Scam Letter(s) from Olga to Carl (USA)

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Letter 1

Carl as has passed your day today? I hope that successfully. I, when have received your letter, very much was delighted, that you have written to me. I have woken up with bad mood and thought, that today all will be bad. Because even in the street cloudy and coldly. When has come for work was a lot of work, and I am tired. I even have started to think, that you will not write to me. Carl now I have received your letter and have felt perfectly. On my face there was a smile and to me it became good. Likely I would would like to arrive to you. Carl as though you wanted, what your day would begin? Since the morning? Tell to me. I shall tell to you, I dream of what finest day. I wish to wake up in embraces of the beloved, cautiously to rise from a bed. Cooking good salad and to make fresh juice, then all this to put on a table about a bed and again to lay down in a bed in your embraces. Carl then I wish to kiss you, gently, that you would wake up also we could have a bite and enjoy our love easily. And all will be happy for me if it will be such. I shall be the happiest girl in this world. And how you represent the finest morning? Tell to me Carl. I very much miss, Carl if you can present before yourself the big silent ocean I am so much kisses send to you now, that they would surround you and gave you love and tenderness. Whatever have shrouded and preserved your day, and helped with all. Already I miss, I think and I hope, that I shall soon receive your letter. I send you a photo on which I near to a fur-tree for New Year. WWWWAAAAAIIIIITTTTTT YYYYYYOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!! Gentle Olga.

Letter 2

Hello My Lovely Carl, it is possible for me to name you "Lovely". Or not?
You like me, and I wish to learn about you more and more. Thanks for your photo. At you a nice dog. I wish to learn from you about that your work is pleasant to you or not. In what your work consists? Than you are engaged? I work every day, to have days off sometimes, on Saturday or Sunday. I like my work because after I make massage to people they are happy. And I like it. Because they are happy. However, then after work fingers and hands very much hurt but I have already got used. Carl and you would would like that I have made to you massage? And you each section of the body will feel as the world is fine. Carl today in the morning I with Murzic went along the street, about my house to have park and we have send there. I went and thought of how the life changes, I do not know even how to tell, how to express the ideas. But I think, that is fast I can. When I shall be precisely assured. Of what you think, you? Carl tell to me what ideas at you when you read my letters? Tell to me, I very much would wish to learn it. I send you a photo, on which I I stand on a viewing tower, at us very beautiful nature. I like to look at it, from a tower the fine kind opens.
Your gentle and sincere Olga.



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