Scam letter(s) from Margarita Kozak to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear!
Thank you for your interest!
Its really wonderful that two people from different
countries and different cultures can communicate and hear each other
through the distance! Dont you think so? I'm really delighted
that you're interested in me and I hope that we will continue our correspondence!
Maybe we are meant to be together? Who knows...
You know, a lot of people here are telling me that I'm pretty and even beautiful,
kind-hearted and positive...But why cant I find my beloved one then?
I think I just have not met him yet or maybe he lives not in my country...And
that's why I decided to look for him abroad! Maybe you think I'm naive? No,
I'm just like a little girl looking for her prince! Its just what my soul and
heart are telling me...
I dont demand a lot from my man. I just want him to be real man. Do
you understand what I mean? Its just... To be kind to me, to be caring and
loving... To be responsible and reliable... And you know what?:-)
I want him to treat me like a princess and then I will be the happiest woman
in the whole world! I really believe in it!!
The world has no borders and love is endless...If we are meant to be together we
will find each other despite of obstacles and conditions!
I think that love is like exciting journey and and if you're ready to
start this journey with me I will be impatiently waiting for
your next letter! Kisses, Rita!
Letter 2
Hi, my new friend Patrice!
Maybe you will no believe me but I’m really happy that since just a few days I have been having such a friend as you! And its really great that you have chosen me among a lot of other girls!:-) Send me some photos please!
Anyway I think that we have to get to know each other better step by step and in this letter I will try to tell you a lot of information about myself in order you could understand which type of woman I am. I hope you will like me!
So as you already know my name is Rita. I live in a small city Rovno that’s in the west of Ukraine. It’s an industrial city with a lot of plants. I’m 28 and I truly believe that being in this age each woman has to have a husband and a family but unfortunately I have not met a man of my life yet. I hope that maybe it will happen soon. Anyway I really believe in it! To tell you the truth I want to have a family and children, it’s my dream but I want to build relations only with a reliable and honest man. I’m fed up with men in my country which don’t respect women and don’t want to earn money and to provide their families with all the necessary. Life here is very hard and it’s almost impossible for a single woman to survive without a man’s help. People have very small salaries here but of course my parents are helping me a little and I’m very thankful to them! It a shame but I don’t know how I would live without their help. My parents are simple people who are working hard. My father’s name is Oleg and he is a builder. My mother’s name is Olya and she is a teacher of English at school. I live in my parents’ house. Of course I would like to live alone but it’s too expensive for me to rent even a small flat. I don’t have any brothers or sisters but to be honest with you I have been always dreaming about a younger sister! I think it was just a childish dream! I was dreaming about wearing her in small bright colored dresses and making something with her hair like if she was a little pretty doll:-)
Now I’m working as a costume stylist in a small theatre. And I really like my job though I’m not earning a lot of money. Besides I was studying English at school so now I don’t have any problems to talk to you and to understand you! I also have a few hobbies such as music and knitting. I have an old piano in my parents’ house and sometimes I’m playing Bah or Beethoven. It really makes me feel calm and this way I’m avoiding some kind of depression. I prefer knitting in winter; it makes me feel cosy during cold and windy evenings… I’m knitting sweaters and socks for my parents and sometimes for myself. As for music mostly I prefer classical but sometimes I’m listening also for pop singers such as Jenifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado and Shakira. By the way I love animals and I have a little pet. It’s a cat and its name is Sonya. Do you have any pets? You know, as for food I prefer some Ukrainian dishes, it’s a shame but I didn’t taste any other kitchen except of Ukrainian.
I also like reading. Especially I like such writers as Tolstoy, Pushkin and Lermontov. And what about you? You know, as each woman I like flowers, orchids are my favorites! I love sea and sunset! As for clothes I prefer dresses or jeans and T-shirts. I’m very romantic woman and I would prepare romantic dinners for my beloved man! I would treat like a king and I would make him the happiest man in the whole world! I don’t demand a lot from my man, I just want him to be sincere and honest with me. These are the main qualities I value in men. I want him to be reliable and responsible; I want him to answer for each his word and not to lie. I hate lie and I would never deceive a man I love. I want my beloved to be the same. I’m too tired of games and pretending…I don’t care his age and his appearance; I value his inner world and his nature. I believe that a real and sincere love doesn’t have any boundaries and limitations and it’s really true. Love is like a miracle and we have to deserve it.
