Letter(s) from Natalia Bezruchko to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Joe! I have missed you!I have missed your long pleasant letters.Now I have not the best period in life,I'd say the worst.My mom doesn't work and I am the only one person who earns money in the family.But my salary is not even enough for supporting myself.I earn 200$ a month.I pay for the appartment 100$ and have 100$ for living.But I don't worry about myself.I worry about my mother.Well the price at the appartment raised and I need to pay for it 150$,so I have 50$ for a month for leaving.Now I am looking for a new job with better salary but it will take some time and I have to pay for the appartment write now.Jim,dear,I have never asked anybody such things,but could you help me in it.Could you borrow or send me some money.You are the only one person,I can rely on.If you can't send me the money,I won't be offenced at you at all and our relations will be the same. I hope you will understand me Sincerely yours Nat