be I cannot find love. Why my beauty involves different scum? Now I have decided to find men from other country. My daddy the military man and consequently our family travelled across Russia much.
We lived in the city of Saratov, Rostov on Don. Now my parents live in city of Rostov. I wish to search for road to lives. Now I live in city Saint-Petersburg. My friend assist me to find work in this city.
Saint-Petersburg it is very big and rich city. Here it is a lot opportunities. I work manager in cosmetic firm. It complex and responsible work, but I not be afraid of responsibility. Around of me a lot of men, but I to see through smb. Bar, revelry, bed, and in morning bye-bye! It not for me. I wish to find love! I hope, what you can understand my letters? It Not a problem for you? Inform me?!!! I know English a little. I write to you from the Internet-cafe. I can write to you 2-3 times to a week. I hope my letter does not frighten off you. I want what you knew my character and my course of life. Now I have some questions for you. Tell me about your life. Tell to me about your city. It is very interesting to me. You have children? If you have children that it not a problem for me. I very much to love children and I hope to have children sometime. You were married? What you still wish to know about me? Do not forget that I not so well to speak English. Maybe I cannot understand some words. I have still e-mail. It, but you write to me on this e-mail. Ok? I have made e-mail on yahoo to that it is very good service and it is free-of-charge. The Internet has no borders. It is good. I hope to receive your answer soon.
Evgenija (Zhenya)
P.s. I can be destroying volcano or fond kitten. It depends on you. ))
Letter 2

Hello my dear! I am very glad to receive your letter and now I answer you. This great pleasure for me. Now in Russia the winter comes to an end. The snow absolutely will soon thaw. The spring begins and I to be elated. In street very pleasant spring breeze. Nature revives. Today I work also I have very small lunch break. I would use it what to write letter to you. I wish to tell still to you about myself. Now I live single in an apartment in Saint-Petersburg. It is a small apartment and I to rent it. A good apartment expensive for me. Saint-Petersburg very rich city, but here all very much expensive. I should work very difficultly for residing. I wish to tell to you about my work. I come to 8 o'clock in the morning and I come into the cabinet. I have small cabinet. Very respectable At once the meeting at director begins.
It approximately 10 minutes. Then I should bypass a trading hall and examine all goods. I have very much greater responsible work. I operate 5 sellers of cosmetics. Every day I should make the report on promotion of goods. I am engaged in statistics of sale and advertising. Probably it is boring to you to listen about my work?
Sometimes I speak superfluous. I very easily concern to money.
Probably I am too careless. I when it does not manage to save superfluous money. Money really it is not important for me. I want will find men which to love me. Rich or poor it is not important. Main thing love and trust. Write me, that you think of love men and women.
What main thing in mutual relations? I think the main thing it is love, trust and harmonious sex. You to agree with me??? It is important question for me! I have higher economic education. I have finished the Saratov economic-social university. Careless economist - is funny! I worked in several works to Rostov, but it hopeless. Only in Saint-Petersburg I could find good work. I wish know about your life more. You have a hobby? You like sports? What? I am able to play on the piano a little. Parents guide me in musical school. What season is pleasant to you more? Winter or summer? I like summer. I hope has not tired you the jabber. I wish know your full name. Inform me. I wait for your following letter. I very much like to receive your letters.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Lorenzo! Today I checked my e-mail and I found your letter. I am happy And I with great pleasure write to you. Now we have very good weather. Always sun and a warm wind. In Russia now it is very bad to live. Very many terror. In southern parts Russia bird's flu is found out. I very much worry about it. A life difficult, but I belief in goods. I optimist. Yesterday I letter from parents has come.
Mum writes what soon receive a new apartment. They call me to themselves to Rostov. But I remain here. I wish find way to lives. I very much love my parents. They are most good people on all Earth.
They always help me. Sometimes I take old letters from parents and I re-read it. I at once have many forces for work and lives. Probably you think that I am very sentimental? Probably it is truth. I still wish to tell to you about myself a little. I have brown eyes and brown hair. You saw my photos? It like to you? Certainly like! My favourite color dark blue and yellow. I very much like roses. I think when men gives woman flowers it maximum demonstration of love. It is fine! I spoke you that little bit to play on the piano. I like classical music. If I " fond kitten " to that listen Mozart if I " destroying volcano " to that listen Wagner. What music is pleasant to you? You go to listen to alive music? Anybody from my former boyfriend is not pleasant alive music. I dream to go on a concert with my loved men. Probably it is silly dream? Now I wish to tell to you one history from my life. About half of year back I corresponded with guy from England. About a month all was good. That me confused only thing, this that he constantly asked my naked photo. Certainly I was not going to send him it. Then I lived to Rostov with my parents. I have given him my phone and here most unpleasant has begun. Constant calls.
Especially at night. He liked to check home I or not. Very much rush to arrive. I it very much was guarded also with me have decided to understand with this guy. In Internet has found a forum devoted to foreign grooms. Many thanks girls from a forum, that helped to understand with this "lady's man". In actual fact he there was usual a sex-tourist. I at once have refused a meeting with him and about a month he kept ringing, sometimes threatened, sometimes love swore. My parents abused me. Now I am very cautious and I shall not give phone to anybody. If I am assured of your feelings I shall call to you.
Sometimes it seems to me, that I am very unhappy. Why I cannot find true love? It is a rhetorical question. Maybe - it destiny? You trust in destiny? Probably my letter has tired you. Tell me, you easily understand my letters? I very much worry about my English language.
Now I should go. I shall wait for your following letter.
Yours Evgenija
Letter 4

