Scam letter(s) from Maria Mahutka to Dominic (UK)

Letter 1

Hi, my new Friend,Dominic,
Thank you for your interest in me. This is my first experience in Internet dating, so this is all very new for me and I do not know exactly how it all works.
I am a single mother, divorced, I have one son. He is 4.
And I love him very much.
I work as a teacher of English language in our town's school. We live in small city Alchevsk.
My life was not very romantic, during my last months of marriage and after divorce, but I still hope and dream to find a man, with whom we can create nice family. In my country this is very hard to earn good money, and men usually do not like to marry women with children, as this is very hard to support them. That's why I decided to look for a husband abroad, as I am only 25 and still want to be loved and cared about and of course my son needs a father. And of course I will agree to relocate.
I work everyday except Sunday from 8 am to 6 PM, as I want to give my sun everything that other children have, during this time my son is in the kindergarten. In the evening I take him home and we have dinner, watch movie or walk and go to sleep.
On the weekends we usually go to parks or circus, Of course I can't give him everything, but family and my child is the most important in the world.
Please, do ask me questions, as I do know know what you can be interested in.
I will be waiting for your reply,
Letter 2

Dear Dominic,
Thank you for your letter and interest in me. Thank you for your compliments. I would love to see more photos of you too.
This is good that you you like your job.
In my opinion, when a person likes what he is doing this gives him joy and desire to live.
What do you usually do on weekend or when you have free time?
I think people all over the world do same things. I just can't go clubbing, as I do not have anyone to stay with my son, but before marriage I also liked to go to the cinema and clubs. Now I can only listen to the music at home.
My son's name is Andrusha.
Well, my ex-husband also loved to go to clubs, have fun and I couldn't go with him, as I had to stay with child, and he found another girl who was always with him, dancing, having fun and etc. I do not blame him - he was young and he could stay home with wife and child, he needed funny life. Now I even do not know where he lives, he doesn't come to see his child and of course doesn't help to grow him up. But that's ok, I am sure me and my son will cope with all troubles.
Tell me what is the woman close to your ideal?
Thinking about you,
Letter 3

Dear Dominic,
Thank you for your letter. This is good that photos arrived at last.
I love to see you photos very much!!
Yes, of course there is nothing good in the fact that we are left along with my son and his father left us. No, he doesn't come to visit, as he went somewhere to other city, I even do not know where,
so that we didn't find him and didn't ask to pay alimony. In my city only my Granny lives, my parents are very far in Novosibirsk,
and of course my Granny can't help with anything except siting with my son sometimes. But she is rather old already, so I leave my son with her only if it is very necessary. But that is ok, we are very modest in what we eat and wear with my son, we try to economize, the only problem that can occur is if my son gets ill, but I think this is the same everywhere. Little children are catching flues rather often, as they go to the kindergarten where there are a lot of other children they contact and medicine is not cheap everywhere.
I agree with you, I also do not need much talks - the main is to feel comfortable and relaxing near your beloved. To feel protected.
I can tell anything, and of course I am happy that I have my son, but if you could only know how hard it is to work and bring him up alone.
Each day I go to sleep and pray to meet a man who can be the real half of mine and who can be always near, help me, so that I was feeling myself a woman.
I kiss you and wish you good day
Letter 4

Dear Dominic,
Thank you for your sweet letter.
This is very pleasant that you also like to read mine.
OK, and I have some questions for you. So,
would you like to change anything about yourself, and if so,
what is it you'd like to change?
and the second one - what is the sense of you life; what is the reason for existing? I have thought much about it and what i found.
My way in life is to love and to give love, and to help people be happy.
I think that love is made of everyday things, of little joys of life.
You know,
people often say they are unable to find happiness in life.
I claim that happiness lies in every moment of existence, and you just have to notice it, to feel that this or that second was really full of happiness. It's so easy, and so hard at the same time. But two loving souls are much closer to understanding what things really are than anyone else in the world. I believe that our destination is to find another part of our soul, and to enjoy each other. I hope there are lots of things that you and me could change to better together. You know, my motto in life is to help people,
and to make their life happier.
I think you and me can be a marvellous couple.
Have a nice day.
You are always in my thoughts, and I will be waiting impatiently for your answer.
Hugs and kisses,
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