Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Goncherenko to Mack (USA)

Letter 1
Hello !
You probably are very surprised to my letter, but all the same I hope that you waited for it. Me always surprised, how people get acquainted on the Internet, and that the most interesting, find there the love. But recently, my sister became one of such people: she has got acquainted with the husband on the Internet, and now they live very happily and love each other. It has learnt me to use recently the Internet and has advised to find to me the love here.
I have seen many interesting questionnaires and have decided to stop on you, I can not explain why. Probably I was helped by my intuition, know, it never brought me. In this letter I will a little tell about myself and if suddenly you wish to continue our dialogue you learn about me more in following letters.
Me calls Elena. To me of 27 years. I never was married, but recently I think of it much. Probably, for this reason I have decided to try the good luck on a site of acquaintances. After I have left school, I have gone to study as the teacher of initial classes. I very much love children, and I like to be engaged with them, they very amusing, isn't that so? I live together with the parents. At us small, but very lovely apartment. But, probably, you will be surprised very much with one fact … I from Russia. It is valid so, and, unfortunately, it is very far from you. It was very difficult to place the questionnaire on a site of acquaintances because it does not accept participants from my country. Therefore in the questionnaire I have chosen other country - the USA. I live in city Zelenodolsk. You should know it because you are possible will not want to continue our dialogue, as between us huge distance. But you as should know, that if we will sometime want to meet, the distance will not be for me an obstacle. If I love the person I will reach it even on the brink of the Earth.
It is interesting, whether you have felt now insuperable desire to get acquainted with me?
You know, I love romanticism and romantic gentlemen. And still, I like to set many questions. Therefore be not surprised, that already in the first letter I set so many questions.
At me to you the next question: as though you have arrived, if I have appeared in mountains and nearby there would be only you? You would come to me to the aid? As though you have arrived during such moment? If to you it will be not difficult, answer please my question. It is very interesting to me that you think in this occasion. You know I not so worry that we so far apart because to me it is very new and the reflexion is interesting to get acquainted with the person from another the countries, where other culture, traditions. I hope, that too it will be interesting to you to learn more about the Russian girl. Therefore I have sent you the photos and I want, that you too have sent me the. But if, on what that to the reason you do not want to correspond with me you, please, could not inform me on it that I did not hope in vain and waited from you for the answer.
I hope for your fast reply, Elena.
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