Hello my dear man! I with impatience waited your letter. I very much worry when I check my mail box. I wish to receive letters from you. It is very pleasant for me. What mood? What feelings have you in soul.
You recollect about me??? Excuse, that I at once have so much questions. I have very much become bored. It is pleasant to me to read your letter. This most good time of day when I go to the Internet of cafe and I read your letter. I wish to know about you all! O, no, I not intelligencer 007, I bachelor girl . For me very important friendship of two people. The friendship is a frank dialogue and common interests. Friendship is an exchange of souls, an exchange of feelings. Love very similar on friendship, but two loving souls incorporate in one. If person is jealous loved or regrets to him of something is not love. For me attitudes with the person very much mean. And for you? What people mean for you? When people begin to love you how you concern to them? Once again forgive me for a heap of questions. Is very little things which me irritate in men. It is not pleasant to me when men much to drink alcohol. It is possible to drink a little what to relax after heavy work or on a holiday. It is a lot of men in Russia drink litre vodka every day. It is horror! It enrages for me. I do not smoke. To me it is indifferent if men smokes. I think very well, that we write each other letters. It will allow us well study each other. If I meet men in Russia face to face that he sees only my body. I try to tell and he looks at my breast. He thinks:
how to drag her in bed. It is not pleasant to me also. I would want that you correctly understood me. I adore sex. Sex with favourite men is more pleasant in 10 times. But I would want that men appreciated my soul. This most important for me. By the way, in bed I wild a cat. You not sick heart? Otherwise sex with me will end with a heart attack. It is a joke But I am good not only in bed, but also on kitchen. It is traditional for my family. All our women very well cook. What cuisine is pleasant to you? You taste that or from Russian cuisine? So,
advertising is finished also to me it is necessary to come back to work. I shall wait your following letter and your photos.
Yours Evgenija
Letter 5

