Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hallo my dear.
I'm so glad I can write you and I hope, know you better. I'm sure you've got a lot of questions to me and you are welcome to ask me anything you want,'cause I'm sure that honesty is very important in any kind of human relationships. Now let me tell about myself. I'm rather active and outgoing person. I've got a lot of friends,like communicating with different kinds of people and interested in sport and psychology. My favourite activities are playing bowling and dancing. I also like to sit in the evening with a good book and a cup of tea in a cosy arm-chair or watch some sweet film. The last I saw was "Sweet November" with Keanu Rivz. It would be interesting to know about your hobbies and interestes, style of life and main principles of it. Your likes and dislikes, your dreams and thoughts. About everything which is important for you. I've got a nice family. My parents are the real example of devoted and touching love.
Probably,inspired by their example I'd like to create my own family based on the principles of mutual love, care and respect .In my life,unfortunately,I met either artificial love, or absence of care,
or respect to the interests of one side only. I'm so tired of being used as a pretty face without any trying to know me deeper. I dream of a man,who would be nice,respectful,humorous,witty and caring.I dream of the person with the rich inside world, with whom I can share all my thoughts and interests.Who would value me for my kind heart and caring nature. As for my social life, I'm a sales manager and at the Lady shop of fashionable clothes . It's not well-paid job,but,probably,
there is no place in our town I'd feel better. It's not so easy to find a good job here.
I think I should stop here and ask you to tell me more about yourself. It would be nice if we continue our correspondence. Wait for your reply,impatiently.
I am waiting for your letter without patience.
Write to me to my e-mail address:
Letter 2

Hallo Warren!
I'm very glad you responded my letter. It means you feel the same as I do. The interest. I hope we'll get along well. It would be very interesting to know more about you, your interests and your hopes and plans for future. Tell me everything which is important to you.
I'll be glad to know you closer. Now, it's a high time to tell you more about myself. I live in the small town Teplogorsk not far from the regional centre Lugansk. My parents live with me so I have four careful eyes who take care of me and continue to bring me up as a child, though this year I'll be already 32. I've got the elder brother but he doesn't live with us, as he is married. I hope very soon he and his wife will present me a nice niece of nephew. I love kids very much and suppose I can find a common language with every child. I,
personally, would like to have two children a boy and a girl. Strength and beauty, what do you think? I'm very romantic person. I like beautiful things, nice music and the films about love and passion. Candles, flowers, champaign and sweet words make me happy and I feel as a prince in the fairy tale! Also, I like reading very much.
I read fantasy, poetry and the stories about life and love. My favourite writers are O'Henry, Oscar Wild, Steven King and the others.
I like to listen to music. Foreign songs and classical music are especially nice for me. I would like to find my solemate. The person whom I can share my love, my passion, my thoughts and my dreams with.
The person who could support me in any difficult situation as a REAL MAN in all the meaning of this word. Do I ask a lot? But I can give a lot for that. I could be a nice , caring and loving wife, ready to present to my beloved two nice kids. I could please my man with my warm and passionate petting and hot kisses. I feel I could give my husband everything I have. I wasn't sure about the Internet meeting and lettering but now I feel I'm on the right way as you write to me and made me warm with your letter. I must confess I don't know English language and do not have a computer at home as it is very expensive and I have no skills in using it. But I do really want to learn English and I'm sure I will learn it some day, when I have enough finances and free time. And now I use the Translation Association for translating my letter to you. I come to the office and give my letters in Russian and then they give me your letter already translated from English. It's quickly and easy, I suppose. Well, now I think I should stop here and ask for your soon answer, OK? I really hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3

Hallo my dear Warren!
I was waiting for your letter impatiently and very glad I received the answer from you. How are you? Hope everything is fine. It is an interesting way for people to meet on the Internet. It is I guess unusual but a nice way,better than meeting in some bar or club where everyone is ***** or shouting back and forth, :-) I hope that we can meet someday, I would love that! I feel you are an easy-going person and I am too and I love that quality in people. Also, I like people with a good sense of humour. When something is wrong I try not to show that joking out the situation and it helps. The problems step aside and everything is getting better. I'm rather optimistic and very often it saved me from depressive thoughts. You know, I wasn't lucky in my past relationships. Almost all my boyfriends saw the pretty face, nice shape and treated me as the heartless doll. For a long time I hoped that I was mistaken, that everything would change in time. But, once again the broken heart, the tears in the pillow at night and the feeling that you are very lonely in this world. I had a long relationship with my ex husband to be. We lived in one flat and had the model of family life. Everything went right and we have planned the marriage party. I was making a wedding dress and felt that nobody in this world could be mare happy then I was. And two days before our marriage I saw my boyfriend kissing another girl,my neighbour. I don't want to describe you my feelings and thoughts, but believe me it wasn't easy to let him go and start the life without love. But, at last I survived it and now I'm open to the new relationships. I want to have my best friend and lover to come home to every night and share my day with,my thoughts and dreams with,my feelings with,everything with! To me,this is what would make a perfect marriage. You know, I have heard a very beautiful legend about people and I would like to tell it. Once upon a time there were not men or women. These ancient people were stronger and wiser than gods. They could do everything and they were happy. The gods didn't like that. They decided to win people. But how to do that? The gods thought much and at last decided to divide each person into two parts, a man and a woman, and mix them on the earth. So they did. Since that time people became weak. Each one tries to find the lost half. Those, who find each other, fell in love and become as strong as gods. When all people find their halves they will become stronger than gods again. A nice legend, isn't it? A legend is a legend but love really makes wonders. Large love makes lovers better and kinder. And the world around them becomes lighter,
brighter and kinder. I feel like Mummy telling the fairy tales to her son before going to bed. : ) And what tale would you tell me before going to sleep? Romantic or ...... Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 4

