Scam Letter(s) from Maria Bushueva to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello Jose,
How are you doing?
I am very glad that you have written to me. I with impatience waited for your answer. Thanks for the fair letter. I wish to know about you because I wish to continue acquaintance to you more. Do not hesitate set questions, I with pleasure will answer all your questions. I want, that you have learnt about me more. It is really pleasant to me to read, that you write about yourself. The more you will tell about yourself, the better for our dialogue. Now we can learn about each other only from letters. You agree with me?
As I already wrote to you I very much I like to read and consequently reading is one of my employment at leisure. Usually I read female novels about love. But sometimes I read serious products. Most of all from foreign writers it is pleasant to me William Shakespeare. If it is fair, I even doubt a little that I have written its surname correctly. Certainly wash English language not so it is good, but nevertheless I hope that you can understand me. Well and so from its products I most of all liked "Romeo and Juliette". I even looked a film. I cried, because very tragic. But it is very beautiful film about love. Such love seldom meets presently. You agree with me?
Still I wish to ask you that you have sent me more photos, and I will send you the. I hope, that to You to like to receive my photos. It will be very pleasant to me to receive Your photos.
Write to me more about the hobbies. You like to take a great interest in sports? I like to go in for sports. I like to ski and on the fads in the winter. I was engaged earlier in track and field athletics. Also because of my growth, and in a class from girls I was the highest, I was engaged some years in basketball. But then to me this kind of sports did not become it is pleasant, because it took away a lot of time and forces.
I said, that I work in shop, I like to work in shop, I helping people am beautiful to look. I like to people to say that approaches them from clothes. As all the day standing towards evening what forces does not remain. I come home got tired and sometimes at once I lay down to have a rest. Be not surprised, if I will write to you late at night. But I will try to write to you as it is possible is more often as soon as I will come home for a dinner.
As I wrote to you in the first letter, I like to prepare, I consider that each girl should be able to prepare. You love is tasty to eat? I love is tasty to prepare. Ours with mum a firm dish it Golubchzy. This this meat scrolled through a meat grinder. It turn in cabbage. Also extinguish on a frying pan. In Golubchzy add pepper. So it turn out sharp. To describe preparation not so it is easy for me. But this dish simply fantasy. Mum says, that at me it turns out is very tasty. I in general love a cosiness, still I love cleanliness, therefore I am engaged in cleaning in the house. You love a cosiness?
Mum says, that I economic and responsible. I since the childhood the romantic silent quiet girl. I write you all it that you have understood my character and have learnt about me more. Write to me, it is as much as possible about itself and the life. Already I wait your letter.
I hope, you have attentively read my letter will write the fair answer.
Yours faithfully Mariya

Letter 2

Hello Jose .
What's up? I hope, that at you all is good. Thanks for a photo!
Today at me usual day, but Your letter was made by my mood better. It is really pleasant to me to receive your letters. I am glad very much that that you have written to me. I am very glad that we with each letter we learn each other is better.
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters and to learn about you more. So it is unusual to easier me to begin acquaintance through the Internet. But now I understand that it probably.
Also it is pleasant to me to read about you. I with such big attention read your letter. I would like to learn more and more about you, about your life, about your family, about your country. Tell you not against if I ask about your family? I very much would like to learn about your family? Tell more in detail what family at you if it is final you still live with the family?
I have a simple usual family which in Russia it is a lot of. I regret only for one, that I do not have brothers and sisters. And all time dreamt to have the brother or sister. But in the childhood I had only girlfriends from my court yard. As I wrote that I live with mum. My mum is called Alexandra to it by 49 years. It works as the tutor a kindergarten. We live together with mother my mother the kind and cheerful woman. I very much love mum because it always helped when to me it was bad, gave advice in difficult situations. I very strongly love mum and I try to help it. My mum always supports me in all. YOU can have noticed, that I speak nothing about the daddy. To me it is sick about it to speak, but my daddy has died. Him have killed several years ago when he made a business trip. It was the military man. I hope, that now to you all is clear about my parents.
Parents since the childhood very much loved me. I well went to school. If I am fair at first did not wish to go, because thought, that it is not interesting, but then I had many friends. You remember the school days?
I consider that between us there should be a trust because without trust there can not be a relation. What to prove that I really sincere, I will tell to you very personal history from the life. My first love was in student's years, to us said, that we approach each other, but It to me has changed also I it has thrown. He then long asked from me pardons, but I could not forgive it change. I DO NOT FORGIVE TREACHERY And CHANGE! From now on, I do not trust Russian men. To me does not carry with men. I wish a quiet, normal life. I wish to meet favourite and to create with it a strong family on the basis of love and trust. I hope my dream will come true. Tell to me about the thoughts and dreams!
I cannot still believe that I write the letter to the person absolutely from other country. But in everyone I am convinced by your new letter of it and I would like to receive more and more letters from you. I hope you soon write to me and I will wait for your letter.
To in total you of the most pleasant!
Yours MariYa.

