Scam letter(s) from Teresa Dianna Pavlic to Rudy (USA)

Letter 1
Good Day ! How was your night ? .I am glad for your lovely message .It makes me feel happy and more interested in you . How is your weather today ? I love it when it rains and when we have a cool weather .I am happy knowing more about you.I want honesty ,faithfulness and understanding with you .As at now,you are the only person i communicate with .I believe in a woman for a man .Though i had several interests and emails from men but i think most of them just need a lady to be having internet ****** pleasure not serious relationship.

To start with, am Teresa Dianna Pavlic . i was born and raised in Colorado,Fort Collins. i lost my dad and mom some years ago in a fatal motor accident , presently am in United kingdom in London for a year course and hope to start a good job as as am finished and my purpose on the site is to look for a long term relationship that will lead to marriage.. ,My favorite indoor activities are: Board / Card games, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dancing, Drawing / Painting, Listening to Music, Movies / Reading, Role Playing Games, Shopping, Video Games, Watching TV. favorite indoor sports: Basketball, Swimming. Favourite outdoor sports: Basketball, Football, Swimming. favorite types of Movies: Action, Adventure, Animations, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Romance. favorite types of Music: Dance, Pop / Top 40, Rap, Reggae, Soul / R & B, Techno/Rave.favorite types Restaurants: American, French, Chinese, Fast Food, Italian. I usually read: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and magazines.
I am ever been single , no kid . It is not quite long i graduated from University ,so i think it is now for me to get settle down with the right man . I am very open minded .I don't keep secret, i let people know if i am having any problem .I live a very simple life which makes people around me likes me so much . From my past relationship ,i never knew the man was a snake [he deceives a lot] because he was very gentle .As we get on i discover he also date other women .He cheated on me three times which i caught him myself . Whereas i never cheat on him or have the mind to cheat .That was the first one serious relationship i had since i graduated from collega . I want to be careful of rushing into MARRIAGE .I prefer to live with my lover for some months or years before MARRIAGE .I want to get married for once and forever .No divorcing or breaking .I want both of us to understand each other very well before going into it [MARRIAGE] .I don't mind relocating to meet my lover where ever he is

About me having a relationship with you, i hope we keep building the word TRUE LOVE .. I admire you a lot .You sounds nice, caring, loving and having qualities of a good man . I am an industrious lady.I believe life is meant to be work through difficulties . It seems you are really ready for love and to live together with your lover . What is your blood group ? I am AA. Do you have any hereditary sickness or problem ? I have none .My parents are very strong till death do them apart .My father worked as a supervisor for Oil company till his death and my mom was a trained and registered nurse before her death. I like blues and country song .I like home movies and American movies . ,if we really feel to make it happen
I want you to tell me about yourself . How long you've joined the dating site ,i joined few weeks ago .I haven't gotten much time to get on it . what do you think about the site ? Do you believe in the internet dating ? Though,i never believe in internet dating till i got some testimonies from people who had made success through it . Have you seen anyone that was lucky to meet his/her soul mate through the internet dating ? How many ladies have you met or communicated through the internet dating ? How was your conversation with them ? Do you still keep in touch with them ? I wish you could tell me what you think of the internet dating . What is your height and weight ? I am 5ft 7" tall ,i weigh 64kg .What is your occupation ? Have you been married before ? Any kids ? What kind of relationship do you really wish to have ? How was your last relationship and what have you learn from it ? What do you really want in a relationship ? Do you think a relationship can work out between us due to the distance ? Have you ever traveled out of your country ? What's your religion , favorite color , date of birth ? I am a christian , blue is my favorite color ,i am born of the 18th of May, 1975. Do you live alone ? What are favorite activities ,Your Favorite Music , Your Favorite Cuisines ? What do you do for fun ? Do you smoke and drink alcohol ? I don't do such because i believe it is not decent .From my past relationship ,i have learn to be careful , think twice before getting into a relationship . I believe someone must have to study a man physical manner and approaches before getting into deep relationship with him .I want someone caring , honest and lovely to share life with me .I like playing basketball, biking , cooking ,reading novel and dancing .LOL.I need a very serious relationship because there are lots of men out here for games .I pray i don't fall into their hands .I want to know your mind .I believe honesty,faithfulness and open minded are the foundation for a good relationship .I want you to read my message carefully and answer all my questions .Feel free to ask anything you want to know about me .I am a simple and very open minded lady . Don't be scared that i will get upset if you ask any question .I will appreciate you question and answer it in a well understanding way .I look forward to your reply.Please be totally honest with me .I don't want to be hurt or disappointed at all.I hope you understand .I don't mean to be rude but telling my mind .I NEED A TRUE LOVE . I will be looking forward to hear from you soon ......
Have a wonderful day .
Best Regards ,
Teresa Dianna Pavlic
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