Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Reshetnyak to Ray (Australia)
Letter 1
Dear Ray, It was really great to hear from you. I was glad to get acquainted with you and I liked your photos. You look like someone, I would like to get to know better. I have to admit that I am very interested in you and would like to see if we have a chance. Maybe the best years of our lives are just around the corner and fate has brought us together. I hope that like me you want to take this opportunity to get to know more about each others likes and dislikes and many other aspects of our lives. First of all I would like to let you know that I am here with serious intentions and with a great genuine desire to find my soul mate and create family in the near future. I am single women, which search for the true love in this large world. I am searching for man, who is serious in his search too and who is here not for playing games and pan poll friendship. In Internet there are many dishonest and not serious people and I hope, you are not one of them. I'm looking for a honest, reliable, kind and generous man, who is interested in serious relationships and creating family. Life is gloomy, empty and colorless when you don't have your beloved one next to you and nothing can be worse than loneliness. I have a great desire to change my life and searching for a man, who would fill the void in my life and in my heart. I have many love and warmth to give him in return. So, let me tell you briefly about myself. My full name is Nina Krasnowa. I’m 28 years old. I live in the western part of Ukraine in a beautiful and historic city Lviv. You can see how I look like on my pictures. I am pretty and slim young woman. I have brown eyes and my hair is blond. My height is 170 cm, weight is 54 kg. I am very romantic, affectionate and passionate woman. I am an easy, optimistic, very kind and honest person. I love to be around people and hate loneliness. I bring to people love and happiness, and I have many friends. I consider myself to be strong, because I went through many hardships in my life, but at the same time I am very gentle and fragile. That’s why I need very much protection, a strong shoulder next to me; a man, who would take care of me and be my best friend, my lover, my kindred spirit and my partner in life. I am divorced, don’t have children and live together with my mom at the apartment. I have only step brother and step sister, from the second marriage of my father. I work as a manicurist at the beauty saloon and study at the university at the psychological faculty. I think that love has no religious, language or nationality. The only important thing there is love. We are all people and it doesn’t matter in which country we live. I believe that we all have our souls mates in this world and nobody knows where our love is waiting for us. I think that we should not limit our search only in our own country when searching for love and serious relations. I am disappointed in our Ukrainian men. Of course, there are some good men in our country, but unfortunately I was not lucky to find my love here. I am ready to move abroad; anywhere, where I find my future husband, my beloved man would be waiting for me. I do not care about age difference much. I am sure that we can be glad and happy with together without note to cultural differences. Do you agree with me? I really hope that we will keep our correspondence, I want to know you more. Tell me more about yourself. What do you like to do? What are your interests? Do you like to spend your days near TV or going out somewhere? What is your favorite food? What would you like to do on a vacation? What do you do during the week? I am waiting for your letter very much. I hope to hear from you soon. Take care. Nina.
Letter 2
Hi Ray, I don't think that such short letters can lead to something serious.
I'll be waiting for a long and interesting letter from you with your photos. Looking forward to hear from you, Nina.
