Letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Good afternoon Patrice!
thank you for writing to me, I really pleased!
My name is Nina, it's my full name, it's a special and rare name here, so I'm proud of it!
I'm 27, but everybody say that I look much younger, is it so???
We don't know each other yet, but we could learn, right????
I think yes,I'd like to find out your inner world, dreams, desires, thoughts, plans, goals, I wanna know your qualities, lifestyle, job, family, place where you live.............everything!!!
So lets start our communication???!!!
By the way I wanna you to share with me all your thoughts about me and I wanna know your opinion as for me and as for lots of things, promise?
You'll probably ask why I'm looking for love here in Internet, yes? I should explain you-it's simple, I've been always interested in older man, I love English, it's my favourite language, I've been learning it for years since school, and the most important that I can't find careful, responsible and attentive man here. I heard that men abroad are like I need and wanna, so I was thinking a lot about it and decide 'Why not? I wanna be happy, love and be loved!' and come to Internet cafe....and you know!
I'm writing a letter for you!
So I'm new here and I choose you from all, you captured my attention, why???
Are you special? Could you give me all I wanna? I wanna long relations, love, happiness with beloved and...........let's try!!!!!
I live in a small town of Ukraine - Antratsyt, it's usual city, not very developed, but I like it, I know there are a lot wonderful cities over the whole world and my dream to see couple of them!
Do you like travel? I like, I adore! I've been to Russia before, but I wanna go far away abroad, meet new people, new culture, places, monuments, seas, lakes, nature, mountains!
I hope once my dream will come true! Would you join me?????
What else?....I work as choreographer at children group in our culture center here, and I study English also, I'll be an interpreter!!!! I learn English so there won't be language problems between us!Great, isn't it?!
I'm very sincere person, with sense of humor, I like companies, I'm the soul of company, I have friends, I mean true friends! I like dance and I can, as it's my job.
So I enjoy my job and my study, I'm almost happy, but I miss my second half.
I'll tell you more if you answer me.....
I really wanna you to answer!
write to me soon

Letter 2

Thank you so much for letter Patrice, hi, I was thinking would he reply or won't he........
And you did, I'm happy, happy, happy!!!!!!!
I' glad that you interested in me as I'm interested in you!
I should tell you about my family, I have sister, her name is Yana, we're the best friends, she is 26, so I feel lonely never, we spent a lot time together, go for dance, walks, just fun together.
Parents live together for 30 years already, my mother - Vika, father - Peter.
They are so wonderful, I adore them and we're very friendly family and spent a lot time together, but I live alone, I'm grown up already, sometimes my sister lives with me.
Also I have a lot of friends, I don't remember if I told you already, sorry.
As for my likes I like play pool, do you like???
I like fresh natural food but chocolate also:) You?
I like different kitchen and I like to cook.
I like children, life, I'm respectful person, I mean I respect people and their feelings.
My favourite colour is red and black, it's sexy!
Also I like to express my feelings to my man, I'm sure you'd like it also!
I like to kiss! It's so pleasant!
Also I like to go to the cinema, I don't know why but for me it's better to watch new films there.
Would you invite me to the cinema??? We'd take tickets to last places;)
What else can I say?
I like to laugh, it makes life longer and I'm always smiling!
How do you think my smile is beautiful?
I like to dream and to think.
I like show and sun.
I like cars, I can drive but don't have car.
I like you:))))))))))
I don't smoke, drink only at holidays a little cocktails.
I don't like rudeness and lie.
I don't like boring things.
I must say that I'm not very patient person, I can't wait long something I wanna!
I'm kind and polite, I know how to behave myself and different situations with different people.
I like romanticism, moonlight, flowers, ..........
I just can't remember all!
I think I'm more optimist than realist. Sometimes I don't pay attention to anything, I don't worry about problems.
I'm sure everything will be OK!
I always enjoy the company, but I think everyone sometimes wants to be alone for some time.
I like to meet new people, it's exiting to find out something new and interesting.
I always notice other people's feelings.
I want to find someone whom I could tell everything, the close soul.
I have a lot to give and I want my man appreciate it, I'll give all my love and inside warm to make his life better, brighter and happier.
I've been waiting and thinking a lot about future.
I'm waiting for my second half and I'm ready for meeting.
I prefer older men cause you're more intelligent, experienced, reserved,you stand on your legs with confidence, you could be the stone wall for me and you know what you want from life and your future wife.
hope it enough
write to me soon

