Scam letter(s) from Elena to Cary (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for address but forgot your name.... :) sorry I decided to create profile here as my friend met a guy from another country in internet also. Later he invited her to France and they spent time together and soon they are planning his coming here and they will probably move to France. I think it is very romantic, and decided to try myself, who knows, if I dont meet a husband here I can meet a reliable and good friend also. But I'd like to meet a serious man who would like to have a strong and loving family in the future. lena
Letter 2
I love your letter very much dear Cary!
I don't know this for sure but from your letters I can tell that you are a nice, kind and sincere man. You seem to be a serious and reliable man also. I like that about you, because looking for those qualities. I was always thinking that all the troubles in this world are chasing me and I will never been able to get rid of them. But now I think that the white line in my life has started as we are communicating and we are friends now.
I'm an optimist by nature and always hope for the best. I think that the God is always looking at me and He is always helping me, showing me the right way. REAL love is when you are thinking only of one person, when you can't look at other men, can't imagine your life without this one, when you go to bed dreaming about him and wake up thinking of what he is doing now. You feel bad when he is not well, and feel happy when he is happy. You need nothing else in this world except him. He is all to you. I hope that one day my heart will feel this inside it.
And I will be happy with the One and Only Man for me, we'll create a family, strong family with strong family values and will bring up our children together. I'd like to have two kids. I am glad that you are thinking of me and it makes me happy. Keep writing to me, Please
Letter 3
Hello my dear Cary! I know you are always with me in good and bad times, and i hope you do feel the same what i feel to you even through such a distance. Honey, i have a big problem now, do not even know how to tell you...but i rent appartment with a girl and it is time for me to pay for the last month but at work they told today that we will not get salary this month or will get less than a half only and not now when i MUST pay but later only...

I am at a loss what to do and how to live even my love....was crying all night long yesterday and my eyes are still red today...i spoke to my mum, she can not help as she helped last time me and now has debts too.... I must pay 320$ my dear, and do not know who could help me! Honey, all i have in this world is YOU! all whom i can rely on is YOU! all whom i love and value is YOU! if you could help me this time, i will be very thankful to you honey and you will help me not to loose a good flat in the centre and near my work. It is cold outside, i go to work only 7 minutes, it is very convenient and can always come home to eat something when have a break for example, it is a cosy flat and a warm one. I will not be ill here...

Honey, PLEASE! I pray that you are my real destiny and with your help only i will survive in this country...Elena...
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