Letter(s) from Maria to Richard (Holland)

Letter 1

Hello! I write to you the first letter! I hope that you will become interested in my letter and we learn each other. My name is Masha. To me of 25 years. I want to find the man which will be more senior than me. Because I am young and at me not enough life experience... I think, hundred at you wide experience and for this reason I want to try to build with you relations!!! I work as the seller in grocery shop. At us amicable collective. I very much like my work. I was born and have grown in city Nizhni Novgorod. It is very old and beautiful city!!! I live with mum and the younger little sister. My mum does not work, and the sister still studies, but will soon stop and Will work. And how you concern to what I the Russian girl??? How you in general concern to Russian people??? At me Russian the man once was, but soon we have left it, because it used It is a lot of alcohol, offended and humiliated me... And once even has lifted a hand on me!!! And almost all Russian men such!!! I hope you not such??? I want to try to build serious relations with you and that create happy family. I not so can frequently write to you because I do not have computer And I should write to you from Internet - cafe. If all of you are still interested in me then write to me, I shall necessarily answer!!! Tell to me about itself. How you live, where live, why there is no girl??? Now I shall finish the letter and if you really are interested in me, Then I wait for your answer. Yours Masha.

Letter 2

Hello Richard! How are you? I hope that at you all well. Thanks for
Prompt reply. I very much am interested in acquaintance to you. And consequently I want.
To learn you it is better.
Now I want to tell to you not much about my city. It to be not so far
From our capital of Moscow. Our population of city makes about
1500000 person. But in comparison with Moscow our city not such big.
Nizhni Novgorod - ancient city with fine architectural
Constructions. Not simply separate monuments, and the whole streets store
Memory of a history of our city. I hope that to you interestingly to learn about
I city has more. At us it is a lot of rivers and it is sometimes simply surprising
To leave for a wood and to have small walk. Also it will be pleasant for me if
You can tell to me about your country and about your city.
I very well am able to prepare, as me to this
Mum has learned mine. She now the pensioner, but earlier she worked in
Kindergarten also was the cook on kitchen. I hope that once you can
To try my dishes and I is sure that they will like you.
Also I hope that you want to learn about my hobbies and a hobby. I very much like
To go in for sports and always I try to hold the figure in good
Condition. As I know that men like harmonous girls.
Also I very much like to read books and to look various films about love!)
You know that I work as the seller in small shop and at
Me is to contact not always a lot of time you. But I always shall be
To try to answer you as soon as possible. I work 6 days in a week.
My day begins in 7 mornings as I should be on work already in
8.30 hours. Our shop opens in 9.00 mornings. Visitors it happens
It is a lot of, but in separate where I work them very little. But I hope that
Once them begins more. Now I need to go, but I shall look forward to hearing from you and I shall try to tell to you about myself even more that you could understand
What I the person. I shall wait for your fast reply. Yours Masha.
P.S. Send to me more than the photos, please.

Letter 3

Hello Richard! I am pleased to see your letter, I hope that at you all
Well. It was pleasant for me to receive your following letter
Today. How are you doing? In me all today it is good, I have remarkable
Mood. Probably it because I have found your letter today.
However I want to tell in this letter a little that, that like to eat
And to be prepared you already know, that I very well am able and I like
To prepare. I am able to prepare many things. They - various soups, a ragout, pies,
Salads and it is a lot of another. When I do pies which I am usual I
I prepare for them with a cherry and apples. You love pies? If yes it, with
What? I love the Russian kitchen. And you prefer what kitchen? You
Tried Russian kitchen? And if yes that what dishes have liked you? I
I want to know about you all. As with each letter I understand more and more
That our interest grows to each other. It is pleasant for me to read your letters and
To learn about you it is more and more and more. As we should know each other
To make any the decision in the future. You love children? How many
You would like to have children and whom? I am interested very much with these questions. I Any more I do not want to have something with the Russian men. I suffered
Because of them very much and more I do not want it. They think only of themselves and not Know, that it is necessary to be for the woman happy. Last mine
Attitudes have been destroyed because of that that I the man simply has thrown me
Also has left to other girl. It has hurted me and has destroyed my feelings.
After that I do not want to build more the attitude with Russian
Men. It is difficult for me should speak about it, but I think,
That we should not hide something from each other. And why you are lonely??? I am already tired from lie and Pains and consequently I want to learn you better and to understand that you for the person. I search only for happiness and it does not suffice me.
Attitudes are under construction on Trust and honesty, therefore I with you am completely frank and Sincere. On it I to finish the letter and I shall always wait your fast
The answer. It is pleasant for me to receive your letters as they do me
More happily.
Yours faithfully Masha.

Letter 4

Hello Richard! I am happy to see your letter again. We is pleasant for me that
Acquaintance every day all moves ahead. I am glad to know that you also
Be interested in me and I see your relation to me. It is pleasant for me that you
Seriously concern to ours acquaintance and probably once we can
To be together and to try to build family. But while I want to tell to you about
The childhood. When I was small I tried a lot of various
Hobby and hobbies. From the smallest age my parents
Have given me to a dancing circle, and then I went to school chorus. But
I when did not want to be the singer and consequently I have thrown these hobbies.
But soon I began to mature and have acted in university, where I only
Thought of study. I have finished university perfectly well. But mine destiny not
Has developed also to me it was necessary to go to work in shop the seller.
Today at me very bad day was. My day has not developed
Since the morning. When I went for work and the machine passed street,
Passing past has poured over me water. Now at us it is warm also a snow began
On the sly to thaw. Then, when I went for work, in the bus at me have pulled out money
From a pocket... It has very much afflicted me... (((But at me at once it was cheered up
When I have seen your letter!!!) it seems to me that we really approach each other.
If you have any questions, I always with pleasure shall answer them. Now to me
It is necessary to go and I shall write to you later and always I wait for your answer.
Please Also send me more than your photos. Yours Masha.