Hello my dear friend! How are you? First I wish to tell, that you very attractive man. When I read your letter I feel greater pleasure. To me it is always sad when your letter comes to an end. I wish to receive more letters from you. I cannot write much as I have no computer of the house. I am very bad understand in computer. Each time I ask assist me manager in Internet-cafe. Probably, he think that I very silly. It is not important! That I can write to you - main thing and I can read your fine letters. I feel that me draws to you. Probably my friendship becomes stronger to you. It is surprising for me. I did not meet you in the person, but I can tell that well learn you. I hope destiny will allow us to meet in the person. It is very interesting to me. Today I wished to tell to you about a place where I live now, but it very long. Words not retell beauty of this city, therefore I give you this address and you can look all. All here is a lot of criminality.
I live far from center and sometimes to come back home very much late.
Once I had trouble. Drunk guy stuck to me and wanted get in porch. He has seized me by a hand and pull. I have kicked him between legs and have escaped. After that case I bought a gas pistol. In Russia it is impossible to buy the fighting weapon. Only gas or pneumatic. Now I feel safely. My full name Cherepanova Evgenija. In life I much travelled. My daddy military man and our family compelled was to move constantly. I saw many cities of Russia, but I when did not travel to other countries. I very much wish to look other countries. Probably it is interesting. Other culture, other customs. I hope that people in other countries better than in Russia. Probably Russian people have very much deteriorated because of a long economic crisis. It is a lot of rage and cruelty in our country. It is sad, but I do not wish to speak about sad. I would like to know more about your city and your country. Send to me a photo of your district or the Internet the address. You are very interesting to me. I have a lot place for you in my heart. It is a hint Now I should go. I wait for your letter and I think of you!
Yours kitten Evgenija
Letter 6

Hello my dear Lorenzo! Today I catch myself on one idea. I always think of you. It is very pleasant for me. This most pleasant in my life. I wake up in the morning and at once I think of you. I am happy,
that I have the friend in other country. This very unusual feeling. It is very pleasant to me communicate with you. I hope you recollect me sometimes? Today I again have a lot work. Therefore I told my director, that I have decided write to you a lunch break. I told director that I shall be late during a dinner . I did not give you my phone number. It is I phone. I already spoke you about my work. It really is very boring, but I have greater advantages. Yesterday I have remained in the evening on work. Has waited when director will leave home. Then I have opened cabinet and used a solarium. Ha-ha!!! I sunburn absolutely free of charge. It is cost of 30 dollars! I had sunburn free of charge. It is a pleasant trifle. Today, in the morning director has looked at my sunburn, but he has not told. It was very amusing. My director the good person, but he boss. He thinks, that he cleverest. Probably all chiefs identical. All employee too I often use status on work. Make myself manicure free of charge also I use SPA-baths. I searched for friendship in Internet, but today I have understood, that could find something greater. I have to you strong feeling. It is affection. I wait for your letter. It similarly a gulp fresh air. It seems to me, that I know you very much for a long time.
To me very easy with you. You become very close man for me. Tell me that you feel to me. You think of me? How we should develop our mutual relations? We can become closer people? You very much like me. I feel,
that we can have the big future together. We can try to make it? You agree? If I do not like you or you do not wish to have close mutual relations - write me it. I think we shall have many difficulties for our meeting, but I am ready to overcome all. For sake of love and loved men, I am ready on ALL. I shall wait your letter. I hope you understand my feelings. I often breathe when I open your letter. It is a hint too .
Letter 7

Hello my lovely! How are you today? Today at us again good weather. In a weekend there was a little rain. Already very warm and it is good. I like warm weather very much. Today I have rest-day, but I worked all weekend. One of my sellers was ill also I replaced her in a trading hall. It is very difficult, as I should perform the work too. Director very malicious this week. He wanted buy car on auction in the USA, but the transaction did not take place. To him have sent money back - the check. He cannot receive money in Russia under this check. There is an occasion for gloating In general that I very kind, but my director sometimes neglects the workers. Recently he bought a table from glass in the cabinet. It is cost of 3000 dollars. All of us were photographed near this table. It is sight of our firm!!! Will suffice about him to speak. It is not interesting. Today I have a lot of time.
I was tidied up in an apartment, went at cinema in the morning. I looked " Ice age 2 ". Yes, I look animated cartoons But my ideas is always very far. I think of you. To me you are interesting to know that do in every minute. I imagine your life. Probably it is very interesting to live outside of Russia. Here it is boring. Now I very much would like to meet you face to face. I want continue our acquaintance in a reality. I do not like long games. The best way learn each other is meeting. I like children very much. I wish to have family. For the sake of it I write to you. I do not play game. Today I call home to my mum. I speak her about our mutual relations. She it is happy for us. She speak you "Hello". She very much hopes, that I can find loved man. She knows, that I very much suffer here from loneliness. She spoke, that I wait "prince on a white horse". It is naive, but I want only love. I very much hope, that we can sometime meet and create good family. It is my dream. I have not enough free time, but for you I can always find time. You very much please me.
Kiss you and hugs!
Your Evgenija
Letter 8

