Scam Letter(s) from Elena Ilina to Pascal (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello my beautiful stranger(smile)! I am happy to receive your letter.But in this letter, I will not write much About I because I want toknow how much you are seriously interested in Relations. I am veryserious attitude to find my Second half and sincerely do not want toplay games. you understand that I do not want to spend time just so! Ivery much ask you tell me you are serious in your search or is justfun factor? I do not want to waste time. if you Really serious andready to start a serious relationship in your next letter just writeit!! Really if you're serious and you write to me then I will be verypleased, I will write you a big letter about yourself and send youmore my photos. I will wait for an answer from you if you are willing,I will be very very happy! simply write and tell me! I expect from youa letter very soon, your good friend Elena (I hope)

Letter 2

Hello my dear new friend Pascal.I am glad, what you have written to me, it is probable - our chance?What you think of it? (Smile ) I doubted that you will answer myletter, But you have answered also I am very glad to hear that you arevery serious in your search for the second half just like me! !I forthe first time do it therefore I is a little confused. I do not knowfrom what to start to speak difficultly with the person and to not seehis eyes, gestures, a smile, I shall send you the photo together withthis letter, I hope that it is pleasant to you.I wish to tell to you many thanks for your photos. Your photos havevery much liked me you look very well. I hope that you will send memore than your photos soon.Well, I shall write to you a little about myself as I promised. If Ishall overlook to tell something about myself you can ask me anyquestions. I with pleasure shall answer your questions. I the usualwoman, actually I am not distinguished by anything from others. myname is Elena. To me of 29 years. I was born 2 february 1980. Mygrowth of 168 centimeters and weight of 54 kg. I have blond hair andblue eyes I never was married, and naturally have no children. Andyou? I have many interests: music, reading, books, cinema, sportsmeets take not last place. Other things which make life of moreremarkable. I the creative and curious person. I very cheerful, kind,vigorous and modest in a measure. I easily find common language withstrangers, and simply I like to talk on interesting themes!. I live inRussia, city Omsk. and I hope, that it does not frighten you As we areon such big distance from each other??? ))) But I think that if wewant that we can go any distance If we see in each other second half!OK is a little about my Work I work in city hospital! I work thedoctor - anaesthesiologist and very much to like me my work. I thinkto you I will be very interesting to know about which person I search?I search simple for the man which can understand, estimate me all mymerits and demerits. I to search for the man which to not be afraid ofserious relations. I to want that he to make me happy. Appearance,Color of a skin and religion for me not the most important. The mainthing for me in relations this understanding and support on the partof the favourite person. I would like to meet a honest, reliable,sincere, kind, caring and loving man. I want to find my soul mate whowill also be my best friend, a loving husband and a person thatpossess a loving heart that needs to be loved. I have a lot of love iwant to give and share with someone who can receive that love and thengive love in return. I very much want to find loved person who wouldlove me sincerely and with all the heart. For me the most importantqualities In the person are honesty and sincerity because withoutthese qualities it is impossible to create strong family of which Ialways dreamed. I search for person with whom I might be quiet for thefuture and the future of our children. I want to present to my secondhalf all love, tenderness and caress. my husband Should be: kind, withgood sense of humour, tender, clever, Careful, loving the wife andchildren, And I would not want that my the husband was greedy!. Ithink it dreams of any girl I would like, that you have written to meabout yourself. It would be desirable to see from you is a lot ofphoto. I hope, that