Scam letter(s) from Nicky Richard to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jon ,
Thank you for the message and its nice reading from you, you sound so nice and i would like to know you better and also to tell you a little about me.I am very organized, responsible respectful and honesty.I love reading,cooking,and basically I enjoy life.I dream of sweeping that one and only man off his feet. Have the warmth of his body to cuddle at night and wake up with the dream of my life. A companion to share and work through life rewards, goals, adjectives and decisions, good or bad. Be the one he has faith in, counts on, trusts and cherishes. The joy of a simple little note, text or call to show I care, miss, need and love him to make my day complete.I like the finer things in life to share with somebody. Communication is the number one attribute that can make or break a relationship.The kind of man I'm looking for has to be honest and trustworthy,beyond that other things are less important, but obviously there has to be some attraction both physically and mentally. Age, within reason,doesn't bother me at all. You're as young or old as you allow yourself to be and age is no barrier to loving someone. the other important thing is that the ideal man for me will be an equal partner, with both of us having equal say in every decision in life. A man who is affectionate and playful and not manipulative nor exploitive.We are both responsible for our own actions & decisions. I will have to stop here and will be looking forward to read from you soon . Take care and have a lovely day ahead of you......

Letter 2
Hello Jon and how are you doing, how is your day going on with you and hope all is going on well with you. Thank you so much for getting back with me. Its really nice knowing you...
Let me start telling you more about myself . I was born in Lagos and raised in Michigan. My father Died in an Auto Accident On his Way to The Hospital To see Mom. I'm presently living in nigeria,i came here after the Death of my Parent. I came to Lagos Nigeria because my Aunt has been here for years now and she got married to a black man that is from nigerian, but they both met years back in the state when she got relocated with him since Nigeria is his homeland. Just after the death of my parent, i was left alone in the state with nobody that cares and i was about dropping out of school when my Aunt called if i would be happy living with her here in Nigeria, but since i got no Option, so i moved and thats was how i'm here till date. She has been everything i wanted and she has been there for me, i always thank her because if not for her, who knows where i would be by now.I'm living alone now and in my own apartment here because i have adapted to the living condition here.
I used to have a boyfriend when i was still in college in IOWA Ames. He was everything i wanted a guy to be. We were friends for couple of months and he finally asked me out. I was happy yet sad because i knew that if we dated our relationship will never be the same. During our first month of dating he was so sweet and nice and i started to get more and more attracted to him.Our relationship lasted for 4 years and then i thought i was the happiest girl in the world. He treated me like a princess and that made me feel special and he promised to marry me so i allowed him to disvirgined me not knowing he just wanted to have *** and leave me cos he has found another girl who"s parents are very rich, so he thaught he could make his own wealth through them by getting married to their daughter, I was so down that i thought i would **** myself but somehow i had the courage to live on and now i am proud to say that i am single woman again with no kids, i am ready to love and be loved again.. I graduated out of university of lagos and I studied Nursing and planning to continue my 2 years master degree to become a Registered Nurse as soon as i find the right man for me because every good woman need a good and responsible man to cope plan the future with and every good man need the same. I use to work in a Big private store here before, but i quit because i was sexually harassed by my boss. I hope to secure a better job as a nurse soon in a better and biger Hospital. My Plans for the future is for me and my man to be happy - wherever and however that comes about doesn't really matter as i am ready to give whoever is serious to build a serious relationship with a loving and caring lady that has a good heart the chance to fill the empty space in my heart and i hope i will fill his heart too. And one thing again, I hope the distance between us woun't be a problem to you because if it does, i dont think things will work out for us, but if it doesnt, i am ready and willing to take care of that man and sweep him off his feet, i am ready to take care of him in the African way cause i have learn alot of things here, alot of good ways to take care of a man and make him happy for the rest of his life. My dear i hope i did not bore you away with my letter. Take care and be well.