Letter 3

Hello Jose.
To you when I them receive thanks for your letters I very much I rejoice.
How are you doing? I hope, that at you all is good. At me all is normal, my mood became better, when I have received Your letter. More often I at home with mum, because it my unique, kind, favourite, and the soul closest to me. I very strongly love mum because it always will help a difficult minute. Earlier I went to friends, but now it is not interesting to me. I constantly check mail because I wait from you the letter. You are very interesting to me.
How your day? I want, that at you all was good. I ask the god that you were healthy.
Tell to me more about the habits! I will write to you about the bad habits and about good habits. I wish to tell it because you knew me and knew my habits. Still I want that you knew that I love and that was not present.
At first I will write to you, that I do not love. I do not love, when people drink alcoholic drinks much. I cannot look when people drink, and especially I do not like to see when young girls smoke, I do not know about what they even think, after all they do not reflect at all, that inside at all of them varies. They do not think at all, that on the tonic that they cannot have children or can, but children are born patients. I do not want, that my children were patients therefore I do not smoke and I do not drink. What you it think of all?
Still I do not love when in the street there is a thunder-storm, and I love when the sun shines and hardly the rain drips. And most of all I love warm weather, when it is possible to bathe, on to sunbathe. And you like to bathe and sunbathe? I love poetry, likely it is pleasant all to girls. You read verses? :)
I am far from you. But it does not stir to our dialogue. Earlier I did not think, that through Internet it is possible to get acquainted with the Interesting person. Now I have changed the opinion. I have got acquainted with You and very much to it is glad. What do you think of acquaintance through the Internet? I think, that acquaintance through the Internet it is good. Because I have got acquainted with You.
I like to receive your letters which you to me write. I was written by other men, but now I write only to you. I do not write to other men. I wish to communicate with you, because you to me are more and more nice. You can send more than your photos? I hope at you there is such possibility.
I wish to ask, what for you have started to search for relations on the Internet? Somebody has prompted to you? Here I have solved because I have a good acquaintance. She has got acquainted with the man from Germany, they corresponded with each other. They corresponded about three weeks, and then the man has written to it, that he loves it and wishes to be with it. She too loved it, but was afraid to believe in it. At first she thought, that he deceives her and even she did not write it some time. He wrote to it every day, and spoke to it that he loves it also is necessary nobody except it. Once she has decided to answer it and has asked it that he really loves it. And he has written that really he loves it, and wants that it has arrived to it, it disagreed, but admitted, that too it loves. He persuaded her about 1 month and at last she has agreed to arrive to it. Now they live in Germany and will be fast at them the child, they strongly love each other. They are fine and they are happy.
There can be I too I will find the man with which I can create a family and we will have children. For this reason I have started to search for the man on the Internet. I think there can be it:)
Certainly I understand, that it only dreams. And our dreams not always happen a reality. What do you think of my thoughts?
I stop to write the letter, and I hope that you do not forget to send the photos.
I wait for your message.
Yours Mariya.

Letter 4

Hallo my darling Jose ,
How are you doing? How Your mood? To me it is bad, because You are far from me... Thanks for Your letter.
I wish you to see with a sincere smile, and instead in your eyes the grief has fallen asleep. I wish only you one to love and be a number.
You wish it?
How is the weather? At me normal.
The darling, I start to think of you more and more. I would like to see you in a reality more and more. YOU want it? Only tell to me fairly! I wish to hear only the truth. What you precisely think of our relations?
My darling Jose, write me please the full address: the country, a city and the phone number and I to you will try to call you in the near future from a public telephone booth. My darling I will call you from a public telephone booth because at me my darling is not present phone. My darling I very much wish to hear your voice. And you my dear wish to hear my voice?
To me without you it is sad. The dream dreamt me, that we have met and already together. In my dream we were very happy. YOU embraced me and kissed. It was so really and pleasantly. But wann morning I have understood has come, that it was only a dream. And me it became very sad. YOU often think of us? You had thoughts on our meeting?
You know, for all time of correspondence with you, I was convinced, that You that man who very much is pleasant to me. You fair, kind, but during too time are serious to me concern. I am right?
The darling Jose , I talked to mum about ours with You relations, about our correspondence. I have told to mum all. Also has read to it some Your letters. Mum has very seriously concerned conversation. At first she in detail asked on how long we are familiar. I have answered, that not so for a long time, but at me sensation, that I know you many years. You have such sensation? Then mum has asked, that I feel to you. I have answered, that YOU very much like me also I wish to continue with You acquaintance. Mum has answered, that I should solve all. Right at the beginning, as I have started to write to you, my mum with mistrust concerned acquaintance through Internet.
Now mum simply worries for me. Mum wishes my only good luck. After conversation mum has approved my choice. You too have liked it. I have told, that YOU the most remarkable man on the earth. I am right?
Only answer me fairly.
I feel an inclination to you more and more. I write it in all sincerity. You are valid me very strongly like. I cannot hide it. When I receive from you the letter my heart begins to fight more often for pleasure. Write me the answer in the near future and I ask you Jose , answer my questions.
I wish to know the truth. Tell to me only the truth!
Yours kissssssssssssss Mariya.