you too share my point of view and too want tofind such person???I shall be very happy, if we in fast with can betogether and go on life together. I hope, that you understand it I donot accept simply the correspondence and familiarity. I search forserious attitudes. I hope, that you will write about yourselvesnaturally too, only the truth. I do not want to spend all for nothingtime with the person which Me deceives or only for entertainment.Interestingly I at all have not noticed that have written to you suchbig letter!!! I hope that you will not be tired by reading of myletter and it to like you. I shall wait from you the letter as soon aspossible. Your friend Elena.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Friend PascalI am happy to receive your letter. And I am glad, which we can continueOur acquaintance. If you wish to get acquainted with me, I mean shouldI to tell about myself it is a little. :) I single also have no close friendFor this purpose. (: I wish to tell to you, that I live in Russia, you can beMuch heard about my country and about girls in my country. I wish to tellTo you why in my profile it is written, that I live not in Russia. ThereforeThat in your country think, that the Russian women to get acquainted andMarry to receive only citizenship in yoursTo the country. And because of such women all other women cannot haveAcquaintances by men from your country. And my aunt has helped meTo place my profile on the Internet, because women from Russia notCan be placed there. I hope, that you understand, why IHas made so! I live in the fine Russian city of Omsk, at coastThe beautiful river of Irtysh. My city in 2800 kilometres from Moscow! Our cityIs not big but also and not so small. It not soRichly, but it is very beautiful, we have remarkable a nature. It -Very beautiful city with the big history in which it is a lot of the ancientMonuments, museums, theatres and other sights. At us isa party of parks in our city often, I go there and I relax. InThe winter is very cold Temperature, can reach to - 35Degrees, but it is very hot in summer Temperature, can reachTo + 30 degrees. At summer, which I often go to put onThe sun and me is pleasant to float and play volleyball Ashore. In the winter to meIt is pleasant to slide on the Ski and on the fads. I very much love the city. I alreadyTravelled all vicinities as very much it is pleasant to meTo travel. About Omsk many beautiful places - lakes, woods.Round my city approximately on distance of 20-30 km from it there- It is more than 6 lakes. So if when or you will arrive to me onVisiting you will not regret!! Very much it is pleasant to you. And you very muchWell will spend time! I live one To apartment with one room, whichI rent far not from the centre of Omsk. I wished to tell In our countryVery bad life. The Russian men beat women, because theyStronger than women. In the Russian family you see frequent canHusbands beating of their wives. When the husband comes home, and it has very muchThe mood it is bad has beaten the wife. When its work is bad or itShout of the boss, the husband has come home and shout or has beaten his wife. The wife. I know,As it sounds for you, but it is true. And certainly it happens not allTime, but who knows, can be if I find someone here, itThere will be a husband as it is men it. And I think, that you understand, that I notWanted a life as it. Remember I spoke to you with the first letter thatI do not wish to get acquainted with men in a life, here only because of the relationTo the woman here. I never take offence at people. But if the person doesTo me it is bad, I despise it. I do not communicate with people who has the maliciousIntentions. When someone has malicious intentions, it is very unpleasant to haveConversation with it. I despise people who deceive other people. AndIn general I hate a deceit!!! People. I think, that it is better to know the bitterThe truth. Than sweet lie. I hate very much very much, when someoneDeceives me. I very much trust people. And because of it me it is very easyTo deceive, I trust all people. I never will be speak with people,Which deceive and write lie.Pascal please send me more your photo!!!I will stop to write, and I hope to see very big andInteresting the letter from you is fast.Kiss on a cheek your friend, Elena

