Letter(s) from Trisha Maui to Vincent (Norway)

Letter 1

you are always in my mind and i m glad that i have you ,since when i met you .you have always make me happy and i wish that i can be at your side and we can be happy together ..thinking about you make me feel so happy at all time .you are always in my mind .And i m proud of you now and i will always be proud of you forever ..
i wish you think about me the way i do think about you since when we met .you have always be what i have in my mind at all time .imagining being around you .having your baby someday .
do you think you truly want me in your life .the way i do feel about you .Nothing can chance my mind about you ..since when i met you .always feel that some day .if i have the opportunity to be with you in your country .its will be my happiness and i will feel so wonderful that i have some one as you ..I like you very much and i never believe in relationship over the internet and this one that am having for now make me feel so great and wonderful in my life that i found you .\ How was your day ..do you go to church at all today?do you think about me or dream about me the way i do dream about you too ?
I will like us to take A change to get closer to each other some day and get to know each other .so that we can have a good future and relationship in life soonest ..Am happy that i found you in my life ..you are my thoughts and all what i think about for now ..please dont disappoint me please..I do care for you ..
OliviA Pepper

Letter 2

I really appreciate it when i get your lovely email .there is a Big problem that just come up my way.and i cant express how bad that i am right now ,because this change my mood totally and i dont know what to do for now and i dont know a solution to my life right now ..i get noticed from doctor and i was there and i get to know that my mother is there with him.and right now .I just got back from the doctor's office,i wasn't happy when i left the doctor's office because of what he told me about my mom situation this make me feel so Hell right now ..this is a big problem for now right now ..i dont know what to do for now and who to turn to for help and that is why i want to do my best and give this a try with you .if you can help me out on situation for now ..i m sorry for asking you for help..I m very sorry .. i don't know how you can help me dear i have a problem here And only if you can help me out..just want to ask you for your help you know i told you that i want to go and see my mom's doctor on how my mom is going to be feeling better,and the doctor told me that she's going to need a surgery before she can get Well.As you know my dad is dead and i just have only my mum with me but right now my mum and she is the last parent that i have for ..if i loose my mom.i wont have any body else again .want you to know that . and i am low of cash for now,Because have spent all i have on her. The doctor ask me for sum amount of 1,500pounds but am having 200opounds with me here remaining ,which i don't know where and how i can get it,andi have not secure a job but i have to pay up for my mum bills,please i wouldn't want to tell you to give me the money but i will appreciate it if you can borrow me some money and immediately i secure a job i will pay you or when my loan is granted at the bank I will pay up or when i get a buyer for my Inheritances soonest .I promise to get your money back soonest ..the Buyer come and get all the houses and the lands..i want to get it all sold ..so that i can start a new company of mine .I will do appreciate it alot .if you can help me out ..i will do my best and get you back your money soonest i will pay you. Actually the money will cost 1500pounds about but i will really appreciate anything you can come up with because i am still waiting for the people that want to buy my dad properties to show up. I need to pay some money to the hospital to be able to start the operation this week.She all i got you know that love .I will be expecting your urgent respondsoon.if you know that you are really interested in me and care for me and you want me to be with you soon please help me out with the remaining Wealth if you can do this for me i will never Ever forget you andWill never forget you in my life i will always be remembering you for one thing also that you saved my moms life from death. Hugs And Kisses, Olivia pepper

Letter 3

Thank you very much my dear,
\I really do appreciate all your efforts over me .i knew it that its not easy for you there and more over ,i understand all the problem that you have at hand for now ..i really appreciate every efforts of you ..and i will never let you regret in having me in your life ,i want you to know that ..Want you to know that i appreciate everything about you my dear .I want you to know that you have always in my mind .its just that the problems that i have in my mind right now ..do not make me think straight about us .i m very sorry about this my dear .you are my happiness and i want to spend the rest of my life with you my baby ..i love you now and i will always love you forever .my heart desire .i cant stop loving you
Baby thank you very much and i am sure that soonest..when i can access to have all my inheritances things will be easier for me too .and i will be able to help you soonest in future too..
in relationship ,i have the believe that A man and a woman are in need to help their self ..i m sure that soonest in future .i will be able to help you too in future ..i m glad that i finally have the man that love me and that i truly love too ..I cant stop loving you ..
I will wait for the Information for the money Tomorrow

Help me send the money through Western union money transfer to .....
Name .....Olivia Pepper