Scam letter(s) from Laura West to Jon (USA)

Letter 1

Hello ,
Its Really Nice Hearing from you...And I do love what you have written abt yourself In your profile and your Pic.. its seems we have alot In common..And I do like your pic...Well you said i should write abt myself..well Am attractive, unattached, mature, polite, honest and kind REAL..gentle lady...I am respectful, considerate, sincere, caring, compassionate and understanding, intelligent, emotionally stable, and have much knowledge and wisdom. Height - 5’ 8”; weight- 118lbs#; eyes - Green ; hair- Blonde .
I am willing to communicate and relate, it’s an absolute necessity. I’m open minded, have a positive attitude and a great sense of humor, I like to laugh and keep my life interesting and enjoyable I’m fun to talk with and be with. Age and looks are not a priority. It’s what you are like on the inside that matters the most to me.
I would like an honest, considerate, respectful and intelligent Man, who will communicate and relate openly, share interests and will be my good friend. I believe that when the chemistry is right between two people, a beautiful friendship and relationship can ensue.I’m a hopeless romantic and I would be receptive to commitment, dedication and loyalty.
There may always be someone who is richer, more handsome and more aggressive. How ever, it doesn't guarantee that this person has my qualities and will make you happy!I I was Born and Raise in NJ....but right now In Africa taking care ofmy mom she is very sick and i have to take care of her since am the only child of my parent i have no father and my mom is from africa while my dad is from the states.
I am very active, spontaneous, adventurous, ambitious and creative.I make full use of my free time and have many interests, hobbies and activities.
I enjoy the outdoors, nature and wildlife, fishing, hiking, boating and swimming.Also…downhill, X country and water skiing, watching the stars and sunsets, the sky.
The open spaces, serenity and tranquility is what I love and enjoy. I would like to share these treasures with a Male friend! I also enjoy photography, bowling ,the computer, motorcycling and music.
Music is a source of great enjoyment, a passion and therapy to me. I like dining out at times and socializing in intelligent-constructive conversation.
It’s important to me to take time to relax and enjoy quiet times. (Therapeutic) I don’t smoke or drink. I’m a clean and organized person.
I would like very much to get to know you.
Letter 2

Thanks for your mail..the time Diff is 6hrs ahead of you okay.. Opps Gosh I dont have AIM ok.. Only Yahoo ID marlaura19 Ok
Letter 3

Thanks for your mail Jon.. its really nice hearing from you..And I guess you saw my last mail?
Well am In Western Part of Africa right now taking care of my Mom.. I just came down for 3wks now.. But cant wait to be back to the states Immediately she get better.
Am so happy we really have alot In common..And I do hope we make this real.
Also I do love what you have written about yourself..And We cld start from here anyway.
AAm in Western part of Africa..And Am here taking care of my Sick Mom.. She was Shot at the Stomach by arm Robbers... some weeks ago..And I was been contacted by the Hospital that my Attention is Needed..And this my first time coming down here...everywhere even looks so strange.. but will be back immediately she get better.
I'll surely extend ur greetings to her.
Letter 4

Thanks for your mail Jon.. Its really nice hearing from you..I have deleted my profile becoz of you.. I want to get along with you alone..And i hope it leads us to somewhere..And I do model before.. But it was my Late father that Stopped Me.
I guess you are sleeping right now.
Please Write back Soon.
Letter 5

Okay thats Good.. Its 08:00pm Here.. I guess right now you are at work... Am also Thinking About you.. i have being doing nothing.. I dont go out.. Just to the Hospital Library and send a mail to you..Then after seeing momma..I go back Home.
Am in Western Part Of Africa..Which is Nigeria..Ok
Write back soon.
Letter 6

Thanks for your mail Jon.. Its really nice hearing from you..Well I cant wait to be with you.I'll always update you On my mom condition Ok..And I really like the way you sound..I guess you are not going to leave me alone just that I fall easily In love.
Am so happy you there for me.
Letter 7

Thanks for your mail Jon..Its really nice hearing from you..Its early Morning here..It rains throughout the Night..And when I work up..I have being thinking abt you.I live in Barton Springs Road.. Some Miles away from HULA HUT...And I do work with my Late father as Bus Admin before he died..He has a Foaming(MATTRESS) Store In PA.
Dont worry Jon..I know that we are meeting soon..And when am back to Austin..We have Alot Fun..Am gonna Sactisfy you with anything to make you happy.
My Brithday is every 1st of january Okay.
Your Love
Letter 8

