Scam Letter(s) from Alisa Kisina to Antoine (France)

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Letter 1

Oh! I was so glad to see your letter in my mailbox!
I think it`ll be interesting for you to know each other. I would like to tell you about myself. My lifestyle, my family and my dreams.
Wellcome to my world! Let`s begin...
I have never chatting in Internet, but I thought Why not? Maybe I`ll find my great love in Internet...
And why you are searching a girl over the Internet? Or may be you are looking for just a friend.. Tell me more about it.
Well, my name is Alisa, like at the story "Alisa at the Wonderland"...
My name means "noble", do you know? I`m 25 years old. I was born in Ufa on the 3rd of march. Maybe it will be interesting for you to know about the place where I live. Ufa is my native town. It`s not very big. If it is interesting to you I will tell you something about it later.
Now about my work. I`m a secretary at big organization. I love my work but sometimes it`s very difficult. I always must be at my workplace and talk with our clients by phone.
Other my duties: preparation of documents, making coffee for my boss and many other things. I have a dog. It`s name is Motya! She is small and funny! And have you got a pet?
I like sports, like a running at the morning. I run every 2 days at the week.
It helps me to have a good shape and improves my mood. I have many interests in my life... And soon I will share it with you. Who knows, may be we have a lot of common?
I havn`t got a brother or a sister, I`m the only child. That`s why I felt the great care of my parents.
I love them so much! They always can support me and give a good advice...
That`s all for the first letter I think... I hope you`ll tell me more about yourself at the next letter.
... I shall be waiting for you answer... And may be you would like also To shown me some more of your photos. It would be interesting to see you at my computer.

Kiss... your Alisa

Letter 2

Hello, dear!

I`m glad to find your letter in my mailbox again.
Thank you for your answer and for your compliment. It`s so pleasant…
I feel that I`m interesting for you. I can trust you all my problems maybe secrets.

I think it`s the best time to tell you about my life.
I`m a simple girl. I like to have fun and it`s important for me know more about life, about new people…but let`s go nearly…
First of all about my family. My mother is the teacher of primary school. She likes small children. She says that it`s wonderful to see how they learned something new for them…
Then father… He is a coach. He loves me very much. Sometimes I think he loves me more then mother…
Now I would like to tell you about my close world. I think friends are one of the most important part of life. We find friends ourselves, not like parents. But there are a lot of just well-known people, not really FRIENDS. I can say that I have only two best friends. One of them is my school friend. I can name her my sister. We know everything about each other and we are ready to help always. Her name is Katya. And another my darling friend is Lena. We met ourselves at the University. Now we have very good familiarity.
We like to spend our time together. May be it is banal…we gossip, share and go to cafes sometimes… Have you got a BEST friend?
Now about men… May be I can`t tell you about that but… A lot of men thinks that I`m only a doll… May be I should understand if I shal be a man…I`m not ugly that`s why they want me in bed. I`m not against sex… But just a lover I can find always. I want truly feelings, strong love! Please, be honest with me…I`m open for you…you can trust me… What do you think about love? Describe the girl of your dream. How is she? It`s very interesting for me….
I shall be waiting for your letter…

Can I give you my first kiss…?

Yours Alisa

Letter 3

Hello, my dear!

I`m glad to read your letters! I asked you to be honest with me…and you are so…thanks!

What do you think about our correspondence? I can tell you anything I want…I feel that we become more then just friends…

I need to share my gloomy thoughts with you… I said you that the guys don`t take me seriously…
But it doesn`t mean that I hadn`t the relations. I had a wonderful feelings…There was my first love full of feelings…that were broken…
It happened because the man whom I loved so much didn`t honest with me! I can`t say that I hate him now, he gave me beautiful times…thanks him for that! But the same time I really hated him! Our «love» began at the first course at the University…he was the best! I thought that! But I made a big mistake… One unhappy evening he was with his friends. There was the birthday party one of them… there were a lot of people…boys and…girls…they drunk a lot…
Later I by accident saw the photos of him with another girl from that birthday… I asked him what was that and he told me that they only had a sex because they were on a bender…
The tears were on my cheeks. The voice was shaked…but I found the power go away with the dignity.

He broke my heart… That’s why I`m looking for the honest man…I think you are so…

I fell that I`m ready to begin new relationship! I want love! Strong and light! My heart and soul is open! I want to follow my future husband. I would support him in everything! I want take care about him and my future children…

Please don`t hurt me. I ask you.
I`ll be waiting for your answere…
Yours Alisa

Kiss kiss

P. S. My father is a football coatch. He trains liitle kids at the school

Letter 4

Hello, my sweetheart!

