Letter(s) from Irina Vovchanyuk to William (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my handsome Bill . Thanks for your nice mail.
wow I each time am surprised, that such a man be interested in me, but is my luck and sometimes makes me a little confused also.
Because for a long time I have not been noticed such a handsome, hotty and nice man... like you and so I am a little confused, but also happy
Ah get different feelings in my heart and this is also a nice feeling because I didnt feel it for a long time
I talk much for you is really easy.
I am happy say what I have an quite good income for Russia. These are 7525 roubles (approximately 327 usd). But sometimes it turns out that I can earn little bit more
But the tip is received only by waiters and they do not share with us, but not in money happiness. I never aspired to become rich, because I "do not pursue" riches
For this money I can rent for myself an one-room apartment - 3000 roubles... and I have still money for something.
I am not rich, but it suffices for my modest life the apartment is expensive, but thus I live easy and cosy.
Bill, can you tell me about your habitation? I am interested very. Possible it becomes our house. Who knows!? ;-)
I have a cat who loves me and waits always home.It is pleasant!!! But I would like greater.I wish be happy and make happy the man loving me. I want have my family.
Probably my family will not be ideal, but I want, that it was happy. You see, that I have simple dreams.
I have not found happiness which I search.. probably it is you. ;-) Who knows?!
For my 26 years I have saved up a more potential of tenderness and kind feelings which are not spent still and I wait for the person whom I can devote all for myself...
on the first place I place internal beauty of the person, his personal qualities... and only then physical beauty
also for me it is important, that my darling was financially secure. As it is necessary raise and to put our children on his feet .
Oh my hobby is massage. When I studied at university, I have devoted this a lot of time
Ha ha ha maybe if you visit me I show and make for you, but you need time for this 1 day, because is a long treatment. But after this you feel great. You will like it.
I like to rest in a good ambience and this give me power. So you see I like the life.
I perfectly speak in Russian and it is quite good in English.
If we really get together I am happy that you not need to learn Russian, because is a real difficult language and not easy learn. They change this every year .
So I write and write and forget the time, but it is easy to write to you and to think for you, and I like.
Anyway I have to go to work and miss and think about you, Bill
for you kisses
Yours OLGA

Letter 2

Hi my dear Bill
Today I again here to see you in my mind and talk to you. We far apart, but it does not prevent communicate with each other.
You know, I already wait for this moment when I will sit down before a computer and I will write to you.
I feel such ease thus, and pleasant heat spreads on all body when I think of you. It is fantastic! I like it very
I wait for the moment when we will communicate with each other directly without the help of machines.
ok! Today my pleasure double, except for your letter I have found in my box the letter from my aunt.
She is interested in you and as our attitudes develop. :))
oh this aunt. I do not know, who is interested in you more? I or she ;-)
I joke only... Bill dialogue with you delivers to me pleasure. Thank you for it
You know, my aunt the surprising person. She has received fine economic education in Soviet time. Then taught economics at university.
I liked to use her services for a examinations on mathematical disciplines. :) she is the expert in this .
I till now remember her reproaches. :) Her favourite phrase: " that you will not make for the sake of the favourite niece "
In the ninetieth years she trained abroad much and somewhere there she has met her own loving.
Now she and her husband have their own business. I never was interested, than they are engaged.
The aunt often invited me arrive, but I refused always. She works much and she is constant on business trips.
And I? Whom do I am necessary? Here I have work and friends, though... now in my life you have appeared.
I have recollected, I never sent you a photo of my aunt, it is my mistake, here a photo I my aunt, when she came to Russia 2 years ago. Only quality very bad :(
but the life is cruel... and it seems a forgery when people speak you smile and be happy...
The life has the remarkable and positive moments... but it has the unfavourable moments also. When people feel grief... They have the right to feel this way.
Me consider how happy person, but I have the moments when I am sad... I accept it and I feel it...
And then, we hope, in some days- I move ahead. I am interested in your character and your private world very much. It is the most important for me.
I am in mood to communicate, and thus I here - writing to you.
I am going ask you some questions... Please inform me, if I ask too much!
My greatest fears - failure and loss. I am afraid, that I shall lose all. Therefore I appreciate that I have... What are your biggest fear?
The biggest gift for me - children's THANKS and a smile!!! What are your biggest gift?
I try to not be materialistic. I try to be simplified. I have no a lot of things in my apartment. What are your opinion on it?
Bill probably you will be not agree with me in the following. Many people have rejected me because of it. What I do not believe in is organized religion.
I had no choice. Do I practise? No. Do I believe in it? No. I have a very hard time with men not being able to be priests.
I hate this double standard. I also hate that priests cannot be married and that they must be sulabiet for all their lives.
Now how is it that a man who is not married and has no children going to preach to me how to raise a family?
Also, how is a man going to abstain from having sex for his whole life?
I was taught that God is everywhere. I believe that God is everywhere. I can see that God is everywhere. So why is it that I must go to a church to pray to God? I dont think so.
The church is suppose to help the needy and the poor.
So why dose the church have so much gold? Why dose every church I see have the most beautiful stain glass in all the windows?
Why is it that most of the greatest and most expensive paintings and sculptures ever produced in history was commissioned by the church?
How many people could the church help and feed with all that gold, with all that art, with all those buildings and land?
Hey, wait a minute, wasnt Jesus the son of a carpenter? What do you think Jesuss cup was made of?
I think it would have bin made out of wood. So why is the cup in every church made out of gold?
I believe in karma. I believe that we can and do attract like energy.
If we are positive, we will attract positive people towards us. I think that if we believe that we will fail at something then we will.
In contrast, if we believe we will succeed that we have a very good chance.
I think that the fact that you .. I have found each other can be seen as proof of karmic energy. What do you think?
I do not feel, that everyone would have religion, that to join with God. It not the main thing. The main thing is as you consider people... Even people with other belief... I respect
Sometimes people start to judge other people with own system of belief, because they are different.
Each person should listen to a internal voice, and to follow it, even if it is not clear another, even if you should make it one
I think, that it is necessary to consider faithfully not only myself, but also other people. What do you feel about it?
I do not expect, that you completely will agree with me. I do not object Bill , if you have other opinion, but I hope, that you can accept my opinion.
I hope, that I am still interesting to you
I am glad, what we have met, what we are interested in development of our attitudes. I will be completely honest with you and is frank, I am not afraid to prove oneself you.
Let's promise each other a some things. Let's be honest with each other. no games!
I do not object, if you write to me your feeling... Sad something... Angry something... Or happy something. We do not judge each other.
I want, what you did not hesitate in that, that you write and what you would not worry about me judging you.
You are in my opinion, I completely trust you.
Please answer things, which I have mentioned.. With what do you agree? Something you are disagree? What do you think?
ok! I would like to make a breakfast for both of us, but I should eat your breakfast and it would be a lot of food for me... :)
I wait Bill for you here again
Your OLya

