Scam Letter(s) from Yana Nescreba to Patrice (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear!

Thank you for your interest. I am very happy that you are interested in me and we are going to talk more and know each other better. It`s great, because I`m sure that communication will help me to know you and it will help you to know me. I hope you would like my picture I was sent. And now I think you would be happy to read more about me. My name is Yana. I`m 27 years old. I`m going in for sport. I was played in volleyball team "Dinamo-crug" in the city of Chercassy. But now I leave a big sport. I`m working a fitness-trainer now and looking for my lovely man. I like outdoors, dancing, reading the books and sometimes I compose a poems. It comes from my heart. It`s a romantic poems. I wish send you one. All my life I lives with next words:"For the world you are nothing, but for the somebody, you are the world."
As I`m romantic person I like to dream. I`m dreaming of meeting the love of my life and I hope you dream about it too. So, it`s me and I truly hope that you will write me back. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I will gladly answer them and promise to be honest. Please write me to my e-mail address

I am looking forward to your letter.

With best wishes Yana

Letter 2

Hello Patrice!

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your letter. You know, I have never talked to anyone before you through the Internet. I find it very interesting, but more over I think that Internet unites people. Any single person has a chance to find his soul mate. We also can't be sure if this connection will bring us together, but I like you and you like me. And I want to be able to talk to you about everything, and for you to be able to talk to me about whatever is on your mind! I feel that it can be the beginning of something very strong. I want to be your friend and share my life with you. It`s important when you are talking to the person whom you almost don't know. It is not a problem, because I`m ready to open my heart for you. I belive in love. And I wish to find my lovely man. I hope it will be you. I`m happy to read more about you. I was not wrong, you are really interesting person.
Now it`s my turn to tell you more about my life, my personality and my character. I hope you don`t forgot that my name is Yana. I`m 26 years old. I was born on 1st of February(Aquarius), 1982. I was born in town named Severodonetsk. I`m a single child in my family. I don`t live with my parents. But I love them very much. "Time spent with your family is always time treasured". And I call them everyday. My family is an ideal for me and I`m aimed to create such family as my parents created. My parents have been living together for almost 28 years.
They love each other very much. But now I live in the city called Lugansk. It`s very nice place. And I love it. Every morning I need to wake up early in order to get to my working place in time. I work in the fitness-club, I`m a trainer. I like my profession. My work consist of four lessons in the day. On the lesson my pupils have a two hours of training. I teaching them to be beautiful and sturdy. In my free time I like to go to the swimming pool, to the sauna, play volleyball, meeting with my friends, traveling to new interesting places, and testing delicious food. I very much like Christmas time. Also, I like to cook. And I always experimenting with it. I have another hobby , now I studying English. I think this is one the ways of showing your desires and feelings. I have a lot of dreams and I hope they will come true. One of my greatest desires is to learn English, because my English language is very poor so I have to use translation service to send you my letters and read yours. Shame on me, but I hope that it is not a problem for you. I am planing to study English, moreover I met you. By the way I think it doesn't matter what language people talk ,where they live and what race they are, more important to treat people as you wish them to treat you. I am finishing my letter with the hope that you will write me back. And I hope this letter helps you to understand who I am! I am sending you my pictures. I hope you will be happy to receive them. And I also would be really glad to receive more of yours. You are very fascinating man! :D (k)

Waiting for your soonest reply!!
With best wishes Yana

Letter 3

Hello dear Patrice!!!! :)

Thank you for your letter. I was waiting for your answer with great impatience. I keep warm feeling after your letter. Your letter makes me happy and bright my day, because I like you very much and I`m very interested in you and our connection is very important for me. The more I know you the more I`m afraid to lose contact with you. I hope you are fine and your days are going perfect. I want to wish you happy day full of positive events and happy moments. I am glad to tell you more about myself in my letter. I have never been married and I do not have children, but I want to have my happy family very much! I want to meet my beloved man after work and kiss him, embrace him, feed him and then walk with him the park hand by hand, while our children are running around us or playing. It is my family dream! You know my friends say that I`m very kind person. It means that I always ready to help and everybody can rely on me. I will do all what I can to help person in difficult situations. Because if I would needed a help, such person like me will give me the hand. Nobody is perfect and it`s important to accept people with their advantages and disadvantages. I hope you will be agree with me.As for me, I like to listen music. It`s make me feel happy! I like music very much. I`m a music lover. Some more I like to go to the night club with my friends for dancing and have fun. We often fond of picnics. I have a lot of friends. My best friend named is Oksana. We has known one another for 6 years. I think it`s wonderful to have the best friend like Oksana!I hope that you have a best friend too. I don`t smoke and drink. I`m going in for sport, and every morning do my bodily exercise. I like to running in the evening. I have a slim figure, and I`m 172sm height. I hope you like a tall girls. And I'd like to ask you, my dear, what do you value in people? What kind of people are closer to you? What is important in different people for your good communication? You may ask me , why I`m still single? The answer is very simple. All my life I was a sportsman, I haven`t free time for searching of my lovely man. And now I can`t make the acquaintance of men and I always feel awkwardness.
I`m a family oriented person. I want to find a good and comprehend man. I see you are the same. I hope that we have the same desires and dreams! I`m leaving you now , but I will write you again. I am waiting for your answer. I hope you will be happy to receive another photos from me. ;)