Letter 4

Hello my darling Pascal!!!Thank you for your answer on my last e-mail. at the beginning I wishapologise that could not to write to you earlier. At me was a lot ofwork as I very strongly wished to sleep. I worked really much andsimply could not answer. I will try to write to you as it is possibleis more often. Simply I would want that you have understood me. If Ido not write you the letter it does not mean that I have forgottenyou. If I do not write that know that I cannot also I is veryoccupied. Please understand me correctly. I wish to learn you more. Inmy opinion, it's so wonderfully, that we are writing to each other,because from our messages we learn about each other more and more, I'minterested in our correspondence very much, it's very interesting tolearn about you, about your life , believe me, as a whole, I read yourletters with a huge pleasure! I am glad that I correspond with you. Ihope, that we shall correspond further until then yet we do not learneach other better. All my letters I write you from Internet - cafe. Itis usual library in which, except for the books still some computersstand. Unfortunately I do not have own computer because I can notafford it to buy. I work the doctor and it as you know a trade whichis paid from the budget of the country. And for the country it isdifficult to pay work of the doctors, because as explains ourgovernment the budget Russia tests deficiency. It is interesting to meto learn what from you hospitals and as financing hospitals isarranged. It is simply my professional interest. Not looking on thatthat we have some problems to me mine all the same is pleasant work.Because I in childhood dreamed to treat the people. I the doctor -anaesthesiologist and my duty is that I should support viability humanorganism when it without consciousness. And consequently frequently inmy hands is life of the patient. Certainly it on would be much easierif our hospital was is better equipped on - better. But it is notpresent again because of bad financing. But we already have got usedto this and we do all that probably with that that we have. I work 5days in a week. Per working days I rise very early, at 6.00 in themorning and then I go wash and clean my teeth Then I go to preparebreakfast Usually I drink tea with a lemon, but sometimes I allowmyself coffee, only it is not so strong My breakfast consists of easyfood, as I do not like to fill the stomach since morning I makesandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs After breakfast I go awork in the order I brush a hair and slightly emphasize of an eye byink I do not use a lot of cosmetics and I do not like to paint theperson very strongly It awfully influences my skin At 7.30 I go to mywork To a place of my work I reach by a trolley bus, because of I donthave the automobile My work is far from the 30 minutes of driving frommy house At 8.00 my working day begins At 12.00 I have dinner. And Ihave a free time till 13.00. I finish my work at 18.00 After work, Iam very tired and go home to take a shower and a little bit to have arest I have supper After supper, I go in the Internet cafe to readyour letter and to write the answer Then I go home to sleepI hope that to you very interestingly to read my letters. It is not soeasy to me to write such big letters. I sit in the Internet of cafeabout 1 hour and more. In the letters I very much try to write muchabout myself and about the life. I really very much hope that you likemy letters As I very much try.I shall finish the letter and I shallwait from you the answer as soon as possible.Today at night I shall think of you!Gentle kiss in a cheek for you!Yours Elena.

Letter 5

Hello my darling Pascal!!!Thank you for your answer on my last e-mail. In my opinion, it's sowonderfully, that we are writing to each other, because from ourmessages we learn about each other more and more, I'm interested inour correspondence very much, it's very interesting to learn aboutyou, about your life , believe me, as a whole, I read your letterswith a huge pleasure! I am glad that I correspond with you. I hope,that we shall correspond further until then yet we do not learn eachother better. Big to you thanks that you have sent me a photo of thedaughter! You the happy father because you have such beautifuldaughter! Tell the daughter greetings from me! And please do notforget to write me the phone number! I wish to tell to you that all myletters I write you from my houses. I have special allocated a linethe Internet. It is very a pity that I have no home telephone numberso could have conversation. my the grandmother has disconnected a hometelephone number very much for a long time as She did not use it. ButI am very glad that I have an Internet. my a mobile phone have stolenBUT I am fast I will necessarily buy new phone as very hard to bewithout phone. I Spoke to you I work the doctor and it as you know atrade which is paid from the budget of the country. And for thecountry it is difficult to pay work of the doctors, because asexplains our government the budget Russia tests deficiency. It isinteresting to me to learn what from you hospitals and as financinghospitals is arranged. It is simply my professional interest. Notlooking on that that we have some problems to me mine all the same ispleasant work. Because I in childhood dreamed to treat the people. Ithe doctor - anaesthesiologist and my duty is that I should supportviability human organism when it without consciousness. Andconsequently frequently in my hands is life of the patient. Certainlyit on would be much easier if our hospital was is better equipped on -better. But it is not present again because of bad financing. But wealready have got used to this and we do all that probably with thatthat we have. What do you do for work? What are you doing at work,write me more about this, I really want to know this?? I work 6 daysin a week. Per working days I rise very early, at 6.00 in the morningand then I go wash and clean my teeth Then I go to prepare breakfastUsually I drink tea with a lemon, but sometimes I allow myself coffee,only it is not so strong My breakfast consists of easy food, as I donot like to fill the stomach since morning I make sandwiches withsausage, cheese and cooked eggs After breakfast I go a work in theorder I brush a hair and slightly emphasize of an eye by ink I do notuse a lot of cosmetics and I do not like to paint the person verystrongly It awfully influences my skin At 7.30 I go to my work To aplace of my work I reach by a trolley bus, because of I dont have theautomobile My work is far from the 30 minutes of driving from my houseAt 8.00 my working day begins At 12.00 I have dinner. And I have afree time till 13.00. I finish my work at 20.00 After work, I am verytired and go home to take a shower and a little bit to have a rest Ihave supper After supper, I include in my computer to read your letterand to write the answer Then I watch TV and I go to sleep! Dear aschedule of the day you have? I want to ask you What do you think ofthe Internet? I think, that the Internet - great achievement of ascience. It allows to speak with people, taking place on the bigdistances. And I am very pleased, that we could meet each other withthe help of the Internet. I very much hope that at us everything willturn out in due course and we shall cease to feel lonely. In one ofthe Japanese films I have heard a phrase which very much has liked me"people are not afraid the death so strongly as they are afraidoblivion". So it also is. The loneliness is much worse than simpledeath. While us still someone remembers we live, and if there is noman which remembers us that there are no also us. Also life iscompletely empty when in it there is no fond husband and children. Ihope you think in the same way as well as I!!! I want that you knewthat I to have serious intentions concerning the future with you. Ihope that to you very interestingly to read my letters. It is not soeasy to me to write such big letters. I sit in the For computer about1 hour and more. In the letters I very much try to write much aboutmyself and about the life. I really very much hope that you like myletters As I very much try.I shall finish the letter and I shall waitfrom you the answer as soon as possible.Today at night I shall think of you!Gentle kiss in a cheek for you!Yours Elena.

