Letter(s) from Elizaveta Kruglova to Kai (Germany)

Letter 1

HelloKai ,
I liked your profile and hope our communication will continue and we’ll get acquainted with each other and become friends.
Now I’m a student of Astrakhan State University accordingly in my native city Astrakhan. I’m studying at the third course for the bachelor of economics and I’m planning to enter the magistracy after the graduation to fulfill my education. I’d like to enter the magistracy of High School of Economics in Moscow or Moscow State University, as I know that these universities give excellent and modern economic knowledge. Then I’m going to work, build my working success and be a big helper for my Mom. I’m studying hard and on best marks. My education is very important for me.
Here are some kinds of my interests, hobbies and entertainment:
I like roller skating on the stadium which is near my house. I like watching movies and have my own DVD collection with my favorite films. Also I like dancing of all kinds of dances and music. I danced classical Russian ballet in my childhood and all school years and now I practice Indian Hat-Ha yoga. I like listening to classical music, reading classics and of course my university textbooks. I like fine art and poetry and write Japanese hokku (or haiku). I’m optimistic and like to smile and laugh. :-) I like fashion and always try to be stylish.
I don’t visit night clubs and I have never kissed anybody (waiting for my husband).
I speak of course Russian and English. Now I continue to learn English and have started to learn French.
My Mom is a doctor, a psychiatrist. Now she’s on pension. My Dad was an engineer. He died three years ago.
My Mom and I are our small family, but very strong and we don’t leave each other for a day.
Please tell me more about you, your family and your interests.

Please write me on knishna_13@yahoo.com

Best wishes,

Letter 2

Hello Kai,
Thank you for your answer and you nice letter. And also thank you for your photos, i liked them very much. :)
I've certainly read about your city before and I'm sure from what I know and from your few words about Munich, it's wonderful city. :)
Your field of working interest is attention-grabbing for because I study economics now on my bachelor degree, but generally and about everything, not yet specialised for something particularly. I study micro- and macroeconomics, firm theory, public economics, international economics, line algebra, mathematical statistics and many more. But now my attention is for finance and investment after taking place in the Winter School of Economics of The Higher School of Economics in Moscow, where I was offered recently since 18th till 24th of February. I should say it was wonderful and so interesting and the impressions are better than I even expected, the lecturers were so interesting politicians, businessmen and scientists, the best in Russia . I send you my photos, taken in the centre of the capital under the wet snow and in Zvenigorod near Moscow in front of the boarding house where the school took place and two pictures at the school on the lectures. :)
Also some pictures of my at home.

The page about this is http://www.hse.ru/org/hse/winter and the page of the economics winter school is http://www.hse.ru/org/hse/winter/econ and this http://www.hse.ru/news/admission/6207499.html .

The winter school was really amazing. And I'm inspired about the magistracy, the main reason and goal of the school I attended was the presentations of the magistracy of economic faculty, the faculty of international economy and policy, etc. Now I'm yet on the 3rd course, but I have time to prepare to the entering exams there when I have the bachelor degree at my university. I would like to get the best economic education, what will let my build successful career in future and provide nice life for my Mom and what will let me build nice my own family.

We were told about the reasons, proccess and ways out of the economic crisis, financial system and small lectures on such sciences as econometrics, microeconomic 2, english test of IELTS and public economics and many others.

As for my hobbies, I like fine art, reading world classics and listening to Russian classics, dancing( I like to dance very much but not in night clubs of cource), yoga, writing haiku, walks, cinema, swimming, roller-skating, etc.

I don't have ICQ, telling the truth I like to communicate through e-mail because to my mind it would be the better way to know each other.

I haven't answered to all of your questions with this letter, but next times and next letters I'd want to and also would be glad to receive new questions, whatever is interesting for you to know. :)

Best wishes,