Jon..Am so happy you want to Put a Smile On My face.. I'll really appreciate that..And I want to do same to you also.. We stay Close to Each other and Say Love Words to each other.
My name is West..And Dont worry.. As time goes On you know more..And you cld Anythin you want to know more... i really want you In my life.. you mean alot to me.
Am a shy Lady..And I dont really Snap Pics Ok..also I didnt bring along my Digital Camera here..So I cant take any Pics Ok.
I do Ski..Its one of my Fav hobby
Letter 9

I guess you saw my mail.. I should have replied along with the first mail you sent to me.. But I was Sent an Errand to the Pharmacy Store... to get some Medicated Drugs for mom use.
Also I can Understand you.. i know that as time goes by we know and learn abt each other.
She doesnt Work...And As for me i dont have any work also.. As I said earlier On in my mail..I use to work as Ad. Min in dad's Store...But after sometime i was Able to Secure the Business Again when he died.
I guess she prefer Africa to the states... just because She was Born In Africa..Also She said he prefer African Life to the states..So Immediately she got Divorce with my father.. he came down here...So since then I havent seen her..Until When I was Contacted she was Rush to the Hospital.
Right now..She cant come Home.. because I have to go back to the states..And Sort out myself again...after sometime.. We cld come down here together and see her..Also make arrangment if she want to come back to the states again.
Am sure.. i have ans my your Qtns love.
I really want to Stay Close to you..dont wanna lose you.
Your Love
p.s--lets this be between you and I until we meet..then I cld meet your lovely friends.
Letter 10

Thanks for your mail Jon..Its really nice hearing from you..I cant wait to be with you.. I just think of you all the time .. I know that I havent seen you.. But i do feel abt you okay..and also I do hope my mom get better.
Well you know that I told you I will be going to the Hospital to see the Doctor because the Doctor have called for my Attention on behave of my Mom On her Condition.. Because my mom Condition is getting worst..And I never want to Lose her.. I want my mom to see YOU and I.
After a Short Conversation with the Doctor.. The Doctor told me that my mother have to Undergo a Transplanting Surgical Operation which have to be done First before We lost her.. You see Jon am kinda Worried and fed-up here.. I never knew it was very serious...Also I have spent Alot On her..just to survive her.
Then I decided to Donate my Own kidney..But unfortunately we didnt the doctor said I cant...i have to leave...Making a promise by the Doctor that he is going to assist me for finding the woman that will donate..luckily for me... When I got to the hospital the Doctor has gotten the donor..So I have a chat with her...I was very happy to see her.
Morealso,right now I was told that I have to pay for the operation before she cld Be treated..because the Donor wil be collecting some money for her Donation..I have to gave the little money with me..But I have to pay In Full so that the Operation can be done...And Jon right now Am totally broke..Not having Much Money with me..I never knew it was very serious like this..So Jon am seeking your Help Okay... I will really appreciate it.
Am Needing the sum of $2540 for the operation to be done..Jon kindly help me with any amount okay.
I do hope you cld Understand me?
Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.
Letter 11

Thanks for your mail Jon.. you mean doubted me?I really cant believe this.. I dont want to lost My Mom...and you know how Much I need you in my life..and I guess you can understand me?
please Write back soon.
Letter 12

Thanks for yor mail Jon.. I can Understand very sorry I didnt write back Earlier I was kinda busy trying to sort things out.. because i cldnt believe you saying all this..and you mean am a scammer.. I dont anything of this.. I do hope you can even get in touch with the Hospital Doctor.. His email is so that you cld ask him more ok.
Write back soon.
Your Love
Letter 13

Thanks for your mail...The name of the Hospital is ABLE GOD HOSPITAL..And my Mom name is Tiffany k.Please jn you have to Understand you..I cant make you sad or hurt you in anyway...Please How Much can you send to me now?
Letter 14

Yes.. But I dont know how it got there..maybe someone else is using my Identity.. Afterall am not silver.ok
Letter 15

Jon.. thanks for your mail.. ts really nice hearing from you..*** there is good news.. I now that we meant to be together... I really cant wait to be with you.
the good news is that.. One of my late father's client who was owin my father before he died just contacted me...the client said he has being trying to get in touch with.. never knew i came down here.
So the client said.. He is ready to pay back the money he was owing my father before he died.. right now i cant recieve the money here because he want to Issue Out a Certified US Check from a Certified Bak..Please I want you to receive the Payment for me Ok.
I'll be needing your Full postal Address and Full name.
Write back soon.
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