Scam letter(s) from Elena Rach to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1
Good day to you, my new friend;-) How are you? How is your mood? You know, my mood was good, but now it is great, as I have received a message from you! Thank you for your mail address, it seems to me it is the next step in our communication, as now it becomes more private;-) Do you agree? Sorry for such short message, I'm in a hurry now and I write you more a little later. Take care! Elena.
Letter 2
Hi! Great that you have written to me:-) You know, what I'm doing now - I smile from ear to ear! Do you see what your message has done with me?! I hope it is only start for our further communication and I'd gladly receive your next message on my mail address:
Letter 3
Good Day my dear Gian Mario!
I want to thank you for such lovely letter. It's a pity that you have written so little about yourself.
Hoping to know more in the next time. Tell me please about your life, your family, your passions and dreams for the future. OK, I'll be the first who will start our communication. You know, it is completely a new way of communication for me and I'm a little lost, as much i want to tell and share with you:-) As you already know I live in Ukraine, exactly - city Severodonetsk. It is not my native city, I was born in Lisichansk. I made my parents happy by being born on 18th February in 1979:-) At first we lived in Lisichansk and in two years after my birth, my parents have moved to Severodonetsk. My father has received there a new job. Everything was great and it seemed we could be a happy family. But in one year after our moving, my mother has met another man and has left me and my father. She never liked this city and the way of our living and as my father has told me later, she was always dreaming to be an actress and to live freely without any commitments. Frankly speaking, still now I can't understand how she can leave me so little, I was only three. I don't remember my mother well, only some moments and the most part of my memories are the stories of my father. It was really hard time for my father and even though I was little I tried to help him in everything. Of course I have had a childhood with many toys and presents, but the most important among all this was my father's love and care. He always called me "My sweet helper":-) I have finished school and has entered into the Medicine University in Donetsk(it is the best in our region) for "Cosmetology". I have studied six years and i was obliged to live there. But I always found time to come home to visit my father. Some years ago he has met a woman, has fallen in love with her and now they live like a happy and unique family and this fact makes me very happy:-) As for me, now I live in Severodonetsk and work as a cosmetologist in the salon of beauty. I like my work, I love my new family, but any way I'm lacking the mainly - to have my own family. I dream to meet my the only, my soul mate, to create with him our own family and to have kids. I know how it is difficult to grow up without mother's love and I know for sure that my children will be very happy, as they will have mother and father, they will always have love and care of both of us, as for me the most terrible thing is to make hurt my beloved and dear people. Ok, I should stop my letter, as I don't want to overload my interpreter with work:-) By the way, I have forgotten to tell you that for our correspondence I use the help of interpreter of the translation company. May be it is ashamed in the modern time, but I don't know English:-( In the school I have studied French, but even it I don't remember at all. I want to learn English and I hope one day I'll find time and opportunity for that. With my good wishes, your new girl friend Elena.
Letter 4
Hello my lovely Gian Mario!
Thank you for your reply, my Gian Mario! I am so glad to receive your letter,as it is great to know that we both are interested in each other! You know, I guess we are able to build up a deep relationship if we will keep this letter correspondence. A big relation between foreign people and a passionate love and this first affection here is like a small young flower that can only fed by our care and trust in the next weeks. And you know the laws in nature that as same as flowers need some water regularly so our relationship needs frankness and commitment to overcome this long distance between us. Now we don't have the opportunity to meet us every day. We only can write us our thoughts, wishes, dreams, hopes, desires and its not easy to let grow our feelings to a big love here. But we should try, yes? What do you think about this my Johnny? Frankly speaking, I don't like to speak about my past relationship, but with you I want to share it. If you remember in my last letter I have told that for some years during my study, I lived in Donetsk. The first two years I lived in the dormitory for students and it was quite funny. I have met there many interesting and wonderful people who become later my good friends. Till now we try to keep in touch with each other, though it is difficult, as we live in different places of Ukraine. It was till the time I have met a man who has come from another city for study in the same University as me. He was kind, attentive, sociable and we liked each other form the first sight. In some weeks after our communication we started to meet as a couple. We have spent three wonderful years together, but as people tell "Nothing is ever lasting under the moon". It is sad, but this proverb was about us. We have graduated the University and we have left to our cities. He has told that as soon as he finds work, he will take me from Severodonetsk and we will marry and will live in his city. But it didn't happen. I was waiting for him for six months, but one day he has sent me a letter in which he has told that leaves me because of another girl. I was hurt much, but as you know time is the best medicine and now I'm full of hope and optimism to meet my soul mate here. As you already know I work as a cosmetologist in the salon of beauty and of course it is not the only what I enjoy in my life. I think you agree with me that external beauty is not the most important, but any way I always try to take myself in a good shape. I think that going in for sports is very useful and necessary for our health. Two times in a week I visit dance aerobic, it brings me so much positive emotion! Also I like aqua aerobic, i don't know why, may be because i like water. Each years I try to come during my vacation on the coats of the Sea. Also my favorite affair is to read. My father has told that from childhood i didn't part with books:-) You know, I can bind and even embroider and it's a pity that for that I usually don't have enough time. Hoping to hear from you soon.
With warm thoughts and sincere feelings for you my Gian Mario, your Elena.
Letter 5

Dear Sir,
This is "Romance -and- Love" Dating Club. You have been in touch with Elena who is a member of our Club. Would You please, specify if You are still willing to further correspond with Elena? If so, please, feel free to subscribe with us to ensure a proper translation and technical level of Your further correspondence between Your lady and Yourself.
Our secure on-line subscribe page is:
Dear Sir, if You do not want to continue to correspond with the lady, please, let us know anyway to inform Your lady as she is waiting for Your reply. Thank You for Your co-operation and Your prompt reply.
Best Wishes and always Yours,
"Romance -and- Love" Staf
Letter 6
Hi again my sweet Johnny!
Thank you my love, for your open mail, it was lovely to receive your another Email and I now see the problem with the Club and your declination for subscription.
Here is my details for a Western Union cash transfer if you can not or do not want to do it on-line with a credit card through the Club, once you do Western Union send the 10 digital control number and your full name and your first big Email to me, here is the details:
Country: Ukraine
City: Lugansk
City Code: 348000
Receiver: Elenochka (Elena) Polkovnikova
The amount is approx. 100 Euros whatever ($140 US) you send it will be put on our correspondence account.
Your sweet baby, Elena
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