Scam letter(s) from Flora Dickson to Olimpio (Netherlands Antilles)

Letter 1
My Darling Olimpio, You know what Olimpio?? you would not sieze to amaze me and the feelings that you bring out in me; whenever i sit here to email you; my heart just opens up, my soul sings the song of love and happiness, and everything in my world just goes calm and happy; its so amazing honey that you can have such effect on me. I have never known this kind of feelings before Olimpio; our love is the link that holds our two hearts together and if I could put into words how you make me feel when I think of you, and how much you excite me when I hear your voice, I would be talking forever. I agree with you darling; we are both beautiful people and we both deserve to be happy. I think back now and imagine all the pain, agony and loneliness i went through in the past and i now say that it was worth it Olimpio, i realize now that i had to pass through all those pain so that i could meet my destiny and i also realize that if i did not pass through such experience i would not appreciate you as much as i do today. You; Olimpio is what i have dreamed about since childhood, a love that is true and true and that is what i have found in you darling. you are so precious to me Olimpio. I believe and trust you with my life; At a time in my life; i asked myself a question saying; "Was it a crime to want to feel the love that i believe in true and true? Those were painful days that my love was thrown back in my face and my heart bleed with pain and it was like a dagger was being shoved in my heart. But now those pain have being wiped away by your sweet love and your caring and wonderful nature. You flatter me too much my darling; a red carpet uhhh? . I would expect the invitation letter then; in the meantime let me know any information you might require from me to put on the letter; it would be better darling to scan the letter and send to my email; our postal service is **** here and most times letters, documents get tampered with before they get to their owner and that is even if the owner gets it. And we both know how sensitive this document is. Just scan it after it is ready; and email it to me and i would print it out here. I was informed at the corresponding embassy here in Lagos that my visa would be a 90 day thing and that is 3 months; I understand what you have said darling and believe me if you ask me for my hands in marriage today; my answer would be a BIG YES; because i see you Olimpio in a new limelight; you might not understand it now but i am sure you would once we are together. With you everything has being special, unique and beautiful not to mention so so natural; these are all the things i have always wanted to feel with my man darling and with you everything has come to past. I have always said when i was young that i would not ask for anything more from God; as long as He helps me to feel this perfect love and now it has come to pass; what else can i ask for.....absolutely nothing. I would love to be married to you Olimpio but could we talk about it when we are together; i would love us to spend time together first; discover and rediscover this amazing love that we both feel for each other and not to mention that i would want you to do it the proper way. On your two Kneels.......and the rest of it follows. I want you to know that i have waited for this kind of love all my life; i now realize Olimpio that i was born to love you; all these years we have being apart; i guess it is only fair that i want to be with you as soon as possible, i dont want to waste any more time Olimpio; i have wasted enough already; nobody knows tomorrow and it is always best to make the best use of today. I dont mind even if i have to stay home while you travel with your kids; at least we would have spent some time together before you have to travel. i guess that makes me selfish hee??? I just hope you could see this happiness you bring out in me whenever i just think about you; its nothing like i have felt before in my life and i cant just wait to make it perfect as soon as possible. I appreciate darling you wanting me to keep my saving; but i must insist that when the time comes for me to buy my ticket; i would want to contribute my own quota; please do allow me then honey; we are both in this relationship and i would like nothing better to contribute my own quota to make it work, it would make me feel useful and part of us. I do not have an account number and likewise mum; mum has closed her account since she retired; she receives her cheque now from the post office. But it is okay; you can send the money to me through Western Union Money Transfer; its the safest and fastest means of sending money worldwide; I know they are reliable because dad uses it to send money here to family members when we were in the US. All i would need would be to show an id at the bank and i can collect the money. All you would require is for you to find their office/agent close to you and send the money from there. I would email you my details in another separate email. I appreciate you lending a hand of support concerning my phone issue; it would be wonderful to be able to talk to you any time of the day once i have my own cell. I guess the cheapest and most reliable cell phone should be a Nokia Product and i am sure 50euroes should cover it. I want you to know Olimpio that i do not care if you are rich or poor; i told you before that i would not care if you lived in the moon or in the sun; all that i know now is that i would never be complete unless my life is wrapped around yours. It would never be perfect any other way than that. What further words can describe what we have together? For our love to grow as it has this past few weeks, I took with every beat of my heart. Words can no longer describe it, but rather in feeling and emotion of what we have for each other. You have always had the key to my heart, and you inside my heart has made me more than I can ever be. I cherish any thought of you, prize any thought of you that rises from the depths of my mind, Olimpio I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss. Have a Beautiful Day My Love... Loving You Lots Darling,
Lots of love,
Letter 2
Below are my details darling; RECEIVERS NAME; LAURA DANIELLA
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