Letter 3

Hello my dearest friend Patrice, you know I'm so happy that you're my friend and I'm lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life like you.
I really wanna go on and develop our relations, we'll see if we can become someone special for each other, yeah?
Do women in your country always wear boots and mini skirts? ????
I can play bowling, so we can play together one day!
You can't even imagine how happy I was to get this letter from you! I have been thinking of you all night long todays trying to guess will I ever hear from you or not.
I am very glad that we have much in common.
From your letters I have learned a little about you. You seem to me very kind and romantic person.
I search for love, attention, care, trust … I search for the favourite person for serious relations.
If I shall grow fond of the person I is ready to go in any part of the world what to be near to him.
I cannot explain to you that has forced to look me at you.
It was feeling inside me that you are the correct person, I was possible which man searched.
I like to walk on fresh air. I love walks in parks, there fresh air there is many beautiful places where it is possible to come and have a rest.
I search kind, loving, reliable man. It should be the clever, interesting interlocutor, with sense of humor.
The age, color of hair, a figure not so are important for me, as his care, character and the serious intentions.
As you know I'm very sociable, I like to live a full life and I do not like to sit without an affair. My friends are surprised - as I always have time, but my secret is simple - my parents since the childhood have learned me to discipline and the responsibility. I watch the figure and health. I do not smoke, I do not drink and I do not use drugs.
I like to read new books at leisure.
In the days off I prefer rest on the nature, in suburb my parents have garden and in the summer we frequently with friends carry out there holidays in distances from city vanity.
But is more often to me to have to walk on park together with girlfriend's. I adore to prepare and I can prepare for any dish from Ukrainian kitchen. My parents are admired with my dishes.
From meal I most of all love fruit because they help me to support a figure.
I also like to learn the world, cultures of other countries are so interesting.
As I told you that I'm studying as interpreter so I have opportunity to learn foreign culture.
And I think I'll start learn new language later! I think German, or may be beautiful Spanish or French!
How do you think?
And that's why I wanna live abroad, it's my dream, and my parents and sister support me!
They wanna my dreams come true!
And if I'll find my love abroad it'll me wonderful, yeah? May be you;)
Tell me your thoughts!
I shall wait for your letter with great impatience
With best regards Nina

Letter 4

Thank you very much for your reply Patrice, hi! I have been waiting for it with impatience!

I would like you to be my good friend, and who knows maybe we will become very close people one day? I belive that distance can not be a problem for us, we can communicate by means of Internet and when the time will come, we will arrange the meeting, what do you think about it? I want to tell you if you are interested in something that i have not told you before you can feel free in asking me everything you want, I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind :)
Tell me please what do you do after work?
Tell me please about your every day life.
How do you like to spend your free time? What hobbies do you have?
I like cooking very much, when i have the free time i take the cookery book, and try to cook something new, my relatives tell me that i am good in it, and I want you to try my delicious food, I invite you for a dinner one day!
As we know each other for not so long , I have the good positive feeling about you, I know that people can be happy only when they love each other and share the same feeling together, I don't want to have love only from one side, i want my man to love me as i will love him.
I think i am ready to relocate and i would like to be with the man who i will love, and as for the studying, two years is left to get the diploma of the specialist, and I think this will be very soon. Of course i have been thinking about family, and i hope i will have it very soon, with the loving husband.
I am ready to share my life with the other person,the person who will love me as much as I will love him.
I hope you are doing well today. It's a good feeling to know that you are interested in finding out more about me, and allowing me to find out more about you. In my mind I believe there has to be a reason why we were allowed to discover each other. To think that two people from opposite sides of the world are able to find each other... there has to be a reason for it.
Is it fate? Perhaps, but we will know that as we continue corresponding and find if we are a match.
I know that I like all that I have found out about you so far! If we truly have the goal of making our partners happy, I think we will discover that we have much in common.
As for the friends I have many friends, and we gather together all the tine, and i like to spend the time with them.