Hello my lovely. Today at night I had a fine dream. It is a little dissolute, but I wish to tell you it. Ok? I feel a pleasant relaxation in all body. I have drunk three glasses cognac and is a little tipsy.
We are in a dark room, burns some candles. We together in this room.
My hair are loose, it falls down from shoulders and reflects shine of a candle. You lay on a bed and look at me. I can read strong desire in your eyes. In your eyes burns fire of love. I approach to you also sit down on edge beds. Your hand slides on my hand, then on hair. You rise, embrace me for a neck and pull to yourself. Our lips touch each other. We merge in hot kiss. My body shivers from excitation. I fall in your embraces. Never I felt such pleasure. My heart beats as African drum. I catch hold you for collar of shirt and I break off it in pieces. Buttons fall on a floor and rush in different parties rooms. I embrace you and my finger-nail stick into your back. You do not feel a pain. We very much excited also do not notice anything around. You kiss my lips and fall below to a neck. Very much it is pleasant to me kiss on a neck and ears. You kiss all mine face and strong embrace my body. You remove from me a jacket. My breast rises from frequent breath and excitation. You unbutton mine brassiere and stick a hot kiss into mine bosom. First one, and then another. My nipple have strained from excitation. Heart is pulled out from a breast and blood pulses in all body. My hands fall to your trousers and I can feel yours strained penis. I caress it through trousers and you close eyes from excitation. I unbutton a belt and I remove trousers from you. YOU are fine. I feel in you man's force, and I only small kitten ready on all. I take yours penis in a hand and slightly I compress it. You shiver from excitation and desire. Then I bend and kiss it. I only slightly touch with lips, take to tips of tongue on all length penis. My hair tickle yours legs. I do not wish to hurry up, I wish to play with you. Now you completely in my authority. I kiss you in belly also rise above, then again I fall and I caress yours penis the tongue. This time I am ready to make more. I swallow yours penis completely. I feel, that your body is ready to blow up from excitation. You stop me and overturn on a back. Now you start to caress me. First you kiss me and caress mine bosom the strong hand.
Your hand falls below and moves apart my legs. Your actions very strong and confident. I cannot resist to your will. You caress mine pussy and I almost lose consciousness. To me very good also start to groan. My body does not submit to me. Now you mine master and conqueror!!! I cannot wait more and I to whisper to you " I want you now ". You pity. Your strong hands press me to a bed and you enter into me. I feel your sweet impacts below. Oh my God! It is very pleasant. I very much excited and reach an orgasm almost at once. From my breast pulled out groan. I cannot operate myself. My body was completely switched off. I merge with your body. Our hearts fight equally. I woken up also all sheet was wet. I to make love in a dream.
It was very real. I hope you do not think of me badly now. It is a shame to me to write it a little, but I should make it. Today all put I thought about this dream. Probably I am enamoured in you. I have very much strong feeling for you. I wish to make all that the dream has turned to a reality. I wish to meet you very much. You unique could light love in my heart. Thanks you. I love you. I am assured in this now. I have no native brother or the sister, only the cousine.
Your Evgenija
Letter 9