Letter 6

Hello my darling Pascal. Thank you for another sweet letter fromyou, I am always glad to get it. And I am always answering you withgreat pleasure. As it is really necessary for Darling Pascal I would like to tell to you I like you very much andour communication goes on nice, you know we know each other not solong, but I feel like I have known you always. You are remarkable man.And I start to think that I need you now and that I found such man asyou for all my life. It is strange, we are so far from each other, butin the same time I am feeling like you are next to me. I have nevercommunicated with anyone like you here. You know when I am at workeverybody asks me what happened to me, everyone tells me that my eyesare shining and it looks like I am falling in love. Please tell me howare you, what are you doing and what is going on with you? I amthinking about you, I am very glad to get you letters and I amanswering you always with pleasure. I feel that with every new letteryou are coming closer to me. And I love this feeling. I am happy wehave found each other. And I am thankful to the God for it. I amthinking about you I am dreaming about you more and more. I know itcan sound stupid, but it is what I feel. I like to talk to you and Iwould like to know you closer. I think I am very trusting person, I donot like mostly if someone tries to deceive me or use me (I mean triesto make me do the things I would not like to do). But I think I havetold it to you. I like to communicate with you very much, it is veryeasy to talk with you, you know like we have lived on the same streetall our life. last night after work watched TV. By the TV set showed news. And afternews there was a transfer in which told about one English family. Thisfamily of me has interested in that that in this family the husband aEnglishman, and his wife the Russian girl. They told as well theylive. They spoke that they have got acquainted as well as we throughthe Internet. And at them all has turned out: at them strong goodfamily. They together go to cinema, on a beach, on football matches.They are very glad that have met. They are very glad that the destinyof them has reduced together. The God probably wanted that they weretogether. And I have thought that at us with you all too may turn out.You see we too may be such happy family as they. I think that we toohave chance fortunately and we should use it. We should use chance tobe together. If we have got acquainted it means destiny, the Godchance to be together means to us gives. To be happy with each other.We too may like each other and we like. We too together may travel,together go to cinema, theatre. We might sit in the evening at afireplace in our house and think of us and enjoy the friend the friendand time which we spend together. We might be happiest people all overthe world. Our happiness depends on ourselves. We may embody dream ina reality. I think it in our forces. I am sure that we may to try. Howyou think concerning that that I have told? You agree with me? I amkissing you softly and waiting for your answer. Yours Elena.