I`m so happy when I receive your letters! It`s so warm… Through your letters I feel that you are honest with me…you are a clever, formed person. I`m glad to understand that the beautiful feel is rise.

Your letter is one of my happy moments in my life! It`s like the sun at the cloudy sky! Thank you for it. Tell me about your lifestyle. And I`ll tell you about mine…

I live with my girlfriend…I told you about her…Katya. Do you remember? I think that I`m adult to live without parents…that’s why we rent a small flat. We live together about three years…
Now we live with my mother, because the father is working. He is at lengthy business trip. We miss him very much, particularly mom. I love her so much that`s why I invited her to live with us.
You can think that my life is not good…may be you will be right but it`s MY life and I don’t complain of it.
I told you at the previous letter the gloomy story about my ex-boyfriend…and now I want to meet the man who will protect me who will take care about me. Because I think that woman must be fragile, defenseless and feminine!
And the man must be strong. The woman must feel his power, that she is over the stone wall. I hope you can realize my dream…

I will be waiting for your answer , honey

Your Alisa

Kiss kiss

Letter 5

Hello, my darling!

I was waiting for your letter… I fell that it is not enough…
Honey, when I was read your last letter I remembered the legend. It`s very nice! I heard it a long time ago. I want to tell it to you.

It has long been ... It has long been an island on which live all the feelings and spiritual values of people: Joy, Sadness, Cognition, and others. Together they lived and Love.

Once feelings have noticed that the island is sinking into the ocean and soon sink. All sat in their boats and left the island. Love is not hurried and waited until the last minute. It was only when she saw that the salvation of the island there is no hope, and it is almost all gone under the water, she began to call for help. Past swim luxurious ship wealth.

Love asked to take her to the ship, but Wealth said on his boat a lot of jewelry, gold and silver, and there is no place for love.

Love turned to pride, to swim past the ship ... But in response, Love to hear that its presence violates the order and perfection to ship of pride.
Imploringly for help Love turned to sadness.

«Oh, Love, - replied sad - I am so sad that I should be in the cold».
Go around the island swim Joy, but it was fun so busy that had not even heard the cries of Love.
Suddenly, Love to hear a voice:
«Come Love, I'll take you with them».
Love saw the gray old man, and she was so happy that even forgot to ask his name. And when they reached the earth, love remains, and old
Pople more.

And only when the boat was an old man disappeared, Love spohvatilas ... because she had not even thanked the old man.
Love turned to knowledge:
«Cognition, tell me who saved me?».
«It was a time», - has responded Cognition.
«Time?» - Surprised Love - Why It helped me? »
Cognition replied:
«Only time understands and knows how important in the life of love».

I hope you like it…It`s difficult to say what feelings are in my heart…may be it`s love?

I`m waiting for your answer…


Kiss kiss

Letter 6

I a so sorry, darling. I hope you can understand me that I am full of passion and emotions! I just forgot to answer your questions but, honey you have no the reason to worry that my mails are copy-past! IT IS FALLS!!!! I love you and now you have possibility to read the answers for your questions, my love!
Let`s go...

You are right! The feelings between us are so warm and tender that make me happy like you! I think about you every minute of my life! Excuse, honey but my English...I can`t understand what do you mean about "style"...sorry

I can only say THANKS for God that he gave me the chance to meet you! I think it is our destiny.
I told you many things that are my secrets.

How do you think shall the meeting be the logical continue of our correspondents?

And it is time to make our meeting. Because now i have a one month of holidays and weekends.

So the april month is best month to meet you now. I can make a vacation from work, so i completely have time to meet with you. Especialy the april is the spring month when all nature breath deeply! Can you imagine how it will be wonderful to touch to each talk personality...

Sweetheart I think that if you want to share my life with you as i want, we must first meet in your country. I want to understand your way of life, to see how you live and what peoples are around you. Also you can be my best guide and show me what is interesting for you. We are similar in many thought, so i think that what is interesting for you would be interesting for me also. And on other hand i never cross the board, so it will be very much interesting and delightful for me.

Please, say me what do you think about it! I`m nervous! Because it is my only dream at this moment-to meet you!

