Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Zaytseva to Ronald (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello again the my dear friend Ron. How passes your day today? I was pleased to receive your answer. It has told gratitude a little about it the place where do you, lives, it was very interesting to me, learn it from you. Ron In it the letter I would like to tell to you more about me it is direct, family and work. I work in shop it refers to " Columbia " in this shop we sell sportswear for men and for women. In this shop I work as the seller the adviser of clothes almost every day, 6 days. I hope, that you loved mine photo? Also I regretfully have no any computer the house, I write letters from the Internet of cafe. My friend I hope, that you liked a place of my work, and I want it, you have told to me a little about that place where you work. I shall be very pleased, learn it from you. Also Ron I want to tell to you a little about family, I think It to you will be interesting, learn it. As you already know me alive with mother and the father, we live in an apartment with two rooms, almost in the center of our city. My father is called Eduard. To him now with 60 years. As I already also spoke, my father Is the pensioner, and at night it earns additionally the night watchman on construction. My mother the housewife, its name Elena and she now 50-years. My mother worked earlier in grocery shop, Ron You have noticed, that my parents have the big distinction of age Among themselves? My mother spoke me always and continues to speak, that the main thing not, that it in the person on the person, main Thing, that, that in it in heart and I agree with it completely. Mine the friend informs me a little on family, I shall be very pleased to read it. I hope, that you will answer soon. I shall wait for yours the answer.
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