Scam Letter(s) from Olga Polkovichenko to Gryvan (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello Honey,

I understand the fact that people are waiting for you at work and at same time I appreciate you to have came online this morning....but what I think as the best way out is that you should help me transfer the fund of 850 euros as PTA and boarding fee so as to enable me pick up the passport/ticket from the travels agency and then get on plane..

Although this could be risky as you think but I cross my heart and swear with my life never to disappoint myself and not you because there is nothing we do in this life that is hidden to the eyes of God; and whatever we sow, we shall reap...and please sorry if I had brought you any inconvenience or if by pressurizing you had been so much....reason is because I don't want us to miss the affection in stock because of money that only last hours..

Please I want you to follow th heart and never let the negative thoughts on your mind cover brightness of your future...I promise to fill the empty space in your heart beyond material things of life like money and power...but to love you ultimately is the greatest gift to ever get..
wanting to be with you is like trying to touch the sky because in you I have found all wonderful qualities that a woman would ever need in a man such as caring attitude and great sense of humour....and it won't be advisable for both of us to loose each other..

You have already the details for sending the money; and if you're going to help, its better you go and do the money transfer via western union at any nearest post office to you and since its the only fastest and reliable way of sending money across countries...And however come back online to give me the details or to send by email so as for me to go and cash the money before its too late this day and as I'd just learnt that banks closes by 15:00 hours today and in which my flight will be ready for take off around 22:00 pm...

Please lets not misuse this great opportunity that has been given to us..and when we're together, you will be convinced about my wanting to spend rest of our lives together in peace and harmony and beyond any material gift of the world. And again I swear with my life and by the grave of my mother never to disappoint you, but to meet you at the airport and return the money back..and also to enable us move on to next level in this friendship/relationship. God is my witness and I will never swear with his name in vain.

Below is the details you need to send the money so there won't be any mistake as we have limited time to work things out;

Receiver's Name : Binta Williams.
Address : No 10 Mayfair Hotel,
City : Ile-Ife.
Country : Nigeria
Code : 23406.

So therefore, all I need from you to get the money is the Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN) you will have it on the western union money transfer receipt, then also the text question and answer as already chosen, then finally the amount of money transfer. And immediately after I cash the money, I will go and carry my luggage then take off airport to catch the plane.

Hope to get an email from you soon as its already 12:00 hours here and now going to discharge grandma from the hospital bed..with hope to check my email and find your message before taking next step...I can't wait to meet you at the airport and I bet, you will be suprised to see how far we can go from point where you'd thought was the end. Until then, have a good day and take care of yourself..
Yours Affectionately;



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