I sent you thousand kisses (k) (k) (k) Yana

Letter 4

Hello My dear Patrice! How are you? Thank you very much for your sweet letter. I noticed thatI started to miss your letters very much. I remember my first letter.I didn't know if you right person for me or not , but now I`m surethat you were born for me. When I read your letter, it seemed to methat I have already known you, it seems to me that we talked before.I`m not joking. I prefer to tell the truth, it`s my rule! Even it`sdidn`t like for smbd. "Better do cry with the truth of what makespeople smile with the lie." I look for honesty and openness in therelationship. I hope you told me the truth. It`s very important forme! I think that you should know, I have never met anyone better thanyou, I have never met anyone more tender and lovely, then you. I wantto be your woman. I want to be the part of your life. Love is afoundation of everything. I believe in love even if we never see eachother. I hope it will be soon. We will be very happy together. I knowit! I always dream of you, I dream about all beautiful things willhappens with us. I want to hear your voice,to put your`s arms,to seeyour eyes. I want to be frank with you. I don't want to hide anything.I hope that you will write me and will be ready to help. In one of myfirst letters, I told you that my English is poor. I know some words,but it is not enough to write and speak English. I used the service ofthe translation company and take the lessons with my personal tutor.Please understand that I didn't have another way out. The matter istheir service was not free and all this time I paid for our letters,because I was afraid to lose you. I would be really happy to continuepaying for our the translation , but I can't do it any more right now.I know that it is my own problem, but my salary is very small and nowI don't have opportunity to pay for our letters. This situation makesme terribly sad, because I found right person for me. You know I wastrying to find another way to translate my letters. I even tired totranslate them with the dictionary , but it was real nonsense. Anotherproblem is that I don't have computer at home and don't have access tothe Internet, that is why I can't write you in Russian. So I decidedto turn to the professional translation service. They are perfectlyfulfilling their job. So , it is not in my manner to ask you aboutsomething , but now I really need your help. I can't lose you, it isimpossible, because I need you. I know that you may be surprised aboutsuch request, but I really need your help with the payment for thetranslation service. I hope that you will not leave me. Please writeme as soon as possible and tell me that you really want to help usstay together. :oops:
Thinking of you...
Dreaming of you...
Your`s Yana

Letter 5

Dear Mr.Patrice,
We are translation agency "World of translation". We translated Yourcorrespondence with Ms. Yana Nescreba. Our agency provides prompttranslations of high quality to our clients. Our agency is well knownas a serious and reliable partner and has good reputation. We havebeen working since 1997. If you're wary of Russian, Ukrainian or other dating agencies or havehad bad luck with them in the past, we understand your skepticism.That dating agencies have gotten a bad name from a few unscrupulouscompanies. We are translation company and all profiles are checked byadministration before have business affairs with clients. But we arejust third part between your woman/man and we just provide our servicefor our clients. We are not a marriage agency. Taking into consideration the fact of Your correspondence with Ms.Yana Nescreba we want You to be aware of this situation. Ms.Yana paidfor the translation service but now her account is empty. Our clientcannot afford herself paying for the service any longer. But she sendyou a photo as you asked. If You are interested in continuation ofcorrespondence with Ms. Yana, we will send You our price-list of thetranslation service. We will be glad to cooperate with You and helpYou to stay in touch with Your lady. We have organised a team ofwell-educated and experienced interpreters in our company. The translation agency "World of translation" offers different kindsof translation. As You showed Your interest to stay in contact withour client, we inform You about prices for our services: - one translated letter into the Russian language of any size 5$- one transacted letters into the English language of any size 5$- interpretation of a phone conversation (per 10 minutes) 7$- printing of a photo 3$- scanning of a photo 3$ Unlimited correspondence is also offered. It includes unlimited numberof sent and received letters and 8 free, 10-minutes each, phoneconversations per month: - one month of unlimited correspondence 230$- two months of unlimited correspondence 380$ Our service works in convenient way: the client receives Your lettertranslated and printed. Ms. Yana writes her reply. After beingtranslated and typed we e-mail her reply to You. We notify You if theletter is returned to us for any reason. Once Your account is over wewill send you a balance with detailed report of Your expenses. Here are the ways of payment for the translation service:- Western Union;- Anelik;- Unistream;- MoneyGram;- Transfer to the bank account (contact us for additional information). Here is necessary information for making the payment:- the name of receiver Yana Nescreba- the city Lugansk- the address Chapaeva 17/89- zip code 91087- country Ukraine After You make the transfer, please send us the following details atthe soonest convenience to be passed to Ms. Yana:- your full name;- country you live in;- the sum of payment;- Money Transfer Control Number. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or needany help. Thank You for Your interest in services provided by our agency! Wewill be glad to start our business cooperation with You.
With best regards,
"World of translation"



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