You know, I have never been abroad and one day I would like to make my dream come true! I think it would be like a fairy tale for me and I’m ready for it! If I met my beloved somewhere abroad of course I would move to his country. I think it’s naturally for woman to live in her beloved’s place and to become a part of his life! Are you agree with me?
OK, I think its enough for today, I don want you to get bored with me!
I would also like to know you better. Tell me about your dreams and your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, a woman you’re dreaming about!
I’m eager to receive your answer, kisses, Rita!
Letter 3
My dear Patrice,
thank you for your answer!
My dear, sorry, but I don't have a photo where I'm in a short dress or skirts, I can send you only the photo where I'm in short pants, *** you will like it!
Of course I would like to send you a photo in a skirt or a dress but to tell you the truth I don't have a camera. If I had it I would take a photo specially for you, my dear.
but its a pity I cant do it now...
I will be also waiting for your answer on my letter because its very important for us to answer the questions. Kisses, yours Rita.
Letter 4

My dear Patrice, you can’t even imagine how happy I am to receive your new e-mail with photos!
You know, the weather here is nice and sunny today, the sky is blue, it’s a real spring already! But the Internet cafe is in about 30 minutes from my home by bus but I was so eager to know if you wrote me something so I decided to go there. And I’m glad that I followed a voice of my intuition ‘cause now I’m reading and answering your letter! My life is becoming more interesting and bright when I hear from you! It’s always so exciting! I want to become more than just friends with you, I want to build strong ad beautiful relations based on feelings and trust. I’m too tired of being lonely and I want to love and to be loved! Do you want it? I think that each person in the world want to be loved ‘cause it gives warmness and confidence in the next day. You always know that a person you love has trust in you and can comfort you when you really need it.
Unfortunately I have not found my true love in my country, that’s why I’m here in the Internet.
And I would really like to know you better and to become close to you. I want to become a part of your world, to become your soulmate if you also want it, my dear. I want to share with you my feelings and you’re also welcome to share with me your dreams and hopes.
I have already told you that in my opinion trust and confidence are very important in relations and that’s why I want to ask you to give me your phone number. I want to have a possibility to call you when I want to hear your voice!
Are an optimist? You know, I don’t like to be pessimistic; I like to live a life full of joys and smiles, happiness and love! I’m an optimistic person and I always believe that if even now we are in a bad or difficult situation everything will be good and life is not finished. We need to overcome all the difficulties we have or may have in our life, only in this case we can become really happy and lucky! What do you think about it? We have to help other people and they will help us when wee need it! My friends are also telling me that I’m a kind person, I’m feeding homeless animals and I’m giving my old clothes in a children’s home that’s near my house. I really believe when are making kind things they will return to us from other people.
Isn’t it true?
One my mother told me that I’m compared with a soft and fluffy catJ))) I’m living with my parents in a small flat in outskirts of the town. You know, I also like sports, especially swimming and running, I’m waking up every morning at 5:30 in order to make a run. And what about you? Do you like any kinds of sports? I think that each person has to have an inner dream! When we have a dream it means that we’re alive! I’m dreaming to have a house full of flowers and light! I’m dreaming about living there with my beloved! I want to prepare him delicious breakfasts and dinners, to bring him a cup of coffee in bed early mornings! I want to wake him up with a sweet kiss...
I don’t want my bed to be cold; I want to hug my beloved every night…I imagine us hugging near the fire place on a woolen blanket…We are listening to romantic music and kissing… Isn’t it wonderful?
And I imagine and dreaming about it every day. I believe that this happy day will come and we will be together with him. Do you believe in it?
Anyway I wish you a good day and I will be impatiently waiting for your next letter! Its always a pleasure for me to hear from you, my dear Patrice! Bye-bye, many kisses, Rita!
Letter 5
Hey, my love Patrice!!
How are you there, my sweety? Thank you for your wonderful letter, I was happy to read it this morning! How are you there? As for me I'm well and I have a great mood! And what about you, my dear?
I'm so excited and happy that you want me to come to you!
I want to live with you and to share my life only with you!!
I have told my parents about us and they are also glad that we have found each other and want to met in reality! My father told me that as I'm new in travelling its better for me to visit a travel agency and to find all the information I need there and then I will let you know everything, OK?