Letter 7

Hello my dearest friend Pascal!!!I was very happy to see your answer, it on was pleasant so much, thatyou think of me, do not overlook. It is very pleasant for me to know,feel it. And for me after work in rough and heavy day, it is verypleasant to read your letter which lifts my mood. You shouldunderstand me about that I can not write to you the letter each day orthen when you or I it we shall want because I have no so much freetime from work as my Director conducts very strict operating schedule.I think, that you can estimate my work as I, not looking on problemson work, very much want to have and continue to develop with youattitudes which would be very fine in the fast future. And I very muchhope that you can understand all me about what I I speak.Darling Pascal I should tell you to the first, that I every day andsent your letter to me understand, that I seem have fallen in lovewith YOU. I certainly understand itself, that about it to me early tospeak, but all I can not escape from the feelings which I have to you.I do not joke at all, and I do not play any games with you as I havecome here not to hurt people. And first of all to meet the uniquelove, and I think, that I have found you in this network of theInternet. I am very grateful to this destiny, that she has helped meto find you in this huge world. You see, if not you I probably couldnot test similar feelings more earlier and consequently I want to tellyou only the truth which I have in the depth of my heart. If you couldtest after my read words in my letter any fear in soul, or you canthink, that I crazy or something other you are mistaken because Iactually test these feelings which do not give my soul of rest. Youshould not think, that I have no in relation to you any feelingsbecause I really have it! You should me trust, as I write this letterand I think only of you Pascal! I very much hope, that you willunderstand me correctly, and will not have to me any mistrust. I donot want absolutely that I ever could lose you in this life after ouracquaintance. And for me actually has very big value to meet sometimeyou actually but while we should not solve about it, but all I thinkalmost each day and an our first meeting. I also do not want, that yourejected me after when you will read my letter. I certainly do notforce you my lovely Pascal to love me if you do not feel it in yourheart. I only want, that I could have with you of kind, fair andsincere attitudes which will connect us reciprocity. If you willunderstand me, I also shall be very glad, that I can continue todevelop our attitudes. Now I shall finish the letter, I will go to bedWith the facilitated soul after when I have stated my feelings inrelation to you. But know, that I always think only of you my angel!Sincerely yours Elena

Letter 8

My sweet Pascal!I madly missed by your new mail!!!!!!! You know that you my angel? Yesit so because you most are fine the person of whom I know on thisground.I thought of you and about our correspondence much! I receive the bigheat from you when you think of me and I feel it. I do not know it canto me seems. But my skin on a body it is simply turned off. Pascal,I think of you! I think of you each minute. I feel as you near to me.As you hold me for a hand and speak with me. You understand that thishappiness to meet you! I feel these feelings to you. I start to thinkof as we now together. I am afraid to give my love and to receiveinstead of it roughness. As it is the most bad thing, such feeling notpleasant. I do not want it more but now I know that that all not so.You another, you lovely, kind, gentle and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Our relations should depend on you. As it is accepted. The man allover again should show interests in desires with the woman. The manshould make all over again deciding steps to creation of any relationsand I hope that you agree with me. I think, it will not be correct, IfI shall take the majority of a part of the initiative in ourrelations. I the modest woman and I also need in your decision, youropinion and yours support, attention and care. But now I with privacycan inform you that I do not regret at all about this decision, and Iam grateful the god, that I have found you! I always dreamed will meetthe man which the care of me and now I feel that we can have the bigfuture together! God heard my asks and has helped me to find you, it -my happiness, and I trust in success! I without shame can tell to youmy main words! But I wish to be cautious and certainly to not hastenbecause for me it very seriously! I have understood that I LOVE YOUPascal! It not explosion of emotions but I feel this tender feelingin depth of the heart and I shall store it while we shall not betogether and we shall not find out all between us. I hope that I havenot frightened you? It was difficult to me to write it because Ihesitate very much though we for a long time not children. I only askto not hasten because we shall have time to discuss all of us and makein the future because happiness similar on the butterfly which it isnecessary to hold strong in hands differently will disappear. I wishto know all your ideas on it? I send you the most gentle embraces!!!!Very much I wait the answer!Yours Elena!!!!

