Scam Letter(s) from Zahira to Fahad (United Arab Emirates)

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Letter 1

asalam aleukum Fahad !
How are you? I hope that all is well. inchaa allah.
I'm fine as well. I am very glad that you wrote me letter, because you are very interesting to me...
I liked your profile and I think that in life you are better then in internet.
I hope we will continue our relationship.
Let me tell you about me pesonaly .
My name is Zahira, my father than i Was born tell at once this is my lovely dougter and her name will be Zahira. My name is designated by the owner of fine appearance.
It was in the childhood..., but I have not strongly changed, especially my character, I think that you can see my appearance on a photo! ;).
But nevertheless I think. That appearance not the main thing in the person... soul it is more important.
I live in Russia, in the city of Verkhoyansk. it is in Siberia.
I am 24 years old.
I have university degree, there I beginning to learn English in detail, I like English and I understand that it is important in the modern world.
Now I just try to study the English language, but I "limp" grammar.
I understand English well, I have no problem for me to read your letter, I hope that you understand me too...
but you know my dream this is study Arabian language , all my life I liked east culture, but the Allah has disposed, so I was born in Russia :)
I try to study Arabian, but it is difficult also I not always I can understand it, therefore in library many people use the translator, here it , it very much help me.
I think that you can use it too if you will have difficulties with understanding my letters. :)
I just want to tell you that in life I am looking for a man for serious relationship! I have a strong desire to find a man from another country.
I try search true muslim person, becouse I'm muslim girl and for me religia has a great part of life.
In Russia, I can not find "real" men! I do not know why, but perhaps I just do not notice men in Russia. This is a long time to write...

At university I studied at the Biology faculty and now I work as the expert of quality assurance of production. I like my work, after all it is important, that people bought only the qualitative goods.

That about me personally I am really interested creation of family ... I'm looking for warm relations, I am looking for confidence ... I'm looking for love!
Fahad, please write me about yourself that you are looking for in life?

I am slim, as you see in my photo. My height of 172 cm, my weight - 57 kg.
I do not want to brag, but I have a good shape:).
I try to maintain their shape. I have no diet, I eat almost everything, but at the same time, I am not fat. I can even say that I love to eat. :-) especially sweets :)
As to my religion I'm muslim person, I have been born in Muslim family and I have been brought up in Islamic traditions, my father from childhood always spoke me that main thing in a life for girl it to be the good wife for the husband and good mother for children, and I think that it is the truth. For me it is the main value in a life.
Family is the most precious gift of God (Allah) to people.

Fahad I hope you can sent me some of your picture! And please tell me yourself ...
I will wait for your letter ! inchaa allah.
Sincerely, Zahira

allah hafiz.

Letter 2

Asalam aleukum Fahad
This is again I'm - Zahira your Russian friend... How are you? At me all is ok, the happiness is simple - to see your letter again.
Thanks that you have sent me photo, I like your photo... I would like to see your photo again, sent me more your photos if you can.I shall try to send to you my photos . I like to see the person to whom I talk.
Fahad Many thanks that you have told about yourselves, I really understand, that the profile on web site can not open everything about the person, but nevertheless is more pleasant read about you Simply, as on a site I cannot learn about you completely.
I see, that you are seriously adjusted on our relations... In general it was pleasant to me to read about you. (therefore I write to you letters)
In my first letter I could not write all of you about myself, I wish to continue the story now, I hope, you not against :-) I will not begin to hide, what dialogue with Internet, it for me the new and neolearnt way, therefore I very much hope, what communicating with you we will have many good time! :) I can speak about myself much and at the same time I can miss the some as character of the person is many-sided. I would say that I am energetic, joyful and kind girl.
That about my education as I have already told to you that I was born in Muslim family and has received similar education, education in Islamic traditions.
My English language - is imperfect, so, please, ask me if to you something is not clear in my letters. As I really worry about this.
Fahad, give I shall tell about that place where I live. Verkhoyansk is a city which is in Siberia, it is very beautiful city. It located on right I protect the rivers Yanas. It is one of the smallest cities of Russia, the population only about 2-3 thousand person, but despite of it we have the status of city. I think that city easily to find on a map of Russia. Here there live good people. But meet also bad, I think, that it is in each city or town so. So it is possible to tell, that it is usual city.
I was born and have grown in this city and Verkhoyansk to me very much is pleasant to live here.
If to you it is not difficult, could you tell me about that place, where do you live? and what relations you are looking for?
I understand, that it is a question is very important for both of us inchaa Allah!!!
I search first of all for understanding and trust - I think, that it is the mortgage of family happiness. My dream to create strong family, family with love, caress and understanding.
I very much hope ,trust and pray about that and I hope Allah will give me chance and I shall have such family incha Allah.
Fahad , I think, that for today I have informed you on myself much, and that to me already is time to finish my letter !