Letter 3
Hello dear Ray, Thanks for writing back. You have got interested me in your previous letter and I was looking for a chance to hear from you again. I appreciate very much that you shared so much things about yourself with me. And I was glad to see your photos. I want to let you know that I am serious about us because I believe that it is possible to find your soul mate with the help of Internet. But I hope, you are agree with me that we should be honest with each other in our letters and open our hearts for each other. So I am going to be completely open with you. I believe that nothing good can be built on a base of lies. I would like to tell you more about myself and about my life so that you could have impression whom you are writing to. I live with my mom at the apartment in Lviv. My parents divorced and my father has a new family with children. I communicate with my father, but our relations are rather strained. I work as a manicurist at the beauty saloon and study at the University by correspondence at the psychological faculty. It is my last year of studying. So, my life is active as I work, study, and I spend much time with my friends. We go to the gym together, to the bowing and billiards. Sometimes we go to the movie, visit cafes, dance clubs or just visit each other. That's how I spend my time in my city. But my greatest hobby is dancing. I visit the classes of dances. I can dance ball dances, national dances, modern dances, paso doble, rumba, samba, tango. I enjoy dancing very much and it's a perfect way to keep fit and get rid of stress. At the moment I am single and as I already mentioned, I am here to meet my soul mate, a man of my dreams and I have a great desire to create a family in the near future. I was married and I am divorced now. I don't have children. What is your attitude to children? Would you like to have them? If you want to know the reason of my divorce, my ex husband left me for his boss, a woman who is older than me and has lots of money. It was a real betrayal from his side, because we went though many difficulties together, and for some time he did not work and lived for my money. So, you can imagine how I am disappointed in men, because my ex husband left me and ruined our family for money and material things. But I don't give up and I believe that everything what happens in our lives is only for the better and I will find my true love and a real man, with whom we would be happy together. I was born in 1979, on August, 12. So, my birth sign is Leo. The main qualities of Leo are generosity, courage, riskiness. I like to be in the center of attention and among people. That's why I have many friends. Do you believe in stars? Sometimes I like to read horoscope for a day in the morning and follow it. So far I don’t speak English, and if you wonder why my letters are written in good English, I can answer you that translator translates them for me. I hope, you don’t think that my not knowing of English can be an obstacle for our relations. Language is possible to learn, but it’s so difficult to find your second half, a person, with whom you really could be happy. I am sure that if between people there is a real love, they will do their best to overcome all the obstacles on the way to their happiness. I want to tell you about relations I am dreaming about with my beloved man and how I see our life together. I want that we spend all our free time together and that we share everything in life without secrets and lies. I will do everything possible to make the person close to me happy and I want that our lives together were happy, exciting, funny, loving, affectionate, passionate and special. I have betrayals in relations and I want that in our relations would be no unfaithfulness. And to avoid unfaithfulness in relations I would please and satisfy my husband in sex and I want that our sexual life would be bright, various and full of tenderness and passion. May be I want too much, but people in a couple should strive for making their relations perfect and both work hard for it. Do you agree with me? Well, I wrote rather long letter, but I want to tell you so much about me. And I want to learn more about you and to hear your dreams and plans for future. How do you imagine your ideal relations? What should a woman do to make you happy and to be proud of her? Are you happy in your life? Dear, I would be glad to read everything which you would like to share with me and I am looking forward to your next letter.
Waiting for your reply. Nina.
Letter 4

Hello my darling Ray! How have you been? I must admit you have found a place in my heart. We have been known each other for several days, but I missed you and was waiting for your letter. I think, that we would be happy together because we are dreaming about and searching for the same things. I am also searching for my true soul mate and kindred spirit, my passionate lover and a best friend. I want to love and be loved. I want to give all my love, warmth and tenderness to my beloved man and I want to have family. Have you thought about loving someone without meeting them? I am reminded of a beautiful love story I saw several years ago in a movie. The main hero was married, lived with his family, and purchased an old home. In this home he found a very old cigar box that was filled with "love letters". He read the letters and was engulfed in the communication between the man and the woman, especially the woman. He fell slowly in love with her words, their meanings. The story went on that he dreamed of her every night. Somehow, he fell back into time as it was his desire. He met this woman and was very in love with her, as they were together always. The end of the story was that he was the man she wrote to, but this was in his previous life. I liked very much that movie, and I was touched by such a nice story. I suppose every man wants to have such a love for a woman, his best friend in life, his mate, his right arm. I think it is possible to say much in letters, be sincere. I also think it is easy to speak from deep inside, responding to someone's letters and words, responding to someone's photographs. But, actions speak louder than words. I think it would be wonderful to dream about being next to someone who you believe is so beautiful, someone you could love so deeply, be so happy just to be together. Remember, just to be together is so much more important than achieving any goal of numerical importance, goal of luxury. I truly believe this. I am not a woman that needs luxury, fancy cars, expensive fur coats, diamonds. I can't say that I am completely indifferent to material things, because I do enjoy beautiful dinners, nice clothes, things, which make life comfortable. But, I appreciate various simple things, such as just sitting and enjoying the ocean breeze, when the sun reflecting off the water, kissing in the pouring rain, lying on a beach just looking deep into your eyes for a long period of time, scenery of the mountains, the valleys. I think it is the greatest happiness in the world when you experience a real love and you are loved in return; when you wake up at the shoulder of your beloved man... I love nature more than cities. I enjoy watching a fire burn and listening to music. I enjoy dancing and being silly to have fun. I enjoy teasing my man, tickling him so he beg me to stop, which finishes into something really loving. I do see that your words do get me to open up with my thoughts. There are very few people who get me to do this. I hope you are having a nice day there. I am waiting for your letter and your pictures impatiently. Wish you all the best, Nina.