Letter 9

Hello my love Pascal!!!I am very happy to see from you your letter, for me this greatpleasure, that you think of me. I want apologise to before you, that Icould not write to you earlier! Internet at my home did not work andtherefore i could not write to you my LOVE Pascal!!!! I very muchregret for it! I thought of you these days when could not write you mylove Pascal, I hope you also thought of me much!!!! And this days iunderstand that you need to me very very much!!! My life will not befull without you and has understood it!!! Very pleasan to me read yourlatter, what you write to me!!!! About your dream, about feelings,about desires!!! And I understand that I want it to very much!!!!Ssory that I not write to you my address, i write you now city Omsk,street Gercena 56, flat number 36. I think better give presentpersonally, than through the post! I thing personaly meeting is betterthat all latters in world!!! And on Friday I speak with my shef and hetell me, that I may take holidays soon. If I take holidays, I willhave 40 free days and think about very much! And I think, we couldmake something together! What do you thing about it??? And I know thatyour I and only your woman, I already spoke you that I am happy thewoman on this ground, nobody is necessary for me on this ground. Ilove you and only you, I felt that you which my person I searched, andonly all this the truth. And I am ready to be with you beside, onlywith you, to create ours with you happiness that we were very happytogether my love Pascal. I think that you with me agree Pascal, weshould be happy Pascal. Destiny such piece from which it is possibleto expect all, both excellent and bad, but I believe in destinyPascal, and I never argue with destiny. And I do not live to tell oneday to the person I like, and then to deceive. When you speak to theperson by such sweet words, these are very important feelings. It isnecessary to feel only these feelings to speak such words, I LOVE YOUPascal, and it is clean love, the naked truth. I with you shall behappy, I know it my love Pascal, I even in it do not worry, as I amsure in it. my love I dream of that as we with you shall be onlytogether face to face, we with you on the nature, and I speak youthese words I LOVE YOU Pascal!!!! YOU ONLY YOU. Pascal, we should meetyou, I cannot test more such torture in myself, we should not see eachother. I think that you with me agree. I only am afraid, that if weshall meet also all there will be on another, that people underletters absolutely others my love. I now shall explain it to you. Itmeans that in letters you wrote so, in real all will be not as youwrote in letters, I certainly understand that such cannot be. But Ivery much am afraid of it. And I think that such there can not be withyou my love Pascal, I know that you I love also you my which ideal ofa life has grown fond once and for all. My decency of that it isnecessary to love such person as you Pascal, and I know that you mewill make happy my love. How to us to be together my love? I know asus to be together, we should meet, I love you Pascal. Pascal, I wantto ask you as we can meet? Please tell to me it, I think that therehas come that time when we should meet in real. That to us still Itwas better, that we were TOGETHER HAPPY Pascal. Forgive, I understandthat it can not like you, but I very much want to meet you. More lifeI want it. That I could feel you beside that I could feel your leatherof your body, gentle, pleasant. I want you to kiss. I present ourfirst night together as we are engaged in love. I cannot wait for it,I want it. As I love you Pascal, and in it anything is not presentoffensive, I the adult woman, I love you and I want to be happy withyou. Now I to write stop, I shall wait very much your answer my love.If something was pleasant to you do bad please, I only wrote to youthe truth. Yours and only yours for ever Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 10

Hello my love Pascal!!!I am very glad to receive from you the letter my love. It was thelong-awaited letter my love. You would know my love Pascal as I amglad receiving your letter, at me at once is cheered up, but you are apity me at this moment do not see. I very much like to receive yourbeautiful letters, they fill to me in soul your love, and I at oncepresent as though we together. my love Pascal Reading your beautifulletters love mine I at once present you as though you sit on againstme, hold the soft gentle hands my hands and look me in the face, andthen you start to caress me, it occurs as in reality but when I comein a condition, I understand that it there were only dreams, and to mebecomes very sad without you, I very much want to be with you. Icannot live without you Pascal, I shall die without you. I think ofyou every second, minute, hour, day, how many time would be not notpassed by me shall ALWAYS love you, I have understood that you my reallove. We should make each other better, but to us for this purpose tomeet my love, I know that we shall be happy my love. I simply do notfind words. As I am very happy that I have met you Pascal, I now onlyask the god for that that all at us with you was good in a life. Idream of it, I dreamed all life till now while you were met with mylove, but now I know that you my dream of my life. Let's make thatthat we want to make my love, I ask you my love. When we are able todo it? That we could be together my love? When it will be convenientfor you to meet me? I do not want that I was there at you, andprevented you. As I know it. I want that you Pascal, I have told inwhat date can arrive to you my love. As the truth I can not wait morefor that that we want together. I think that you approve that that Inow write to you Pascal, and you on me will not be malicious my love.The mutual love, is the real love. Pascal, we needed solve in whatdate I can to arrive to you my love? I can make it this month? Tell tome it, answer this question my love. My love I would be glad to waityou when you will arrive to me in 3 months, but I unfortunately do nothave this time! Because I spoke today with the chief on work and he tome has told, that I can take days off only this month! And then Icannot take it!!! I should go tomorrow in travel agency to find outthat to me it is necessary there will arrive to you my love. Inecessarily shall go there. Also I shall write to you at once, aboutthat that I have found out in travel agency my love. That you knewabout all Pascal. My love I can not live without you any more, I verymuch miss on you, it seems to me that the God has sent me an angelwith whom I now should be up to the end of life, it you my lovePascal!!! You for me as if air without which I can not exist. You myunique and unique ANGEL Pascal. I very much love you both not when Ishall not offend and not to a deceit, I hope that you also will notharm me, I know that you my love very good person, at which not onlybeautiful appearance but also beautiful soul. I ask you think of me mylove as I think of you, can today I shall see you in the dream Pascal.And I know that I love you. Now I should go, I miss on you and verymuch I wait our real meeting my love.Always your love Elena!