Wishing you all the best and hope to hear from you again soon.
kiss for you

Letter 5

Hi you;)
How are you Patrice? I'm ok!
I have to tell you that I start missing you very much, why???
May be we become closer with every word and every minute? I don't think it's just friendship feelings, but I don't wanna hurry, I think we should learn each other day by day, develop this feeling, yeah?
what do you think? Or may be it's right, who knows except us?
OK, I must slow down a little.
Sow how is your day? My day fine, even very well!
As you know I teach children to dance, and my group has a little show soon, we'll have a concert in our great square of Antratsyt!
I'll go there to support them of course!
and I'm sure they'll have a great success!
my little dancing angels will show their dance named "shake", we've done it with our group and it's so exciting and fiery!
By the way my group is from 13 till 16 years kids, they all are cute and communicative, with humor sense, so we laugh a lot while trainings!
What else?
Yesterday I went to night club with my sister, we had fun!
I have picture from club! Do you like it???
it's my lovely sister! I'll say her hello from you, may I!
And also I told her about you, and she support us!!!
But I have that I have a good friend yet, but ...
time will show;)
I wanted to ask you if you have a favourite number, I have - it's "7", I don't know why but it is!
Also what do you prefer meet or fish?? Me- fish, it's more useful and light!
Do you like cheese??? I adore!
Also I like rain sometimes, to walk under rain! you?
I like theatre, actors, I respect talented people! you?
Are you spontaneous? me - sometimes, i could have idea and Bang! I do something, go somewhere....
Do you like to dream? I do! before sleep, imagine something pleasant and beautiful!
Are you moody? I'm not, I'm trying to smile but sometimes life is difficult.
Do you like smile???? my smile???
I miss you a lot and sent you virtual kiss get it?

Letter 6

Just HI Patrice!!!
Every time when i get the letter from you, I feel very special about you, really!
i will tell you my thoughts, and dreams which are connected with you.
I want you to share the rest of my life. Share my innermost thoughts.
Know my intimate details, I want you to stand by my side and give me support.
In return you'll get my support. You will listen to me when I want to speak about the world we live in and life in general. Though my views may be wrong they may even be perverted you'll hear me out, and won't easily be converted to my way of thinking.
Maybe you'll often disagree but at the end of it all you will understand me.
I want you to care for me passionately with every thought and with every breath.
You'll help me to see things in a different light all the things I detest I will almost like, I don't want to be tied to anyone's strings I'm carefully trying to steer clear of those things. But when I'm asleep I want you to put your arms around me and kiss me tenderly.
Dear, tell me please what are your thoughts about me, and what kind of relations would you like to have with me?
First of all I would like to emphasize a phrase "I do not want to play games" I hope that really you are so sincere, honest and serious person in this aspect, such and since I am with you. I think that it's vital to support this sincerity, nobility and honesty to come to a happy end, I will never disappoint you and always I will trust in you, but, please you don't trump me because when someone is loved really the sensibility goes beyond the distance and you feel that something is trumping but what I don't understand is...
How such an intelligent, mature, pretty and sensual man like you don't have 1000 woman asking for relationship with you? But I know that I would give you a better and different life. Lucky I Am very different from the women that you knew before, for me to have in my life a Prince like you it's to have a God's gift and this gift it is necessary to value, take care of it,to fuss over it and to love it with all my forces but,as I am a woman who thinks that the feelings and the promises must to show them in true-life and not only with words. I prefer demonstrating and showing you in real life and not speaking it to you so much. I would have asked you on banded knee:)))
for thousand times to complete your life forever.
think about it.........
sweet warm kiss

Letter 7

Hello lovely Patrice!
How is your day? I hope well and your mood as good as mine today after reading your letter! I'm ok, going to work.
Remember I told you about that dance, my group has great success, and we celebrate it with children in the cafe, we eat ice-cream!
We have fun and enjoyed our time and success! I'm so happy for my little dancing angels!
But you know in such happy moments in my life I imagine you near me, I wanna share with you happy moments, even unhappy moments! i wanna share with you everything I have and do, I wanna feel your strong arms and shoulders and feel warm, calm and protected. Just wanna feel you.
what about you? how days passes?
Today I'm going to movie with my sister, we're going to see new youth comedy, I forget how's it calls, it's new Russia film, hope we'll enjoy it and laugh a lot! I wish I could invite you with us, would you go with me? I'd go with you anywhere! I hope while our together holiday in summer we'd go to romantic place and talk, hold hands, feel each other, kiss...... I wanna kiss you! can I?;)
It happens a lot during the day that I forget about reality and dream and imagine you, us.... I can't concentrate! I'm flying somewhere with you! Especially before sleep I imagine you, I think how we do something, even just watch TV together holding hands or I prepare breakfast for you in the morning and we eat together, or we go for a walk, or cafe, or even go to buy something to the shop! I imagine how you move, what you say, how we cuddle.........
HMMMMM, it's so pleasant! yeah????
You're often in my dreams, fantasies and desires!
Know it and feel it how I feel you