My dear Warren!
One more letter. One more ray of hope and joy. One more sign of your attention. You had to become a writer. Your words are so sweet to me and every time the interpreter gives me your letter I can't go to work at once. I sit on the bench near the Agency and read it. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I frown. Maybe it looks funny for passers by, but I don't care. I've got a mail. From my dear friend. I feel no more lonely and depressed. I'm not alone and it helps to pass this day by. I think of love much more these days. It can bring a new life to the world and can ****. It can inspire to the best acts of the human manifestation and push the person to committing the crime. It's strange and mysterious and what does the way of Love depend on, what do you think? You know,I had a sleepless night today. I read all night long. Now I'm reading the novel by the German writer Patrik Zuskind "The Perfumer". I like the way he wrote about the scents and ways of making it. I'm just crazy about the perfumes. It seems my mood mostly depends on the smell I have on me this day. sometimes i like fresh,
sea smells like "Aqua Allegoria" from Guearliane or "Green Tea" from Elizabeth Arden, sometimes I'm crazy from the Arman Bassy "In Red" with it's nice, sophisticated odour, sometimes I need to feel something sweet and I go to the perfume shop and ask to give me the line of paper they use to show the smell with the sweet perfume like "J'adore" from Christian Dior. And I dream, dream and dream that one day I'll have the opportunity to collect all the smells I like, all these nice , beautiful bottles with the perfumes. I'll use them in different situations and when I'm cold I'll chose sensitive, sweet smell, when I'm depressed I'll have some light, fresh smell and when I'm playful I would like to smell like a flower : lilac or something like that. If I could I'd invent the smell of love, the smell of joy,
the smell of laughter. Am I a dreamer? :)))) Maybe , but you know I consider that people are a bit animals, if you understand what I mean and they chose the partner also according to the smell. It seems to me, you would like if I smell like a strawberry or like a fresh,
frosty air. Am I right? :) And also, except the perfumes, every person has it's own, personal smell. and the partner of that person can guess that smell even with the eyes closed. I wonder, could I guess the smell of your skin? Of your lips? The taste of your tongue? Well, I'm dying from the wish to feel you, to taste you, to smell your natural scent and to touch your lips with mine. It seems I'm very sensitive person and the moment you touch my hand will be very tempting for me.
I'll hardly keep myself in the arms for not though on you and love till the death. You know, I should tell you the truth. I was told some very frightful stories about the Love in Internet. Some men from abroad just need to have a lover in Ukraine or promise the girl everything and then when they get the girl in his country they just sell her to the *** slavery and nobody hear about her anymore. So, I hope you are not one of them, as you are so dear to me, that it would break my heart. I would like to believe you, to share my love with you, to build a nice family with you. And I really hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Lyuda with a sweet kiss
Letter 5

Hallo my dear Warren!
I'm very sorry it took me so long to answer you. I missed you very much and feel I got used to talking to you. Your letters support me very much and I think of our relationships more and more. Have I fallen in love with you? Yes. I tell it, though Ladies shouldn't confess in such things. My dear, I've got a bad news for both of us. It would be difficult for me to write you as my financial statement is not firm any more. I hope, you could understand me and will excuse me for this situation. You know, I'm thinking of you all the time. It's just obsession. Do you think it's possible to fall in love via Internet? It seems you are my best friends and I can trust you in everything, which is important for me. You know, I had a dream today. I dreamt about our first meeting. At first I felt scared and nervous, but you smiled and took my hand and kissed gently to the cheek and ....everything has passed away and there were only you and me. And we had splendid time together and laughed and talked and kissed and...As you bend to kiss me I... woke up as the alarm clock rang so disgusting that I was almost ready to break it!!!!! You are my dear friend, my treasure and my heart and I really hope we are meant to be together as I can't loose you in this big world. Please, write me soon and tell me if you could come to my town to join me and to know each other better? That's the only thing I want to know. Are you ready to be with me for a long -long time? I hope you are serious as much as I am. Wait for your letter. Yours Lyuda
Letter 6

Dear Sir Warren,
We represent our Translating Firm "Trans Sigma" We make our business providing language translation services including interpretation, services to businesses, government organisations,
educational institutions and individuals for over 20 years. We work for you and your language translation needs. Your Lady Lyudmila Schigoleva uses our service and is totally satisfied with the quality of our correspondence. Unfortunately, she should stop corresponding with you because of her personal financial difficulties. However, she is very interested in your future correspondence and if you have an interest to her either, you could help her with her translating payments.
If you are interested with the information about the prices on our services, please, send us the request and we propose you this information. Leonid Chukarsky
" Trans Sigma"
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