From My Heart

Letter 3
Hello John and how are you doing ? Thank you for the message and its nice reading from you. How was your night and hope you sleep well, hope you had a nice night rest. To tell you mroe about me,I have been hurt once and i will never want to be hurt again in my life, the only man i trust treated me very bad the way i never expected, but i believe i have everything that any man could want from a woman,i know that but am not saying that am the best woman on earth,but i still believe in myself,and in God almight father,I believe that one day my soulmate will come for me.
i'm open, sensual, kind, gentle, romantic.I'm a very family oriented, sensitive and tender person,I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special man,I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming, as I love the ocean and sea,I like traveling, diving, dancing, drawing, skating and bowling, billiards, football (soccer),I enjoy music so much, classical and modern.I am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm hearted and intelligent with good look as sportswoman,affairs,People can't believe it when they see my photographs because I look like my mom,I am a grei like runing on staudays,I was raised with a strike Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people, and also to respect my man the most. My favorite food is Jollof Rice, Plantain,meats,Fruits,sea food. And I eats plenty of Fruits and Vegetable,I also do like to eat French Pizza and Pasta,I never speak negatively about people.I have fully decided to be a role Model to my children and a good, loving and caring wife to my husband,But I don’t want to mess myself with the wrong Man again.Basically I decided to settle with a nice, good loving and caring Man.An open, kind, serious, confident, cheerful, responsible man, who is ready for marriage, I hope to create a happy, cosy, secure marriage with a nice man, I would love to have a loving family in a nice house where everyone feels good to come home to, I think a woman must take care of her husband and children (family) first,I have a dream to meet the person with whom it is possible to live my life and spend the rest of my life with forever. I am an energetic and sociable person. I appreciate decency and sincerity in a relationship between a man and a woman. The inner beauty is more important for me than the beauty of appearance. I wish to open a new world in the world of your soul. And if you are the man i am looking for, i would share with you all your sorrows and joys, i will be your best friend and life partner I like to travel very much. It is very interesting to get more knowledge about the new countries, new people and traditions. It's great to have such a possibility.I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human's soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like the literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are; calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic .My perception of an ideal , I would like to see near me clever, intelligent, and reliable man. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect a woman. I have to let you know aswell, that am an honest person as i have said, and i have to be honest with that, i don't have any boyfriend at present now and am not in any serious relationship. am a great giver because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns and that's why I don’t lack anything. I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people's affairs....i dont realy believe in age because its just a number to me and age and distance can never stop love and feelings......I am a very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look . .I am Looking for a man that need Love and a man tht is Ready to love and be Loved..a man that will be loving and caring..a man that is responsible and a man that is hardworking.who is ready for marriage. I'm looking for a friend and partner, who is really looking for a long term relationship! I want to meet the right, special person, a serious man, who wants relationship! I want to meet the right, special person, a serious man, who wants to create a strong and nice family, I don't play games and don't want to waste my time and the time of other people,I'm a woman who has a very strong desire for a Long term relationship.It's so great to be together and love and I hope, someday we'll meet and we will be happy in our souls and hearts!
a man tht has love in abundance and is Ready to give it out..a man that needs care and support in Life..A man that will be there for me In The Good and Bad time of my life..a man that we will live together and Bear children and a man that will Love our Kids and tak Good care of them and a man that we will live happily together forever.I would like him to be kind, attentive, caring, reliable, well-mannered man with a good sense of humor. He should be serious in his intentions to find a right lady and create a happy family.I would like him to appreciate not only my appearance but my inside world as well. He should also be goal-oriented, self-established, not greedy and narrow-minded. He should know how to treat a lady right and know how to make a woman happy.. A God Fearing,Religiuos man and Ready for Marriage, though religious does not really matte..Well i have Been Hurt alot Of Time even In My Last Relationship so That Make me not to Trust In Men anymore ....i was Hurt By a Man That i love with all My Heart and i think you Can Imagine The way you feel when you Loose somebody you Truely Love ......If I allow you into my heart which is a very special place, can I trust you to hold it or will you throw it back at my face? Will you give it alot of love,kindness and affection, or will you lie and mislead it in all different directions? Would you take care of it as it would take care of you,or would you rip it out and step on it with your shoe?If I allow you in my heart which is capable of generating warm feellings of love your way, would you hold it tenderly and caress it each and everyday? A heart as bright as the sunshine rays lighting the very corners of you soul, holding you taking your breath away.If I allow you in my heart,through all it's up and downs will you be there holding it to the end, understanding it's emotions not allowing your love to bend?If I allow you in my heart to feel the warmth of your hand will you embrace it with your love,your passions,your plans?If I allow you in my heart will I know your love for it is real,will you cherish it and show it how a real woman feels?If I allow you in my heart will you fill it with all of your pasion your fire, the very essense of you...your desire?To get in my heart it will except no limitation, if you promise to love, cherish,and take care of it, my heart extends to you....this INVITATION.

From my heart.

Letter 4

Hello Jon and how are you doing ? Its been long that i have heard from you last. How was your trip and hope you enjoyed it. Take care and be well...

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