Forever yours

Kiss kiss

Letter 7

Since the day as you came in my life, it become change. My life has light andd bright colours. I want to live and be happy! Happy with you,honey! I think you can understand me how wonderful is my…our life now. Imagine that in immediately, I feel. And you feel it. Every minute of my life I think about you. There are the butterflies in my soul! I live for you! I live for a wonderful moment of our meeting.I read your letters many times. I really want to meet you. You woke up my soul and my feelings. You are interesting, intelligent and civilized man ...never will forgive myself if let our dreams die. Do you understand me?

I would be happy to visit you, I want to spend with you all my life, every hour, every minute, every second!

I want to come to you as quickly as possible. But I have little to know about traveling abroad! I never crossed the border earlier and I think that I would need the assistance of the travel agency to do everything necessary. I will begin to seek a travel agency to learn everything. May be it will be difficult the trip to you. I want to do all right. That`s why I want the specialists prepare all formalities.

I want to ask you what the closest airport to you?

Emotions overwhelm me again and I've spent the whole you and finish this letter. I wait for a response from you!

I will write to you to learn information about travel to you!

Your Alisa

Letter 8


I do not know how to tell you about the emotions I`m full of.

After waking up today, I realized that the "drug" took up, and that no more than a small portion of a day, hour, minute, I'm just not living. This is the same feeling when you want to be constantly in the elements of bliss, and if it were not for you, I've never experienced it would be incomprehensible to me state. At the beginning of our relationship with you, I really like you to look inside, you know what?

Love - this is a drug But the deeper I studied you, the more I wanted to scream, scream with fear, screaming with happiness, shouting and calling for assistance from the state in which magnificent diving, I could not see themselves and hear themselves, but only unconsciously understand that is very good, and what I feel can not be described in words - you can just feel it. All of this, I called love.

After all, love - this drug. At first I just felt I needed euphoria, lightness, a feeling of complete dissolution. The next day, I wanted more. At that time, I have not managed to drop into, but I liked the feeling, I was sure that at any moment I can do without these wonderful feelings.

I thought about you for two minutes and forget for three hours. But gradually become accustomed to you and hit you full on addiction. And then I thought about you for three hours and forget in two minutes. If you were not close, I felt the same as drug addicts, deprived of regular helpings potion.

And at such times as the drug addict who is able to dose to make robbery, murder and any humiliation, I was ready for everything for love. I have not stopped and will not not go, or who will not be able to convince me to go back.

If a person at least once tasted the elixir of love, there is no escape from this, it will remain in the blood. And all that I do, I will do everything reminds me of the first drops of love, which got into my blood with you. Pursues me everywhere, comes after me hard, until I did not feel completely devastated and helpless. And only then will I turn back and realize how much anguish mixed with pleasure, I was able to survive. That is why I so strongly love you!

So, now I would like to tell you the information I have had
in travel agency. That name is "Atlas- Travel Tour". You can not worry about the repute of it. My far alliance used it to travel abroad some time ago. They have the site. If you want you can see it.
As manager say, it is not so hard to receive visa in your country, also manager have told that they can book tickets for me for a couple of weeks in two weeks.

I was glad when he said it to me.
I told you the situation I live now. My family has some problems with the money. I think I must have some sum with me to travel to unknown country. I want to buy presents to you and your family…

I asked the price and when I saw it I was in shock. The tickets from Moscow to Brussel with the formalities cost 910 dollars.

Dear, it is too much money for me, and if you really want to help our love please write to the agency.

I will go to Moscow by myself, and you will help me to pay for tickets and visa, it is Ok, honey?

The sum of it is too much for me.
I can only hope for you my love…

The emotions are very strong and I can`t understand good or bad. I can only say that I love you and I`m waiting for your letter very much, honey

Your Alisa

Letter 9

My dear!

You become very close person to me. I also want to give you all my love and tenders which i have.

And believe me you will be not disappointed because i' am very sensitive and honest person to people whom i trust, respect and love.
And this is you. Heavens bless me when i found you. I' am very happy.
This days when we will be together i think will be so new in our live.
We would be the best couple at the moment when we together.
You know, today i have understood how feelings jump in many kilometers. You and me.. right here with me.

You know, it is difficult to describe what the feelings of my cover when I write you a letter. Even harder to provide that I feel when I read a letter from you. Your words are wrote with love and care. I really can feel it.And now, I dream, that your strong hands embraced me and protected from all evils on earth!

This night i have a dream about us. May be it will be hard for me to describe it but i will try my best...

I walk alone in park, i don't saw it before. Very wonder place!
There were warm and quite and around me a many of trees. Very romantic.

