Scam Letter(s) from Anna to Raphael (Canada)

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Letter 1

Good day my dear friend!!!
Good day Raphael!!!!

First of all I wish you a nice and bright day!!! As my day is really bright and exciting today!!!! Why? :-) Just because of you gave me your mail address, you gave us a possibility to know each other better and I could write you!!! I even don't know from where to start as that is the first time I am writing to man from abroad, actually to man at all :-) Firstly I think I need to remind you that my name is Anna or Anyuta like all my friends call me!!! I am single Ukrainian lady who is looking for love and happiness. I don't know if you are regular guest on the dating sites and if you know something about Ukraine and relations between men and women here? I am not going to tell you that all Ukrainian men here are crazy, drink a lot of alcohol and don't treat their women like ladies!!!! NO!!! Here in my country men are the same like around the whole world. Some of them are family - oriented and faithful to their women, but some of them like spending all their time on parties only , with different lovers and not with their families. I didn't have any bad experience before in relations with men. I just didn't find any close person for myself here in my country , I didn't find person whom I could love with all my heart. I decided to start looking for my man abroad, just to see maybe my second half was somewhere and not in my country! Why not? Everything is possible!!!! :-) So here I am!!! I am looking for honest , true and serious relations. I want to love and being loved by my man. Maybe you will tell me that I am beautiful and I need to have some handsome prince in my life? You will be wrong!!! I don't need handsome , rich guy to be happy. I am simple woman and I want to have simple , but happy life!!!! What kind of relations are you looking here? My dear I am very curious about you , I am interested in you and who knows maybe it is fate we have met each other? Lets continue our conversations!!!! Tell me more about yourself in your next mail, I will do the same , I promise!!!! :-)

By the way, I am sending you my photo!!!! That will not give you impression of my personality, but at least you will see how I look like. :-) I am truly very interested in you my dear and I hope to get your soon reply. My mail address is

Your Anyuta

Letter 2

Good day my dear Raphael!!!

Today is really great day for me , as I have got your mail. I was waiting for it so much!!!! I am so happy we have a chance to write more and know each other better. Raphael thank you so much for your photos. I liked them a lot. You are very good - looking guy . Don't you think we can make nice couple together? Raphael thanks for telling me about yourself. I have never been abroad, but for sure I know about Canada. It is nice and big country and I wish I could visit it some day. As I can see it is beautiful and if you can I would like to see you in such places. I am sure you will like Ukraine too. Raphael I am here looking for my second half. I want to create serious and strong relations with my man. I am very interested in you and I hope our communication will bring us to closer relations and to meeting in real. My plans in the future is simple and in the same time difficult. I would like to create a family with my beloved abroad. And in the future to learn a language and to start my own little business or family business. I hope you like it and you are really have an intention to make me happy.
I guess you want to know more about me? :-) You know I am living in Eastern part of Ukraine, in a small town with the funny name "Happiness" (it is in English). It is truly nice place. As you know already from my profile I am 26 years old and my birthday is on the 15th of June 1982. For now I am living with my mum, who is my most close person. I have both of parents. Unfortunately they got divorced when I was little child. :-( We don't meet often with my father, but I have good relations with him and I love him a lot. I don't have any sisters , any brothers. I was never married and didn't have any kids of my own. But I have my lovely puppy who needs my care as much as little kid needs :-) I am very active person. I enjoy my life. I have lot of friends, I love sports, love my work. Love to spend time with my close people. But I truly miss something in my life. I miss my beloved person. I didn't manage to find my true love here in Ukraine. So I decided to try to find "HIM" abroad. The easiest way for now is to get acquainted via the Internet. Don't you agree with me? Any way for sure I am not looking for a pan pal. I am looking for true and real relations and for sure I will want to meet in real life as soon as possible. :-) There was one another reason why I decided to start looking for my second half abroad. I think you know some information about my country and that life here is not easy. I love my country and it is my birth place , but I don't see any future for myself here. It is truly difficult to find good job here , to get education and Ukrainians don't live normal life here they try to survive. If I find my beloved man, I will relocate to his country to create family there for sure. As I don't like living here. I also found out that I would be able to confirm my diploma abroad, so for sure for me there will not be any problem to find good job there. :-) I want to tell you honestly I don't know English language. It is not my fault and it doesn't mean I am not well educated. Just when I studied there was no such subject like foreign language. For now I speak Russian only, but I will start English lessons and I am sure I will study hard for me to speak simple English very soon. I hope that has not frightened you from me????:-) Dear Raphael I am truly serious about you. I feel like there could be very close connection between us. For me it is so easy to write you and express my feelings for you. I hope to get your soon reply. Just write me ok? For now I hope you will enjoy my photos :-)

Write me soon

Your Anyuta

Letter 3

Hello my dear!!!!
Hello Raphael!!!!!