Faithfully your Russian friend Zahira !

Letter 3

Asalam aleukum my friend Fahad.
How are you today? WOW!!!
You have written to me! It is fine! I like to see your letter. :)

I did not see you in a reality, but I thinking and recollecting about you, I already represent you, such what you in usual life. I very much like to learn all new. I am very curious!
Have you liked a photo which I send to you?
Thanks that has warned me about Arabs and prostitution.
I will be very cautious with it.
I see that you the good person and I can trust you.
I am glad that you have asked about religion.
I can tell that I Sunni too.

By the way, I said to you, what I like cooking? Some times back i heard Proverb:
"The way to heart of the man lays through his stomach". I very much like cooking, and in general kitchen for me the most important room in home! My favourite product is fish. I like it so much!
Also I like to prepare desserts, various cocktails. What about you? Do you like cooking may be? :)

As I have already told to you earlier I'm moslem and for me it is very important to create family. And my huge desire to create family with the man with Muslim traditions and outlook, here in Russia it to make very difficultly because Islam is not widespread here, especially in northern cities.

I have absolutely forgotten to tell you about my family, it is shame for me. My family is my is pride. My father Mohamed he the captain of a fishing vessel, he works already very long time, he the former militarian, but I think you heard that in Russia very difficultly to be the militarian and consequently about have left army and allready 15 years engaged in fishery, it our family does not bring many money but nevertheless he like his work, my mum Amelia she is housewife and she is my best friend :)!!! I very much love my parents. It is unique that sadly that I have no brothers and sisters. As my mum tell Allah has given them the best gift in a life she is the daughter - me. inchaa allah.
Fahad, plz tell me about your family too.
I will be glad, if your letter comes earlier
Smile :)

Your friend Zahira

Letter 4

Asalam aleukum Fahad
I am very glad to receive your letter. I am very very glad :).
Tell me how are you?! Tell me about yours mood.
It is very interesting to me.
I had difficult day at work, I have revealed many infringements in trade and consequently all my evening will be occupied by the report on this work :( I very much don't kike work with papers.
But nevertheless as soon as I have returned for work and I have included my computer that has seen my letter, and you know all my weariness and stress have evaporated.
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters, it is pleasant to me to learn with each letter somthing new about you.
You know today I have work in shopping center near with museum... wow...
I have absolutely forgotten to tell you about the main sight of my city...
It is a museum open-air, it is a museum of olden time.
In this museum the life of people in last time is shown. It became interesting to me, and, not for a long time I have decided to visit this museum and, wished to feel on myself what be in last time, in the past, thus being in the reality. I should tell, that it is unique sensations. really...
Especially now, in my city winter now and it is very pleasant to look at roofs of houses which are covered by a snow.... Trees with hoarfrost... Snowdrifts of a snow... It is very interesting.
Tell me Fahad , is it interested in it? Yes, it is strange, but I till now do not have a head a question how during former times, people lived without
anelectricity? :) Because if there was no electricity we could not get acquainted at all because the Internet too would not be.
But glory to the Allah that he has given people an electricity. inchaa allah.

I shall finish the letter... I Lift eyes upwards, whether I think will tire you reading of my letter. Smile... I shall wait for your letter soon.
I shall ask the Allah about that that he save you!! inchha allah
Sincerely, yours Zahira

Allah hafiz

Letter 5

asalam aleukum my dear Fahad!
I regret that did not write to you some days.
I had a lot of job these days.
Your nice letters, bringing me weight of pleasure, this is fine!
Today I have unique, fine mood! I would like to joke constantly.
A smile does not Go from my face :). for me every day
Passes perfectly then I meet you, in fact I always try to be
Cheerful! I understand, that you represent
Me always cheerful positive and always with
Smile on face. But I should tell, that some time I have bad mood.
as every people in world! but I try to have good mood :)
Therefore I want to ask you, what is your mood?
What mood often prevails in your life, Sad or on the contrary - cheerful?
I do not know as to explain all this but I am pleased today to all...
I am pleased to the sun, I am pleased to the sky... I am pleased to the nature.
I have as usual a lot of work every day, but even more often I began to have good mood! I think nevertheless that it is your merit!!
Every day I am charged by huge quantity of energy only from that that I see your letter! It is fine!!! Thanks you behind this my dear Fahad. :)
I feel certain your support. :)
But Fahad, I wish to ask you one thing, tell to me about family.
What relations you want in family?! For me it is very important!
Please tell about this in detail, I very much would like to know it.
Because about me that I search creation strong family, I wrote you about it and for me it is the purpose my life! And if the Allah will present me family that I shall give all my soul, all my energy that I have to family and to husband, I shall do all for family! inchaa allah!
It is my huge dream to have strong, relations in which will be under construction on trust of love and belief in the Allah because it is very important!
dear Fahad, I should go now, just to me have brought papers which necessary for work! I should be engaged this!
I very much wait your answer! this is very much important for me!
your Zahira

