Scam letter(s) from Elena Tkachenko to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello dear!
How are you doing?Frankly speaking it's rather new for me to write such a letter.But why not if thousand of people find their partners.
I don't know what to say next so a bit about myself(smile). I live in Ukraine in Lugansk, it is in the eastern part of my country.My name is Lera Tishenko, my age is 31.i have been married for 5 years.But about one year ago i was divorced.I live alone with my daughter.My life has always been bright cause every moment i want to take all from this world.It was bright but not always happy.Sometimes happiness and luck were followed by pain and sadness.And only I am the reason to this. As I have said i have a daughter her name is Ivanna,she is 3 year old.I am divorced saying correctly he went away from me. It was a great strike for me but I coped with this.I hope i don't afraid you with my words.I just want you know everything about me.The whole my life is intended for my daughter but I also want to share it with my beloved whom I will surround with my love,care,warmth of my heart.In my dreams I see how I give a kiss to my man early in the morning,I see his smile,feel his hug... Please write me about yourself,your fillings,emotions,dreams.Write about how see an ideal for you woman.Know I am looking forward your letters.
Sincerely yours Lera.
Letter 2
here it is more about me.So as you know my name is Lera,my surname is Tishenko.I live in Ukraine in Lugansk.It is a city of miners and quit everybody here works like miners.My father was also a miner.he perished 10 years ago at his work.It was a great ****** for our family.My mother started feeling her a bit bad after that and now medicines is an initial pasrt of her life.:)By the way she is 65 and she is already a pensioner but still working in the school library.She likes children and books a lot and so all these things are combined in her work.:) I also have a daughter Ivanna.She lives with me and with my mother. AS for my work so i am a laboratory assistant in the college.Sometimes this work takes much of my time.But when i am free i I do like to spend it with my friends.We often gather after work and go some where to sit,it can be cafe or just some park.We also go together to the swimming pool.I do like swim a lot and when it is warm in summer like to go to the lake or river to spend the day there. I also like to shop in my free time,but it happens not so often as i wish.:)I also like watching some comedies and adventures in the evening and listen to calm music just to relax and calm down after hard working day.And of course i do love to be with my daughter. She is such a little and needs my care.I don't know what will i do if not my mother,who is helping me with her. AS you know i have been divorced.I was married for 5 years but something went wrong and my husband decided to go to younger woman. And when i occurred in the street i went to my mother and for several years we are living together with her.I don't regret of what has happened and always look forward.I hope i will find the man i will share my life with and with whom i will be happy. I will close now not to bore you and will write more of me later. Warmly Lera
Letter 3
Hello my dearest. I closed my profile, my friends said that it's dangerously, because there are too many bad people in the Internet. And I met you and I don't need anyone else:). You know, if you want we can chat, address is Let's chat and you will ask me anything you want and I will answer online honest and sincere My number is +380507518650. I saw your photos on site and I do not have words to pass my impression from your exterior I hope to be good friends with you, and maybe more. I am looking for a new love for life, but its not easy to find. I have bin surround lately be lot off fake people, I hope you are not I want to start new family life again, I miss that. Somebody who is waiting for me when I come home. Or somebody who I'm have been waiting for. I am easy going like lot off things and interests. I have bin true a lot and I see a lot, I don't want to be hurt again. my weekend was okay, but i miss the familylive. All things I do I have to do alone, I hate that. I can go out, see a movie go to a market etc etc, but always alone even if I go with family or friends. I hope you understand what I mean. I'm divorced with my husband, as you know, 2 years ago. And I have no any men in my life since that time. I don't love lie and betrayal. So I'm looking far honest and respectable man who'll never betray. I will wait for your next letter. Kiss you, my dearest, and take my best wishes for Christmas and New Year. Yours Lera
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