Darling I am so happy to get your letter today!!! I feel like we are becoming closer to each other and my heart is beating so fast every time when I see your letter!!!! Darling you know I start thinking about you and I am waiting for every news from with such impatience. I share my thoughts as for you with my mum already and she really does support me in my decision to find man abroad!!!!! That is so great !!! As her opinion is very important for me. :-)
Thank you very much for your love letter to me darling. I like your thoughts very much. I wish you to spend a good time away. And will be wait for your reply on Tuesday. Thank you for sharing with me your personal information and your trust to me. I'm really interested in you. Why? Because you are attractive, romantic, kind and tender person and I think we can be a good couple together and spend a wonderful time in love and passion. I'm very serious about us and want to know your opinion as well darling.
I want to tell you about my job Raphael!!!! Well I graduated from the university of food industry. But for now I am working like candy - maker at the big factory "ABK" in our regional city. From the early childhood I had a sweet tooth and I always asked my mum to buy some cakes for me. Unfortunately I am from a poor family, so my mum could not always buy sweets for me. During that time I decided I would be a cooker and I would always cook all the cakes by myself. I followed my kid's dream during all my life. So I am a candy -maker for now. I believe that is good profession. First of all I will always cook for my family, but also I am sure I would be able to find job for myself everywhere. Unfortunately you know here in Ukraine the situation is not that easy. Working on that Factory I am earning small salary which is enough just for me to support very simple life here. Knowing that, sometimes man from the factory where I work try to make different dirty propositions to me. Some of them just propose "sex for money"!!!!! That is so awful and for sure I never agree on that!!!! I can't believe that I can live in such a dirty place. I am waiting for my beloved person, who will protect me , who will be by my side and who will love me, but not only my body, but my soul too. You know I don't know English. I am using translation company to write you. I am paying for each letter to be translated and for sure It is not that easy for me. But I am trying to support our correspondence, as I feel connection with you Raphael!!!!!! I feel that you can be my strong man!!!! For sure I don't want to rush thing between us. But please just tell me if you can be that man!!!!!

Write me soon Raphael!!!! And don't forget to tell me if you liked my pictures? :-)

Your Anyuta

Letter 4

Hello my darling Raphael!!!
Hello my wonderful guy!!!!

Oh darling thank you so much for your letter!!!!! It is funny but my heart is beating so fast every time when I see there is a letter from you!!!!! I like you very much and would like to come to visit you. But for me it is really difficult now. I need to arrange a holiday from work, to get a international passport (which takes some time and money), and other stuff must be sorted. So I hope I can do that. But not really sure in it. May be one day you can come and visit me. What do you think dear?? I will be happy to meet you here. You are so attentive , so caring with me all the time. I have never heard so many beautiful words from any man and darling you truly became very special to me!!!! I could never imagine that after such a short period of our communication it would be possible to be so close with you in spite of we never met in real life. But that is truth and I am not sleeping!!!!!! I feel that our connection becomes stronger and deeper from letter to letter. I feel safe and protected with you. Just don't hurt me and my feeling!!!!! Please!!!!!! You know, I am just a weak woman. Of course my life experience has made me stronger and taught how to survive. But I can't be strong all the time. I am soft and tender woman, my heart is full of love and I want to give it to my man. I want to enjoy being with my beloved, I want to take care of him. I want to fall asleep and wake up in the arms of my beloved. I want to make love every day , to show passion to each other. I am joyful, I am full of life and energy!!!!I want to share my life with my the only one, with my strong man. I want to find my love and I feel there is a person in the world , I am looking for. I feel that he is very close to me, that I need just to be little bit patient ...... and I will be happy soon. I want to ask you something . Could you be the man who can give me just simple happiness, and care???? Could you be the man I will love for the rest of my life?.... Write me soon please. Tell me that I am not wrong about you and my expectations about us like a couple are not right!!!! I am waiting for your soon reply. For now I am sending you my photo. Hope you don't mind me to be little bit sexy with you? :-)

Your Anyuta

Letter 5




Dear Mr. Raphael!

We would like to inform you that your lady Anna R. is our client. She used our service to translate your correspondence from the very beginning. For that moment she is not able to support the translation due to her financial problems. She has asked us to send you that information letter for you to be sure that she is interested in you and she is looking forward to continue your correspondence and your relations.
If you have a possibility to help her support your correspondence for now we can send you the information concerning the prices for using our services.
We are waiting for your reply. Thank you for your attention.

We provide our clients with different types of translation:

*** private translation;
*** business translation;
*** technical translation;
*** etc.

Best regards
manager of
"foreign translation department"
Aleksandr Nikolaev



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