Letter 8

Hello my angel Patrice!
I'm very happy today, even don't know why, but I feel so happy, may be it because of you, how do you think? I think yes!
Sorry but i have only that old small pic in black skirt, now i don't have black skirt!
I'm on my way to work and as usual thinking about you.
I am thinking about you so often, that I also started daydreaming about you........ Summer night, the full moon is shining far above us with its golden shine.
We are walking through the Night City.
The daytime fuzz calmed down a long time ago and the only noise that we can hear is created by a few midnight passersby. From time to time we can see late cars that crawl though the darkness and make the night shadows disappear with their shining headlights. Sometimes we also can hear the quiet music, which goes from the night bars that hide under big umbrellas.
Fallen in love couples, the same midnight romantics as we, sit there in the wicker chairs and drink their cocktails in curiously shaped glasses using the straw. They also enjoy this night’s atmosphere. Streetlight turn the stucco moldings on the buildings into the different figures from fairy tales. And it really seems that the Atlantis will step out from the balconies, which they hold, and the lions will jump from their pedestals and will start their midnight promenade. The patterns on the walls turn to some alive interlacing that have just stopped their move the moment we looked at them. But if you glance somewhere else or turn your back to them, the very same moment the city will start to live with it’s secret Night life.
We cross the promenade, go down to the Sea Port, than go up and enter the Park. We pass dozing trees and bushes that rustle quietly and it seems that somebody is whispering softly as if he doesn't want to wake up sleeping trees.
Or maybe it’s the sea breeze tickles them and impedes their sleep.
We come out from the park and get to the sea shore. The soft cool sand is caressing our feet and the light wind is pulling our hair. Moonlight walk and calming rustle of the sea create an incredible atmosphere. We sit down and I embrace you with one hand and tenderly I hold your hand with the other one, we have our fingers interlaced.
We stay silent. We don't need words, cause even without them we can perfectly understand each other and we feel and conceive this world the same way. I have laid my head on your shoulder. We feel so calm and cozy, when we are together.
I don't know when this daydream will come true, the only thing that I can say here, is that I know it will happen to us for sure.

Letter 9

greetings darling Patrice!
you know I'm thinking about you and miss you again! tell me that you fell the same...... it's the first time when I fell this way!
I'm on my way to training, today will be hard training, we will learn a new dance, it calls "boogie", very rhythmic, R&B stile, do you like modern R&B? I like it, especially dancing, so exciting!!! I'll dance for you one day, private dance, would you like? ;)
you'll sit on the chair and I'd tie you and stand opposite you, so you could see my sexy clothes and body, I'd wear blouse and short skirt, stockings and high heels, sexy lingerie, I have a lot sexy lingerie!
I'll move slowly to drive you crazy, I'll move my hips round round, you'll desire to stand up and take me, but you'll be tied;)
I'll touch myself, my breasts, my legs, my hips, my lips, I'll show you my tongue and lick your face, I'll touch myself again, my legs, between legs, I'm dancing for you, I touch my belly and begin to take off my blouse, I'll go on move my belly opposite you, then I'll show you my hips a little and sit on you for a second, then I'll take off my brassiere and show you my tits, my hard nipples, they're hard because of desire to be yours, I'll sit on you again and let you suck my tits for a little, I feel you're hard already, then I'll stand up again and go on dancing, I'll take off my skirt, and you'll see my elastic ass, I'll move my hips again, I'll sit on you and move like we make sex, and you become more harder, oh honey, you'll beg me to let you from that chair and take you..........
but I'll go on my little sexy torture, I'll dance for you till you burning! but then I'll take off my stockings and put my leg on your shoulder and your face will be near my pussy......
ok, I'll let you go and you'll take me into the table, I'll take off your close also and you'll take off my panties with your teeth!
and then.............. imagine;)
I miss you
one day you'll be mine!
P.S. I hope that you'll like my letter, I don't wanna offend you, ok?

Letter 10

Hello my HEART Patrice!
I want to age with you, to see to run the years between your arms, to see since the stations happen, to see to fly the days and the nights and to feel with every second that you Love me.
I want to age to your side,we will walk together up to the end of this trip, and with every day more we love us. We will see how everything changes,how everything transforms, but you will continue to my side.
I want to age with you, to feel that you are only mine,I want to see as the years they paint your hair, how it's settle in your face when we are remaining grow old.
I want to age to your side,I Want to know that you Love me, already you know what I feel, I want that on you having looked at the eyes finds in them my reflex.
I want to age with you,I want that with to pass of the years of your lips even goes out one I Love you, because only I want to age with you,I want to age to your side.
This message might be dedicated to anyone but not it has an owner. This owner is the person who has changed me the life and has achieved that it's different, with more color and entertained. I know that there are many precipices that are opened before us, but also I know that we want to jump them, us to turn and to laugh us of it insignificant that they were. I Love you. It's so nice to feel this that I believe that I had never felt it. And though a world looks alike to get up thinking that I'm not going to see you today, I dream in order that at least we prune to speak or to write us awhile, because there is nothing better that to hear you to laugh, or to read you or probably,yes to feel your lips how they approach me.
I Love you, you are going to read this and know who is the remitter and the addressee but something it says to me that my eyes will say to you something similar to what I have just written, the first time that I see you.
I Would like to say to you that I have the desire to speak with you, I want that you know that everything what it has happened between the two,for me they are the happiest days and that I will never forget them.
yours Nina

