Scam Letter(s) from Lidia Shkryabina to Frank (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Please, do not be surprise - this letter is not a spam one. You will probably be amazed of the fact that I am writing you an e-mail.
Yesterday I myself was amazed too, when saw your letter in my e-mail box. The letter was about love and sensations among people. The motto of the letter was like this search for love and you wll become happy. I liked this letter very much. There was a list of e-mails where I found yours. I decided to write you. Maybe you are seeking love too? Maybe it is our destiny? I do not know actually who was the person that had sent me that e-mail and how did he get my e-mail address.
I think it is not important. The most amazing thing is that I can write you. I would like to know more about you. Providing that it is me who is the first to write, I want to say some words of my personality. My name is Lida. I am 32 years old.. I from Murom it in (Russia). To me of 32 years. I the widow. My husband was lost in automobile failure!! I am cute, calm, kind and sociable. I think it is interesting to talk with you and discover new features of yours Discover you as a person. I am a serious woman and I am looking for serious relations. For me it means no deception, no double jokes. I am looking for a real person who will manage to love and respect me. I hope you are searching for your love, too.
I do not think that in love-relations age and appearance have any importance. The chief factor for me is ability to love and respect seriously!
I have lots of hobbies and interests in life. Among them you will find sport, cooking, books reading and definitely music. I am going crazy about housekeeping and house holding. I like tiding up and general cleaning. I am keen on experimenting in my kitchen. I love changes. I am fond of animals and prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle, thus, I do not smoke or use alcohol. Hey, my new pen-friend. What can you tell me about yourself? I want to learn more about you. In my future letter I will describe my character and my personality more precisely.
Definitely, I will send you some of my photographs. It will help you to understand who I am and where I live. My photos will reveal all parts of my life my happiness, my pensiveness and sometimes melancholy. I am looking forward to your reply. I am really interested in knowing you better. Remember of me. my e-mail -
Your new friend, Lida



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