Scam Letter(s) from Irina Krasheninnikova to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

El saludo Jose!!!
Soy contenta que os me habeis interesado y me han escrito. Soy muy contenta ver su respuesta! Tenia un sentimiento extrano. :) Sentia que respondereis a mi carta. Por primera vez conozco a traves de Internet. Tengo ordenador propio Las casas, por eso podre escribirle cada dia. Y me escribis de la oficina o de la casa? Podeis responderme tan a menudo? Principal que lo querais tambien fuerte como. Asi, es poco sobre mi. Mi nombre Irina. A mi de 25 anos. Vivo en hermoso, pero una pequena ciudad Yoshkar-Ola. Me encuentro no se, como decirlelo donde. Pero puedo decir exactamente que este lugar hermoso! Pero por que Esto siempre me tira a otro pais. Siempre tenia un sueno para ver otros paises y Viajar. Seria contenta, si podiais mandarme la foto de su ciudad. Trabajo el ecologo en la guardia del medio ambiente. Quiero mi trabajo y Me gusta seguir la naturaleza. En el tiempo libre del trabajo quiero leer los libros de la casa o ser Cerca de mis amigas. Si la comunicacion con Por mi le sera interesante, le escribire mas detalladamente sobre el En las cartas siguientes. Soy solitaria y nunca No estaba casado y no tengo los ninos. Pero creo que podre encontrar a la persona seria y sincera con que mi podre Basar las relaciones serias, porque soy un poco timida en la vida real. A esto he escogido tal via del conocimiento. =) Si le he interesado esto le escribire claro mas sobre el en las cartas siguientes. ok? Me he olvidado de decir que mi crecimiento 170 sm, Peso 54 kg. Podeis escribir mas sobre usted y mandar sus fotos? Que os ocupais al tiempo libre? Quien trabajais? De antemano le agradezco por sus Las respuestas. Es interesante conocerme sobre su vida, el trabajo y los entretenimientos Es mas. Le mando mis fotos, y espero que le gustare.
Esperare su respuesta...

Letter 2

Hello my friend Jose!!!
Thanks for your letter. I was glad to receive it again. You can speak to me more about you? It becomes valid interesting to me. I think, that it is pleasant to you. If you not against, I can tell more about myself. I am born on July, 27th, 1983. I was born here, in Russia now I live one with mum. My mum on pension also sits at home. The daddy has died 5 years ago. I have ended usual high school and then with distinction to end institute. I know English language at good level. I can freely speak and write on it. From the childhood I to have dream to open my business and to be able success in it. But unfortunately, my dream is not real now. Because on opening Personal business many permissions and money are necessary. In any case it is my choice and I am glad to it. I constantly go in for sports. I to visit a hall of aerobics and often I want in pool on days off... I have a beautiful figure (I think, that you have already noticed it). And I should look constantly behind myself. You have what work? It is pleasant to you? What do you like to do at leisure? It is really interesting to me to learn about you. Therefore write to me. You can ask any questions. I without problems will answer you it. Ok? With impatience I wait for your answer.
Yours Irina!

Letter 3

Hello Jose!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. To me it is very pleasant, when I receive from You new letters. How you? How there has passed day? You can set to me Any questions. I will try to tell more about me. I do not smoke and Very seldom I drink alcohol, only on the big holidays. On days off I Usually at leisure I go to float in pool and also I go for a drive on The fads. We do it at us in a city in The ice house. You have the ice house at you? I hope, what it is interesting to you? And you than You are engaged at leisure? You have any hobby or Hobby? I was born and have grown in one city, Where I live now. But unfortunately at us it is a lot of days in a year happens Winter and climate not favorable enough. Often There are strong frosts and a cold in the street. And I so would like To live in heat, calmnesses and well-being. I wish to come home, and the house is waited by the favourite The husband. I so would like to love for a long time already the man and to care of it. I think, that should go Now to do some work of the house. I like to cook food. You Sometime tried a Russian cuisine: soup borsnh and pelemeni? Tomorrow I Still I will write to you. I send also some photos. On one of a photo you will see me together With my cousin. I with impatience wait for your answer.
Yours Irina!

Letter 4

Hello my favourite Jose!!!
Is glad to see your letter. I am very strong on you have become bored. Mine Road I with impatience waited for your letter. So it is fine to know that somewhere there is far from you is The native person who thinks of you. I am happy, that you wish to meet me. My prince I very strongly regret About that we till now not with you. I am assured, that if we will be Together, we will spend with you unforgettable time. Same so it is fine, When two loving persons are together. My sweet I very much want To feel you all body, each part of the body. I live in Future current. The future of miracles and pleasure! You would like now To appear with me nearby? It would be so remarkably. It is very a pity that We are separated by such big distance. But I know my darling, that for Two loving people is not a barrier. You would like, that I have arrived to To you? You are ready to wait for me? If you not against I descend tomorrow in Agency of travel also I learn as it is possible to arrive to your country. Well? I wish to be with you together. I always will be kind and gentle, But I - Only the person who loves you! You - the finest, that are at Me in a life. I have found the happiness, and more it is necessary nothing for me. I will be To wait for your answer.
With love and tenderness, yours Irina!

Letter 5

Hello my love Jose!!!
I am glad to see your letter. My darling I understand, that it is many money. I will try to find a part of money. I can find 100 euro. It is more at me there is no money. Now at us in the country the big crisis and it is very difficult with money. But I hope, that you can help me and will not leave me one. I very much love you my prince Jose. I so am happy, that you wish to meet me. I now only about it also think. Strongly I count on your help and I hope, that you will not give up to me. I am assured, that for the sake of love people can make much that. My favourite I asked in bank as it is possible quickly and to receive money reliably. To me have told that is better to make it through company Western Union. You in the country probably have such company?
Here all information necessary for remittance:
Surname: Krasheninnikova
Name: Irina
The country Russia
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Republic: Mari-El
Street: Petrov
The house: 25
Apartment: 18
What I could receive your money to me it is necessary to know following your full name and the address. The darling I am very strong on you I hope. And with impatience I wait for your answer.
With love and tenderness, yours Irina!



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