Letter 3

Hi my dear Bill
This pleasure meet you today again. I like you more and more. You have already taken a place in my heart
I think constantly of our last letters... and about personal meeting.. all my ideas only about it. What do you with me?..
Probably I hasten, but each new day leaves irrevocably. :-(
I do not wish waste precious time. What you think of idea: to take my vacation together, mmm?
The whole month... We would learn each other better. :) and further - who knows? Probably you will not want let off me... ;-)
Letters are well, but no letters will replace to us a real meeting.
I already spoke with the "head" about it. he agrees basically. Now he can find replacement for me for a month.
Last two years I worked without vacations and the the owner of a bar spoke me, that I can take vacation at any time
you know... at conversation he has noticed shine of my eyes. He has asked me: " Who this lucky beggar of whom you think? "
I have told a little about you Bill. He is glad my choice and he has wished me of good luck. Certainly I will miss... but I would think of the future.
I hope, that you perceive it seriously. I will not sustain the next disappointment. You are very nice me and I hope, that between us something will break out GREATER.
Without a meeting senselessly speak about this, yes?
Because in a reality we can appear absolutely other people..Why have you thought about bad? :)) In a reality all will appear in hundreds times better.
I wished travel to the sea again, but work put off this my dream. You know Bill, I was at sea only once.
I did student's practical work at Black sea in children's camp: "Artek". It was long ago and so marvelously... I dream about it often.
large quantity of water - I felt myself a small insect near with it.. water, sand, sun, laughter, pleasure and happiness. I wish experience it once again.. very much
You know, that Black sea really become black during a storm. I never thought earlier, why it have named so.
Still I am interested: Red sea.. really has red color? :)) You were there? I have fine idea and I can travel to you.
Do you still sit on a chair? and do you still read my letter?:-o O, Bill! You have the ferroconcrete self-control. :) I understand, that you think. ;-)
What some woman will arrive to me... I did not want it at all. ok! These are my ideas only.
I will look forward your reply with impatience. I am crazy, yes? ok! At least I will know your decision.
We can long write as we strongly love each other, but from it something is not change.
We are creators of our future and achieve something in this life we would act. Do you agree with me?
ok! I would go to work. I finish my letter to you
bye for now Bill! I look forward to your reply!
I send you thousand kisses.....your OLga

Letter 4

Hi my Bill ! How are you today?
Probably I hurry up but we are both mature adults, we have many experiences (some bad but more good).
I to you shall tell fairly..... Yes I shall not say lies ;-)
I never was abroad and I very much would wish to visit........ Well shall tell your country ;-) What you think of it?
Please do not deprive with me small pleasure, if you will give me it, I will be very grateful
Dont think just I has become impudent, I wish only - to be small happiness near to you :)
I think that we are both intelligent and see the world in a positive light.
I know that we have the ability to develop this into a union of love, respect and caring for each other.
We both want to have a family with someone who will never hurt the other.
We need to know that our futures will be secured by our commitment to each others well being.
Your letters Bill always bring me such joy. I know what they are from you and this is bringing us closer together.
I would like that we will be together in body as well as spirit.
I know what I would make you proud of me, I would be focused on your happiness on many different levels.
I has been very cold here lately, but the thought of you has kept me warm, my heart feels as if is melting. Let us not be the cause of Global Warming. :)
I will give you a hug so you feel better ….. there do you feel better? I knew you would
With much admiration
your Olya