Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Stalina to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend Jos!
I'm Ven! You can call me Venera!
Hope you remember me! I write you on Datemefree and you answer me back!
I don't have opportunity write you immediately. But hope you are not offended at me.
I do not know what to write in the first letter... Probably a little bit about me?
I live in a small village near the town of Kstovo. If you want to - I will tell you more about it.
I was born October 22, 1979. My appearance is visible in my photos.
I might add that I am 168cm and 59 kg weight. My appearance is simple.
I work as an accountant on the farm. I live in apartment. I live alone. I don't have children.
I never married. My mom lives near me. I have a brother, but he lives very far away.
My dad died a long time. I think that is enough to write the first letter.
If I am interested in you - write me! I will wait!
I’m interested to correspond with you!

Letter 2

Hello Jose!!! Very beauty foto! Many thanx!!
Today I have the opportunity to write you another letter!
It is a pleasure for me! I hope you are pleased read my letter too!
Thank you that you have answered me and I hope that we will correspond with you!
Once again I want to talk about myself. I work as an accountant on the farm.
Our village is very small. So I do not have the opportunity to write to you often.
I am writing from work. We have the Internet. But I do not have a international telephone line.
So I do not have the opportunity to call you now. I live alone. I like walks in the woods!
We have a lot of forests, rivers and lakes! I like nature! Do you like it too?
I don't like the big companies, so often I sit at home and read books.
I like to listen to quiet music. What kind of music you like?
Easy I'm quiet and modest girl who wants to meet a good guy.
And if you do not mind I would like to correspond with you! I hope you answer me to reciprocate.
Write me about yourself! I will wait for your letter and I will tell about myself more!


Letter 3

Hi Jose!
What weather at you today? We have spring soon!
The sun shines all the brighter, and become warm! I like spring!
This is a romantic time! After spring comes summer - this is the most favorite time of year!
Jose do you like spring or summer? I hope you understand my letter!
I teach English at school and at university! I understand your letter, without translator.
I also speak good English. I use a translator to write letters for you.
I think it is understandable to you.
Sorry if you do not understand some answers. I'm try!
I studied in Nizhniy Novgorod's University.
After it I have been working in own village, and the pride of it!
Now the difficult times for our economy, but I'm trying to work and help people!
Thank you that you write me! I try to write to you as soon as possible.
Sorry if you do not often see my letter. I will try to write to you more often!
Write me too! I'll wait!

Letter 4

Hello, my love Jose!
Today I have a lot of news for you!
First! I issue the documents for entry into your country! I can pick up a visa from the Consulate!
I have all the necessary documents for visiting your country!
Through an agent, I had to make a ticket. I went to the airport, and find a comfortable flight for us.
Here is information on the flight to your airport!
I will arrive in XXXXXXXXX in April, 10.
10:05 am Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive XXXXXXXX 12:35 pm Fri 10-Apr
Duration: 4hr 30mn Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 287
Nonstop flight

I think this is a convenient time for us! I want to see you! I dream about it!
But I have a small problem. I do not calculate the correct value of the ticket.
I think that has a sufficient amount of money for the trip.
I paid visa. I paid the ticket to Moscow. I paid for a hotel in Moscow!
I did not want to ask your help for this! I wanted to be honest with you!
I spent more than 1000 Euro for our meeting!
But the ticket price was a little higher than I thought.
I left some money to my mum. I wrote that she was ill, and therefore could not leave her without money.
I think you understand me and do not blame me for this.
I must help my mother. I think you have to do the same!
For tickets, I need 300 Euro. I asked the relatives. But they have helped me and have no money.
Mom said that bought the drugs and did not have that amount. I am in despair! I am in a another city!
My papers are ready.
But I do not have enough 300 Euro! I thought, but you can help me?
I understand that this is impertinent, please ... But together we want our meeting!
So I decided to ask help from you! If you can help me - we can meet via a week! You can do it through Western Union.
It is convenient and safe now! I do not trust other banks! I can get your money and pay the ticket!
I did most of the way to our meeting! I'm in other city, therefore
you money can pick up my best female friend. Now i live on her flat!
Take a small step and you - help me! Here's information:
Your full name: Anastasiya Stalina
Country: Russia.
If you help me, write me yours full name, address and MTCN (10 digit)
MTCN you receive in Western Union.
I know that you write about money... But I'll hope!
My Jose. I will pray for your help! My mother is upset too ...
If you can - help me! Our meeting - this is the main objective in my life!
I found you and I do not want to lose you because of the foolish circumstances!
Help me! I will wait! Remember! I think about you!
The sooner you help me - the sooner I pay a ticket, and fly to you!
With great hope for the help!

Letter 5

Hello, my love Jose!
I see the letter! Thank you do not reject my request! I am crying! But it is tears of happiness! Do not worry!
I can change the date of its trip to any time!
This is not a problem for me! I understand that you have a Holly Friday!
So I can come later. (I can before )))).
I think you have to designate the approximate date of our meeting!
I will wait! I think about you every day and will hope that you will be able to provide assistance to small for me!
Write me! I pray for your help!
With great hope for an early meeting!



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