Letter 5

Hello my darling Jose,
How are you doing? I hope, that at you all is excellent. Thanks for Your letter and Your words of love. KISSSSSSs
Greetings to you from my parents. But me it is very sad, because you are far from me.
It is very pleasant to me to hear Your words of love. You very kind, gentle and careful. I am assured of it, because I love you. And I am assured, that Your words of love the truth, I trust you and I trust, because the love cannot be without trust. I know, that you agree with me because you the adult person and all understand. To me it is really bad, because you are far. Only Your letters make my mood better.
Favourite Jose, today I went in a city and found out about a trip to you. At me bad news. Much to our regret trip cost to you very big. I simply do not have such big money to pay all trip to you. Favourite Jose, I thought, that I will have enough money and I will arrive to you to the near future, but the reality has appeared severe. Now I will write you everything, that have found out today in Travel company. The full trip to You, darling Jose, costs 910 euro, registration of all documents makes 7 10 working days. The darling, I in a shock from such sum. These are very big money for me. Favourite what to make? My wages make 185 euro in a month and in my village it is good wages of sellers. And almost all money leaves on products, payment of utilities. At me remains only nearby 50 euro on personal expenses. I never can save up, because I should buy though a little new clothes. I the woman! Favourite, what to me to make? To me have in detail told, that is included into the trip price.
1) the Passport for travel abroad 145 euro.
2) On other documents it is necessary 365 euro. Into this sum enters:
- The visa 35 euro.
- Services of travel company 180
- The medical insurance 130 euro.
3) Consular gathering 45 euro.
4) On tickets it is necessary to me approximately 375 euro.
The total sum makes 910 euro. Favourite, what to us to make?
Darling Jose, my love to you every day more and more. Before writing you the letter, I long calmed down, I had tears from eyes. To me it is sick and bad, because you are far from me. To me it is bad, because I cannot pay a trip to you.
The darling, I ask you excuse for a question. It can will seem to you very impudent and silly and it is very inconvenient to me to ask you the help. But I do not know what to make. Favourite Jose, I can hope for Your help?
Only with Your help I can arrive to you.
Much to our regret my Native land, Russia the poor country. But I thought, that to a smog to arrive to you without Your help. But the reality has appeared very severe. I thought, that the trip to you costs more cheaply.
I thought, that my mum can help me, but it receives even less than I, in a month it receives 120 euro. I do not complain, that I was born in Russia simply I want, that You darling Jose have understood, a real situation in Russia. Darling Jose, I hope you me has understood.
Now all in Your hands and from Your decision depends our general future.
Darling Jose, now I will wait Your answer. I hope, that you will make the correct decision and we will meet in a reality this month!
I ask you, favourite Jose, write me only the truth. That you really think of our meeting. I very strongly love you and I wish to be only with You. I already yours, we needed to meet only.
I hope, that you will write me all in the near future. KISSSSSSSSS
I Love you Jose!
Yours and only Your Favourite Mariya.

Letter 6

Hello Jose.
Favourite, thanks for your fine letter.
Greetings to all your family.
My love, I miss on you. I very much wish to embrace you and
To nestle on you the body. I often represent for myself, as we
For the first time we see each other. As we remain together and we spend
Together our first night. I think, that we will not sleep this night.
I will try, that you did not forget it never and I hope, that
You will make too it for me. We will be this time in
Beds also we will make a break only for coffee and sandwiches. Also,
The darling, I very much would wish to take a bath with you, the darling Jose. We could there
To rub a back to the friend-friend and still something. I very much wait this time and I
It is glad, that it is necessary to wait already a little. I often think of things,
Which we can make with each other. I think of it in all
Details. I do not write these details to you, my confusion not
Allows me to write it. To me to have to stop constantly
The thoughts that there was no big excitation. I with my imagination
I can represent very accurately, we will make what things. Even
Now I have some shiver in my body. And consequently I stop
Now this theme in my message. Now I will inform you
Some news which I found out from the agent.
To me have advised to take advantage of services "Western Union" or
To me have told that it is very reliable company! Many people use their services!
The agent has told, that in our settlement there are no such banks.
Therefore I should go to a city to receive your money.
To me have informed that it is necessary to make, that, you the darling Jose, a smog help me!
You should go to office "Western Union" or "Moneygramme" and to show my information:
The country - Russia
City - Yoshkar-Ola (It is the closest city to my settlement!)
Frist name: Mariya
Last name: Bushueva
After you will send money to you should give 10 confidential figures MTCN!
You should write me these confidential figures that I could receive money, which are necessary to pay a trip to you.
Here it is the information as you can send me the help that I have paid for a trip! I hope you all understand and will help me to arrive to you!
It is assured, that we will be the happiest pair on the earth when we will meet.
The darling, I very strongly love you and I wish to be only with You
Jose. I wish to present to you all love, tenderness and care in a reality. Only near to You I will be happy and I will try to make everything that you were happy with me.
Now I finish the letter. I wait for yours the message my darling. My kisses!
With love your wife Mariya!



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