Then i saw a figure in the end of the park. Well i not sure if park
have a start and end. It is like park in open space.. I dress in white dress and feel no cold.

This figure is come closer and closer, but i' am not scare. I know that it is you. You come so close and i can saw your face. You smile to me.
We don't say any word, i just look in your eyes and understand that we understand each other with out any words.
You take my hand and i woken up...

Dear, i' am very happy to know you and to write you.

You are the most important man in my life...

Kiss you forever

Letter 10

Honey! I am glad to see your letter! My week was very difficult. I had no time at all. The only hour I asked of my boss for visiting the agency. What about the weekend...I do not know. I have so much work! I become crazy! The only thing I can do-sleep. It is no time to fun. It is very very very much deals and duties. I think you can understand that I have no possibility to go anywhere.

The only man survived after the shipwreck, was thrown on the wave of small uninhabited island. He feverishly praying that God saved him. He every day looked over the horizon in search of the approaching assistance. Crock completely, he decided to build a small tent of floating logs, to protect from the elements and to retain their title.
But one day, returning home after a hike in search of food, he found his tent enveloped in flames, smoke raised to the sky. The most terrible is that everything was lost. He was engulfed by grief and anger.
- God, how you can do so with me! - crying, shouted he.
Early in the morning the next day, he woke the sound ship coming to the shore. The ship came to rescue his.
How did you find out that I was here? - Asked the weary man their rescuers.
We saw your smoke signal - they have responded.
It is easy to fall in spirit, when all around is bad. But we must not lose faith, because God works in our life, even amidst our pain and suffering.
Remember, if the next time your little tent burned ashes, it might be smoke alarm, causing the mercy of God.

I hope you understand why I told you this story...
we can only trust and hope. But I am very dissapointed of you

Letter 11

Honey, I miss you too and I want to meet you so much that I can not think about anything else!

The thought that we have no possibility to do it kills me! Sorry, but it is very difficult for me to write you if I know that my dream never will be the truth. I love you and I miss you.

Do not hurt me anytime, please, I ask you

Forever yours, Alisa

Letter 12

Dear, ok!

I love you! Honey, I send you the piece of letter
"Sweetheart I think that if you want to share my life with you as i want, we must first meet in your country. I want to understand your way of life, to see how you live and what peoples are around you. Also you can be my best guide and show me what is interesting for you. We are similar in many thought, so i think that what is interesting for you would be interesting for me also. And on other hand i never cross the board, so it will be very much interesting and delightful for me."
Because of work I can not chat with you, sorry

Letter 13

Dear, I am glad that you made this important for us decision!

And I will answer your questions...

1.) I want you to come to Russia but later. I want to visit you first. I live in Ufa with my mother and my girl friend. We of course will want to be together... I think you understand that we will like to be alone...It will be not easy to spend our time when some people confuse us. It is not easier to meet in Russia first. I hope you understand me, sweetheart

2.) Honey, I am working all day long and it is not possible for me to use the cam. My boss is terrible, I told you!!! And what about personal phone tariff forbid me to call abroad...and I can not use the working phone because of my boss. As soon as possible I will call you, my honey

I miss you and I want to be with you very much

Your Alisa

Letter 14


My name is Rodionova Irina Petrovna i' am the manager of travel agency Atlas- Travel Tour.

I send you the price-list. You can see all the cost in this price-list. We can organize a trip for Alisa Kisina in short time.
If you are ready to pay for her trip then I will send you an information about payment process. You can pay directly to travel agency.

Alisa will conclude a contract with travel agency.
It will be guarantee a safety of her travel.

Best Regards, the manager Rodionova Irina

Letter 15


Yes, of course, she contacted with our agency yesterday and I gave her the information about the trip.

Best Regards, the manager Rodionova Irina

Letter 16


The Sum of Internal charges: 200.57 euro
The Sum of External charges: 64.62 euro
The Sum of Tickets: 435.15 euro
The Total Sum: 700.61 euro

If you need the Price I will send it to You

Best regards Rodionova Irina

Letter 17

Good day.

We sent you our price-list with new information about tickets. You may transfer money by Western Union service or MoneyGram service. We sent you name of our agent, who will make all documents for Alisa Kisina. This name we must use in Payment in Western Union or MoneyGram.

Last name K O R N E Y C H U K
First name G R I G O R I Y V L A D I M I R O V I C H

When you will transfer the money, we wait scan of payment list. When we received this scan and money our agent begun to make all documents

Best regards, Rodionova Irina



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