allah hafiz

Letter 6

asalam aleukum my dear Fahad!
How are you? hope allah keep you.!
I think what is it good idea to communicate by phone or through chat.
I like it.
But at first I would like to have correspondence with you on e-mail.
Because in letters we can tell each other much more.

in my town already long time snow and sometimes a rain, in the street is wet. What weather at you?
But all this cannot cause bad mood for me, in fact I read your letter and I write to you, and I'm happy from it ;).

I would like to tell you still more about my character. I'm open person, many people like with me. Probably, therefore i have a lot of friends in my life. Especially at work.
But you know, I have one question interests, is ir interesting to You to communicate with me? I very much like to talk with you...
I tell you alot of things about my work. I have a question, have I tired you with stories about work? some time it seems to me.
You so interesting and remarkable person! You re very much like me, and I think, we can be fine pair , what you think about it? ;):)

we tolk to you all about pluss, but almost I do not speak about minuses.
In fact each person has minuses in his character, and it is important to know. But it does not mean, that I shall be disappointed, if I will know about any your minuses of character. it is only my interes!
I have one BIG minus, constantly I try to arrange the person up to myself.
I do not wish to concede to anybody, I obstinate. but to you...
Sometimes I happen too strict, and I can be captious even in smallest and imperceptible things. These are minuses of my character, I think this is my minuses.
I hope, you can accept my minuses. You know, I think, if people feel to each other something, whether it can be love or friendship they always can forgive each other all of them minuses. And even more, will help to get rid of many minuses. You agree with me?
I very much hope that sometime Allah will help me to get rid of my minuses, Inchaa allah.

Ok, I suspect today will suffice to speak about all vital issues.
As though it would not be desirable to spend for it a lot of time.
Therefore I should tell,that today at night I have woken up with ideas about you, you were in my night dreams :) and I have thought that would be just fine to hear your voice. wish you hear me?
I am assured, that you similar me dream of it.

On this fine note I am compelled to finish the today's letter.
I shall be glad to continue our conversation later. I have some materials from my work, which need to be made necessarily today.
Would be remarkable to feel now your smile which will be only for me!

hava a good day!
your Zahira

allah hafiz

Letter 7

asalam aleukum my dear Fahad!
My dear Fahad, now it difficult to Me think about someone else or somth else, except for you. It so is strange, but I like it.
I am cheerful, and, thinking about you, my life to become twice more cheerfully!
I thought, in what our correspondence can be result. may be, I hurry, but I think, that once we shall enjoy together morning tea or coffee. I very much would want that the Allah has helped us to meet and be together always...
From our dialogue I have understood one, that at us in life one purpose is love and family, you and I aspire to have good family because family this huge happiness which is given by the Allah!
I very much hope that you and I shall have this huge happiness together!
I will pray about it!

dear Fahad, you know Today I have recollected fine memoirs of the childhood!
I would like to tell about my childhood that you represented me well, certainly, if you not against this.
I understand, that letters is not the best variant of dialogue, but we have only that... :(
I think, that the childhood - the brightest and not forgotten period in our life.
Then you do not think about problems, you are still clean before the god and you do not excite world vanity, you are free, there are no cares, simply live and enjoy a life. I hope, you understand me …
My childhood has passed together with my grandmother and mum as I spoke you earlier my father was frequent on business trips, for me did not not enough him, but I understood that it is necessary for him to contain family and to earn money but as soon as he came back home I was the happiest child!!! :)
But nevertheless My childhood, has been filled only by the brightest paints of a life, I with pleasure recollect the days of the childhood!
Speaking about the childhood, I think. Will correctly touch a theme about childrens are you agree?!
I love children! It is madly pleasant to me to think and speak about children …!
My friend Fatima has a child, I often take a free time with her child Ramil. I have many pleasant emotions!
present me of children! And what about you?! What do you think about that?!
You wish to have children from your beloved wife!?! Tell me about it!
I dream to walk with children in park, to play with them in a sandbox, I shall prepare for him and my future husband the most tasty dishes, I want to give children all that i have no in my childhood!
I want give all for my future children! inchaa allah!