Letter 11

Hello my love Pascal.My love Pascal !!!! How - you today??? In the street simply fineweather! My love, I love you Pascal !!! I want to divide with youmood. My love I see that you are in my heart and I would like verymuch to be with you. I have never met such man as you before and Ibelieve that we can be together and I hope that we will find ourhappiness. I want to come to you from all my heart and my soul. Youare only man for me in all world. I feel you in my heart.Today I have found out in the tourist agency who is required for ourmeeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to leaveabroad without any problems. I saw letters with gratitude of a wordwhich have been precisely exposed in this travel agency. I have foundout, what documents to me are necessary for disassembling for ourmeeting. The manager tourist agency has told, that for trip to you itis necessary for me to have very much many papers for trip: Visa toPascal with medical insurance, Very much many documents for visa,international passport, The inquiry from work, And many differentdocuments. We have defined type of the visa, and it - type whichallows to marry in the future This visa allows me to be in yourcountry within 90 days. I think, on which will know each other and ina consequence enough to marry. If we marry during legality of thevisa, I can remain with you on a lot of time. If we do not marry, Ishould leave your country after end of legality of the visa. As themanager of the company to me has defined cost of all expenses. When Ihave heard this figure I have not fallen nearly. I was sad from costof trip to you. It to cost 347 euro I want to come to youand to have my happiness and love - you. In travel agency I was toldthat I can get all necessary documents in 7-10 work days. But my sweetPascal, I do not know about money. my love I do not have such bigmoney!! I did not think that my the trip to you will be costs somuch!! my love May be it is wrong but, but may be you will be able tohelp me with cost of trip ??? My love, you think, these are big moneyfor you??? Lovely Pascal, please tell me can I hope for you, can youhelp me with it??? You should know, that I decide to ask you about itbecause I love you and I trust you very much. I decide to arrive toyou because I feel this way, and you are very necessary for me, I havedecided to not arrive to the unfamiliar country and me never to beoutside of my country. But I have decided to make it because now you -a part of my life, and I trust you all. I think, that you trust me aswell love me also. my love, I need in 347 euro, I think, that youwill help me because we have found our love, and we want to meetcloser. In most cases money play a important role in a life, but it isnot correct! I am confident. And the quantity of money was, and willnot be important for me, I always did not aspire to materialenrichment and to not search especially rich for the man. I estimatehuman qualities and attitudes, and I love you Pascal !!! I think,that you love me also, and we shall meet very soon. You - my lovePascal , my Angel. My your heart. my love I see ideal the man in you!And on it I want to come to you as soon as possible. I miss you verymuch and I am sure that now my love, my happiness is close to me asnever before. You are close to me and you are in my heart, I dreamabout us and live with hope that we will be together soon. I very muchwish to arrive to you my prince, therefore I to ask you. To me doesnot give pleasure to ask money from the person, but I love you verymuch now and I wish to be with you. Therefore I cannot make anything.My love if you will agree to help me in two weeks or earlier we shallbe together. I so want this moment when you to meet me. It is reallyfine!!! I wait good news from you, I hope, that all will be in theorder, and we shall together soon. Every day I think of our meeting,and I think, that it is real, we should use this chance From destiny.I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!Always only yours love Elena

