Scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to R. (USA)

Letter 1
I hope you will understand my situation at this time and I hope you will come to my rescue and be of whom i expect you to be. I really need to be loved cos i deserve it. I need a man that would always be there for me, who will be like a father and husband to me, i will reciprocate true LOVE as well. I really want to get out of here to come back to state to stay with you. I really need your help and trust to get me out of this mess. I want you to have my words as i promise i wouldn't dissappoint you, i will really appreciate your assistance towards this. Once i get there, we will arrange things in order and we can start a new life together. I want to believe that you will not let me down.
Honey as i have told you what brought me here from the US . I came in here with total of $5Million including the money i got from my dad's business and contracts renumeration. While i was coming here, the african guy told me to come with enough money for investment and i even go to the extent of selling my inheritted house just because i want to leave US, Now, i'm in need of your help, i've gotten enuogh money to run myself when I get to the state with you. I want to come over to your end and we can start a new life together, I don't want to live here anymore. As you know i'm a foreigner here and its absolutely dangerous for me out here. Thats why i need your gesture assistance. How i want you to help me? As i'm scared of being setup by this African guy, i had to act fast for safety. I put this money in a box and got it locked up with a 4 security code known to me only. I deposited the box with some of my travelling luggages with a Security and Insurance Company who render private diplomatic delivery service and i told them that the two boxes are my travelling luggage, which I want to send forth to the State, then i paid them up their custody and security fee, but i did not tell them that the boxes contain money in order to make everything secure and safe.I want the boxes sent to you while i catch up with you as soon as it is been delivered to you. Honey we would meet and we can start a new life together. Every arrangement for the delivery is perfect, I have obtained customs papers for private flight and there are seals on the boxes showing that it is a private delivery and check performed, it is free from customs checks, it will be delivered at your door step by the diplomats of the security company, you do not need to burn out to receive it. And the boxes have security codes lock known to me only, only me can open the boxes, except if I tell anyone the Code, so the Boxes cannot be opened on the Way of delivery to you.can you help me to contact the security company right now so that the can come and delivered the 2 boxes contains money to your house,can you help me right now Honey so that I can give you all my deposit details and information for you to make the Clearance from the Security Company as my fiancee who is to receive my boxes in the State. Once the boxes gets to you, i will let you know the lock codes to open the boxes and the instructions, then you can open the boxes in order to have some money sent to me for my flight to the State.Once I get there, we shall invest the money together and start a new family, provided you will not disappoint neither take advantage of me. I hereby promise that we are own all the money together as soon you promise me that you will take good care of me. I am counting on you with trust and i'll appreciate your trust towards this. I hope to hear from you and to meet you in person. Please write me back with your full name as soon as possible, so that I can give you the deposit details and the contact of the security company to arrange the shipment asap. Marggie Orlando
Letter 2
Sorry to hear about that my love i am so sorry and i wish you are doing great now and i wish to be with you soon and also i was wondering that you haven't sent me a message but i was not happy for not reading from you but i am happy now that i have a mail from you now lol i love you so much and will you contact the shipping company for me my love so that i can come back to the states and be with you these weekend runs out love ya a lot okay.. Marggie.
Letter 3
Hello My Love, So all you will do for me to get the boxes and the document, is to write to the company as the recipient of my traveling luggages and do not tell them that boxes contains money, just you are my fiancee and you want my traveling luggages and the document sent to you in state. Because i told them that it is my traveling luggages, and i have locked the boxes with a security 4 codes, which prevent it from been opened by an authorized person. So i deposited the boxes and the document with the Company as a Private shipment (free from checks) and it will be deliver to your door-step, you do not need to burn out to receive. Therefore, below are my deposit details and the company's contact. You can write to him today and inform him that you want the boxes and the document to delivered to you as soon as possible and ask them how much the clearance fee including the deposited fee will cost. Free Shipment to your door-step, only the clearance and the deposited fee is to be paid. Please, bear in mind not to tell the Company that the boxes contains money, only say traveling luggage of your fiancee Miss Marggie Orlando

DEPOSIT DETAILS: Deposit Ref#: GSC-POL-0669-PRVT3450
Clearance Sort Code: PRVT-3450-69GSC
Deposit Certificate #: 3450/PPPOL/264UK
Depositor: Miss Marggie Orlando CONTACT DETAILS: Company Name: Worldwide Class Shipping Trust Security Company
Manager of security company Contact : Mr Tunde Soyemi
Email :

So, you can write to them with your full name and your address you want the boxes deliver to also your phone number,and get back to me asap.Please honey, you will help me to pay him the clearance fee and the deposited fee, and as soon as the boxes and the document get to you, i will let you know the 4 digit security code and you can have access to open the box and take money from the boxes after you open the boxes you will send me some money for my flight, so i could come over and meet with you, the pictures of the boxes are view and check it yourself my love. I wait your message as soon as you contact the company. Get back to me as soon as you write the Company. Regards Marggie Orlando.
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