Hello my love! Today and yesterday in Saint-Petersburg cloudy weather and even the rain dripped. I Seem I have a little caught a cold. But it is not terrible. I shall easily cope with cold. Yesterday I again spoke by with my mum by phone. I have told her that soon I am going to meet you in person. She it is glad for us. She has told, that it very much an good prospect for me to have a happy life. Once very much for a long time my mum had the friend from other country. It was guy from France. In Moscow musical festival was spent what that and she has got acquainted with him. Their mutual relations have been interrupted. My mum "invited" come to KGB. Her have told that the Soviet woman cannot meet with man from capitalist country. It not harmless conversation.
KGB never joked, did not miss and did not forgive mistakes. The USSR is similar on big prison. It is absurdity. What for the state interferes in private a life of the citizens. Ok, it is enough about sad. I have good news to. My director has invited me yesterday in the cabinet and has told, that their company is going to open branch to Rostov-ON-Don. He knows that my parents live in this city and consequently he has offered me work there. I have certainly agreed.
Rostov-ON-Don cheaper city for a life. I shall work as the manager.
Certainly the salary there is less, than in Saint-Petersburg, but I shall be together with parents. It is very good. Certainly I can live without parents, but in Saint-Petersburg I absolutely alone. I have nobody to ask the help. It is sad. My director is very interested that I worked to Rostov. And I can receive holiday all over again, and then start to work. It is good news to me and I am very happy. I very much would wish to lead the holiday with you. Work to Rostov is not necessary probably to me. It is a hint again. . You have very good soul and very much like me. I think, that we necessarily should meet and is very fast. Our mutual relations can have continuation only if we to meet. Correspondence it is good, but the meeting will replace 1000 letters. I want learn you better, I wish to look in your eyes. I wish to touch yours skin. I never felt such strong desire.
Please tell to me what nearest international airport to you??? Now I wish to give you my address in Saint-Petersburg:
Post code: 191011
Name: Evgenija
Surname: Cherepanova
This address belongs to other person as it is a rent apartment. I as to give you the address of my parents in Rostov:
Street: CHEKHOV, 21-2
Post code: 344006
I went find out about the visa and tickets to travel agency. I worried about the visa a little. Me have assured, that it easy make. Thank God I live not in the USSR!!! Thousand Russian people visit other countries every day also are not present what problems for this purpose. I shall write to you more in detail in the following letter.
I very much wait for your answer to my letter. And I hope for our fast meeting.
Love and Kisses! Your Evgenija.
Letter 10

How are you Today my Sweettt heart? Today I again had a dream about us. I long could not fall asleep. It is very pleasant to me to think of you. I do it always. On work, houses when I go to the underground.
Once I even missed the station . I very much divert when think of you. I went to travel agency again. Today I have received the detailed information on travel to you. There are some stages which I should pass for a trip to other country. First I should have the passport.
Usually it would be required month what to receive the passport. I have provided it and have made the passport in advance. Now I have it.
It greater economy of time for our meeting. In this letter I send you a copy of my passport. I think you should see it. Now you know that I very much serious and I am engaged in preparation for our meeting.
Secondly I should receive the visa. It very much difficult process,
but I have the contract with travel agency and they assist to me very much. They have given me the questionnaire, I have filled it and have sent in embassy. Now I shall receive the visa through one or two weeks. In travel agency I have received detailed instructions on interview. Me have assured, that I shall receive the visa of 100 a percent. I as am assured. This travel agency sends thousand people in other countries every day. I am quiet for the visa. Thirdly I should buy the ticket. According to the contract the travel agency provides me with the ticket also. I should pay to them for the ticket and I shall receive it. I have paid to them the deposit already. These are 400 dollars. I did not think that their service cost so much. Now I have remained without money. My parents promised help to me, but it is impossible now. My daddy bought the new car and now he should give the credit to bank. I hope you can help to me. I should pay in travel agency of 400 dollars more. YOU can give me this money??? Do not worry, I shall necessarily return to you it. Certainly I tried borrow money at friends, but in St. Petersburg I have very few friends and nobody could help to me. It is very sad. You can use the western union for remittance. I shall give you address for western union:
Post code: 191011
Name: Evgenija
Surname: Cherepanova
I very much hope for your help. Please send money quickly. I should pay in travel agency soon. When I pay there I shall give you number of my flight of self-summer and can precisely tell when an arrival time of self-summer. By the way, tell to me what weather now in your city.
I should choose clothes for my travel to you. I shall wait your letter with impatience.
Yours Evgenija
Letter 11

Certainly I can explain to you it. I scammer. Wonder - the Russian beauty can grow fond of the old bald foreigner? Certainly is not present. You wish to find the bride, come to Russia.
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