I love you with all my heart, with all my soul and I am yours!
My heart, my mind and my body belongs to you! I do not want to live without you and I am counting the days till the happiest moment when I will see you in the airport! We will live together and every morning I will wake you up with a pleasant smell of a hot tea with delicious breakfast!
I do not want to live with hopes only, it makes me sad that I have to wait, my darling...
I think that I will **** you with my kisses and hugs when I see you, but I think these would be a pleasant death! :)))
Yours and only yours Rita!
Letter 6
Hey, my love Patrice!
How are you today, my sweet? As for me I'm OK but to tell you the truth I'm missing you a lot...
And I really cant wait to see you! My love, I was in a travel agency and they told me to ask you for exact city where you live and the nearest airport. Give me this information please, OK? And then they will tell me other information. My honey, its a pity that you lost all my photos but I'm sending you some in order you could dream about us together...
Please, write me as soon as possible! I will try to visit a travel agency today and to give you the info about my trip! Love you, your future wife, Rita!
Letter 7
Hi, my honey Patrice,
thank you very much for your quick answer, I'm very happy that you're ready to have me in your place, I would be very happy to see you and to come to you, my honey. It would be just great!
You know, I'm a little bit sad because you're asking em to send you a photo in a skirt again though I told you that I don't have one and I don't have a camera in order to take it. Did you forget it?
Anyway, my love, I was in a travel agency and they told me that the best and safest say for me to travel to you is to buy a tour there and in this case there will be no problems with a visa and something like that.
The manager told me that it would be a hot tour so it would be much cheaper than an usual tour.
The price consists of a passport which will cost me 230 Euro and it will take me 1 week to make it, a tourist visa which will cost me 45 Euro an it will take me 3 days to make it, an insurance which costs 50 Euro and the tickets which are 450 Euro. And I also asked them if you can send me the tickets but they told that in this case I will not be able to get a visa because in order to get a tourist visa I have to buy the whole trip in the travel agency and the tickets are included in it. My honey, I must confess that its very high price for me and I cant afford to pay for this tour, even my relatives cant help me with it. And I cant take a loan 'cause I have to small salary for it, a bank will not give me it. I'm very ashamed to ask you for help but I just have no other choice to be together with you. I'm sure that we will be the happiest couple in the world!
My dear, I would be very grateful to you for your help and I hope that we will be together very soon!
I will be waiting for your reply with great impatience, kiss you, only yours Rita.
Letter 8
Hey, my love Patrice!
How are you today, my sweet? How is work?
I hope that everything is fine with you and you enjoy your life! As for me I'm fine and I'm missing you a lot...
Cant wait to be in your warm arms and to kiss your soft lips!!
And what about you, my honey?? My sweety, its great that you are ready to help me with funds in order to pay for my trip, I would be really very grateful to you and my parents also.
To tell you the truth I was talking to them about you and our relations and they are happy that we have have found each other and want to meet in your country! They are telling me that when I'm talking about you I'm delighted and I'm full of shine!
Can you imagine it? They also told that they have never seen me so happy and bright! I'm sure we will be happy together and I will make everything in order you was happy!! My dear, I have a vacation in the beginning of May and in order to be with you in that time I have to start making my documents in a few days.
And you know, my parents told me that you can use Western Union or Money Gram service in order to send me the money for the trip.
They told me that its very safe and quickly and in this case I will be able to book my trip almost immediately!
Can you imagine that? And moreover you will only need my full name and address in order to make a transfer! I think its really wonderful and great! And what about you? Anyway, my sweet, write me as soon as possible because I'm very very impatient to be with you!! Yours Rita!!
Letter 9
Hi, my love Patrice!
Oh, my sweet, I'm so excited that maybe today I will be able to book my trip and we will be together very very soon!! My honey, I really believe we will be together soon and we will be the happiest couple in the whole world!! Of course you will need my full name and address in order to make a transfer. Its: Ukraine, Rovno, Knyagini Olgi street, 12/6, a postal code is 33000, Margarita Kozak. I called to the bank and they told me that if you use Western Union service you will need to give me MTCN code of 10 numbers and your full name and address.
And also send me your phone number please, I asked you about it before but you did not send me one, my honey.
I LOVE your dream and I cant wait to make it come true!
I desire you, my love, and when I come to you you will be only MINE!!! Waiting impatiently.... Yours Rita!
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