Letter 12

Hello MY LOVE PASCAL!!!My love I was most happy the girl on world when you have told that cansend me money on my documents!!! my love I cannot explain my happy inwords!!! my love you the most good person in the world, you thekindest person in world I love you for it!!! my love today I have goneto travel agency and asked them as how you can send me money. Intravel agency to me have told that there is very good and reliablecompany western union. You heard about it? I think that you know aboutit as abroad it is very known company! my love today I have gone tosearch for office western union and I have found it, there were thatin our city many offices western union and I without problems to asmog to receive money. At office western union I have learnt all abouttransfer and reception of money. my love for this purpose what youwill send you money to me you need in my full the information aboutme. There are my the First name and my Last name, the country and city.My First Name: ElenaMy Last Name: IlinaMy Country: RussiaMy City: Omskmy love for this purpose that I could receive from you money I asshould know your exact full information. First Name, Last name, thecountry, a city From which you will send me money. as when you willsend me money to you will give 10-place code it is called MTCN (MoneyTransfer Control Number). I necessarily should know it what to receivemoney!!! my love after you will send me money and inform me MTCN I canreceive money through 10 minutes!!! my love it really is veryconvenient, I did not know that there is such convenient company so Inot when did not receive money from for borders! I heard that transferbetween bank accounts goes 3-4 working days! But I have no bankaccount and on it western union it is the most good variant for us.You agree? Hope to be with you soon. I appreciate all you doto me I love you and I miss you! I love you all my heart, I want to bewith you now... I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we willbe very happy in our life. I think you love me too and we will meet verysoon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good newsfrom you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must usethis chance of destiny.I LOVE YOU PASCAL!!!!!!!Yours love Elena

Letter 13

Hello my LOVE PascalHow are you? What are doing today? I had today aday off, I weigh day has spent houses! Today we in Russia have Easterholiday! This holiday is marked by all our country! It is a greatholiday for our country!!! I too was very glad to make to youyesterday a surprise and to call to you!!! I was so is glad to hearyour voice yesterday!!! I wish to tell to you I love you very verymuch and I do not wish to lose you!!! I so long searched for suchperson as you and here I have found!!! I so am happy to it andconsequently I wish to be with you for ever!!! My love I understandyou that you tell me about marrige!!! I agree with you, I think to usnow not necessarily to marry!!! I think now for us important to makethe first meeting!!! I think this most important thing now for us!!!Because I cannot wait it and every day without you for me it seemspainful!!! I understand, that you have much paid for the daughter! Itis all correctly because it is your daughter and you should worryabout it!!! You very good father and you have very good and beautifuldaughter!!! I very strongly wish to get acquainted with it!!! I cannotwait it really!!! I am very glad, that you pay mine a trip to you!!! Iunderstand it expensively, but it is very important for us MY lovePascal!!!! And consequently it should be made necessarily!!!! For me amarriage not the main thing, for the most important thing now it tosee you and your daughter!!! But my love we should hurry up, becausemy chief on work has told my holiday will begin since Monday and itwill be valid 40 days!!! Therefore my love I ask you send to me moneyas soon as possible, and is better on Monday!!! That I could start todo the documents since Monday and then my documents will be ready toyou either in a weekend or in the beginning of the next week!!! Mylove we cannot lose day!!! We should be together as soon as possible,therefore my love make it as soon as possible!!! I wish to spend withyou and with your daughter as much as possible time!!!! I hope youwant too most!!! We are necessary each other!!! My love we are createdfor each other!!!! We were born with you under one star andconsequently we are created for each other!!!! We have found eachother, we have found the happiness, We have deserved it!!!! Time nowhas come to enjoy it my love!!! You agree with me? I LOVE YOU MY LOVEPascal WITH ALL MY HEARTH!!!! And in my heart is no more placefor others, is final except your daughter!!!!! Your daughter theremarkable child and I very strongly wish it to see!!! My love on it Iwill finish the letter!!! I will wait for your letter tomorrow, I hopeyou tomorrow can send me money and tomorrow I can start to do thedocuments for a trip to you!!!Your LOVE FOREVER ELENAP.S. I send you photo wich I make in last summer!!!



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