you probably have tired you with my letter! But all that I have written it truly my desires and dreams!
inchaa allah!
I very much hope that you have similar dreams and desires! I shall wait your letter!
I shall wait your letters!! see you soon! hope and pray that allah will keep you in all!
your forever Zahira

allah hafiz

Letter 8

salam aleukum my lovely Fahad
Hey! You still do not smile? this is I'm ZZZZZZZZ! I suggest you to smile, before you will start to read my letter! (Smile!!)

Your letter again pleases my heart, and I read your letter with the big smile on my face, and a warm feeling in my soul!

I had a question that you think if I shall tell to my mum about you?
I very much wish to tell about you. I'm sure that my mum will be happy that I have met you in my life! But the most pleasant that you a moslem because for my parents it is important.
I think as for your parents it is important too.
my Mum has told, that she will come to me tomorrow! she is now live with my grandmother because grandmother already old and for her is necessary some care . And care abut parents is a duty each true moslem and each person in world . inchaa allah.
my mum wished to buy some medicines for grandmother and as some products!! I hope that you have not forgotten that I nevertheless the biologist! And I'm professional in it :)
And so, I wish to tell her, that I have found very interesting man which I have some big feelings. I think, she will be very glad, and I will tell you her opinion about you :) , i hope You are not afraid of her strict opinion about you :) (Smile)
I'm from those girls whom sanction or blessing of parents wery important, because I has such education since childhood! Parents it is very important for me!
I never hide nothing from mum, I am opened for her, and I wish to be open to you, I can speak about all with mum , she knew about my dreams, about my life , she could give me useful advices.
Sometimes people do not tell to the parents about private life and some time parents to give such advice which at all are not useful. becouse they dont know about private life his childrens.
But I always appreciate and faithfully I listen advices of my parents.I'm allways open!
my mum, really wise and clever woman, she the best mum in the world :)!

I like to estimate all happening with me from a lot of sides it is better to make the correct decision and to make a correct step. Communicating with you, I have understood, that we really approach each other. I am very glad to that our dialogue happens so interestingly, and every day we learn about each other all new.
I think, that you the most interesting and understanding the man. I am very glad, that Allah have allowed us will get acquainted. inchaa allah , Also you know, I feel, that my heart has greater frequency of palpation when I read your letter!
I hope,I so hope that our bid feelinngs will be good and happy family in future! inchha allah!
Your Zahira

Letter 9

Hello Fahad,
asalam aleukum my dear Fahad . My eyes were full of pleasure when I read your letter. :)
I wish to write to you more often, but it not always turns out... But I shall try to write to you more often, in fact I think about you constantly, and I want, that we could be closer!

mum come yestarday, we with had so good time together. We have purchased everything that necessary for for grandmother and we have visited flower shop, also I have bought some house flovers in pots. I like to look after plants. have any you houses flovers?
I spoke mum about you, I have told, that have got acquainted with you by Internet, I have told, that we ideally approach to each other! Listening to my words about you, she has told, that you re very interesting man, and we should have more serious relations, than correspondence.
Mum has told to me, that approves my choice and supports my interests in you, my mum speaks you asalam aleukum and wish you many years of life! inchaa allah.
I am very glad, that mum did not try to dissuade me from so unusual way of acquaintance as internet, she has told, that it is the best way of acquaintance, becouse in lettre we could understand our sights, interests, we learn such important character traits, which not always can be seen if to begin acquaintance in a reality. I was so surprised to hear from her similar conclusions about you and to accept her useful advice in dialogue with you, that constantly I thank the Allah, that I have got acquainted with such fine person as you … :)
you know I have at work a lot of work. It is necessary to prepare many reports - I am tired from all this vanity and a holidays are definitely necessary to me. 3 more days of continuous paper work is required to me, only then I shall be less strained by work.
I think, will be good thing about some holydays, maybe you have some offers?
When you can take holydays from work?

I shall finish my letter on this question, and I shall try to send for you my photo, I hope, my smile will cause pleasure in your heart, and you will be glad my photos, and will not forget to present me the radiant smile …
I now wish to make small walk,, what again think about us and about our relations … weather is now very good also snow!!! It is very pleasant!
I wait for your letter with very big impatience.
Your cheerful Zahira



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