Letter 5
My darling, hello!!! Thank you so much for your answer!!! I would feel very bad if I had not received any letter from you today:(( How was your day, my sweetheart? As for me, I am doing fine, but I just feel that I missed you a lot:(( I don't know what is going on with me but my heart tells me that you are that man, whom I was searching for and we have a chance to be happy together. My mom always told me that I have to listen to my heart first of all and and everything in my life will be ok!! So my heart says me that there is something in you I was looking for... May be I am a little naive but hope you will not laugh on me:) It seems that my idea to find my soul mate in Internet is not so crazy as it seemed before. By the way my mom and sister asked me to say 'Hi!' from them to you:)) I've told my mother about you, and she likes you and wishes us all the best in the development of our relations. I'm thinking of you all the time. You make me smile and my colleagues at work don't understand what is going on with me. They think that I have found some secret lover. It seems that it's time to tell them about you too.
When I go to sleep I often only about you, about your arms, lips... I feel your passion to me. I want your strong arms to hold me now. I miss it so much. I want to show you my warmth and my affection. Yesterday I imagined how we could spend the day together. Here is my dream about us. I am at home waiting for you to return from work. I have candles lit and tasty supper which I cooked for my beloved husband. The aroma of vanilla fills the house. I'm sitting at the sofa, playing with my long hair and I hear the door bell ringing. You come into the house completely exhausted from work. I jump up and greet you with a hug and kiss. I'm so glad you're back and I tell you about it. We sit down at the table and enjoy a tasty chicken and salad. I have a dessert ready. My apple pie is nice and warm waiting in the oven. After the supper you tell me that I am a great cook and that you love me very much... Then we go to the bathroom where we have a hot bubble bath, and I make for you a massage in the bedroom afterward. I dreamt how we were passionately kissing, how you embraced me gently. I felt the taste of your lips, their softness and wetness.
It is such a magnificent feeling... Will you continue the story? Dear, how do you imagine our first night together? Tell me about your fantasies. I'm interested to move on for a serious relationship in the future with you in real life. I'm sure you are as openhearted and honest as you are in your letters and I trust you. If we match, I want that we never part and spend the rest of our lives together in mutual love, respect, understanding, faithfulness. I want that we always trust each other, and be one whole, one teem, one family. I am ready to be your life partner, and give you my love, my warmth, my care and tenderness which I have inside. I'll always stay behind you and give you a shoulder to lay your head on and I want that we share all our good moments hardships together. My darling, I blow million of kisses to you and I hope that some of them will land on your marvellous and sensual body and your lips. Hope you will write me soon, darling!!! I am waiting for your reply very impatiently... Yours Nina.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, We are glad to greet you on behalf of the translation company "TransLink", which our client Nina Krasnowa has been using to communicate with You. I am Nina's translator, Vera Litvin and I inform You that unfortunately, I can not translate Your letter to Nina, because Nina has used all her resources at our firm and is not capable to pay for the further correspondence with You. Your lady has informed us today, that she can not afford the cost of our services anymore. She is very upset about that and she has asked me to pass her apologies to You. She regrets she cannot tell you about it herself but wants to let you know that she would like to still keep in touch with you as she is very interested in you and your communication. If You do not want to lose the contact with miss Nina Krasnowa, since You developed Your relationships with her, we can advice You to become our client and open an account of correspondence for You and Nina. Let us know, if You are interested, and we will inform Nina about it and send You the information about our services and prices.
We provide translation and the Internet services for our clients. Respectfully,
Vera Litvin,
Translation company
Letter 7
fuck off old ugly looser. If within 8 hours you don't send us $10000, Interpol will fuck your ass!
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