Letter 11

Hi my lovely boy Patrice;)))))))))
Tell me how do you suggest to meet ? would you help me to come to you?
I dream about love and I hope that when we meet love will rise in our hearts.
Thank you for being with me. You know that your beautiful words, your care, your tender attitude to me bring sunshine to my day even it is raining outside.
I would like to meet you now, to look into your eyes, to touch your hand, to hear all those wonderful words being in your arms. I know that one day it will be so and this thought, this wonderful dream just warms my heart.
But like I believe that we must share many things and before planning our meeting it would be very good to know all our details. Personally,due by my sensitive, romantic and affectionate character.
I am a woman who likes to discover day after day his couple and for it I prefer discovering you little by little!!!
This page I want to dedicate it to you,I want to overturn in her the whole feeling that I feel,I want that you preserve it in your heart and that whenever you enter you feel my warmth, my tenderness and everything that I have that is very deep.
In a pair of letters it has seemed to me to guess that you are a very special being, with the only maturity and with a very big heart. Your purity and your sweetness have achieved that I feel interior peace and I have a permanent smile in my face this is a feeling that cannot be compared not with the most beautiful metal, because value has no price. Only I can say to you for the time being, Thank you for everything what you give me every day, for your world shows me and for to permit to share it. I am sure of that the interior beauty is obtained looking for the serenity to accept that one that we cannot change, the courage to change what is in our hand, and the knowledge to know the difference. This reflection based on a well-known prayer that I had occasion to read, has helped me and continues helping to evolve as it presents and after the life lives with positive and happiness, in spite of the both internal and external conflicts that so often present us to.
I hope my English was enough to express what I meant!
P.S. how many kisses do you wanna?? I'm sending 100 will it be enough??????

Letter 12

Hello my sweetest angel Patrice!
my feelings for you are very strong and grows..........
it doesn't matter my name or yours though you reveal it we live in a society immersed in daily routines that only it contribute coldness and few imagination nothing characterizes a name, a past, only we are different for what we reach to our lives, we don't need anything specially for to be wizard and sensual, only the desire, the illusion of living with motivation and especially the need humanizes to share at least all good sensations that the mind motivates to do so first of all I ask a wish that is real in his space and time.
Sun for you. The beautiful moon in your sky!! A desire that is converted in expression:OPEN I leave my soul offering you my most sincere feelings. And the rest it will depend very much of you.
Sometimes I wonder myself if it's real everything what I'm living with you, it's so beautiful, it's so wonderful that always I have this small fear that forces me to think that and if this it will never be real?
It's not a distrust it's fear of not being happy, to not being able to kiss you, to feel all this wonderful feeling and never to be able to demonstrate you what I feel.
You must take into account that whenever someone asks me If you are handsome or nice what better response that to say that you are the nicest because perhaps there are something more nice than a flower. Who find it should say it to me, because only you, you are an entire garden full of vines flavor to strawberry that turning me for to prove your sweet lips full of strawberry and abundances of sweetness, if once I could manage to bristle of cold your skin or to burning your mouth and to die there later and if, then, you were trembling for me you will cry on having me to suffer and without doubting your entire life you go to give me like I give for you because You are beautiful flower. You Are spring with soul and shelter in your heart, a radiant love of illusion, nature that generates happiness on having bordered on the dawn. You are sublime support for to be in your arms and to love you, effusive it's your image with your naughty's smile, In this planet's garden you are a beautiful and delicate flower, gift for the eyes for to admire and to love and you are a Paradise for to dream and to live.
Sweetheart, I have to ask you for help, I feel not comfortable but I hope you won't refuse and care for me, and will support me, I have small problem at work, our school have some worries, they will be done in short time, but our salary has been delayed for two weeks, and I have to pay for the flat, pay bills, but I'm almost out of money, could you please borrow me 350 dollars and I'd give them back to you with first opportunity, honey, could you please do that for me?
Today I would like to say good bye with something very special, with a promise, a promise of eternal love.
I'm going to love you my love, I'm going to love you until the Atlantic Ocean thaws, the waters cover the cities and the algae bustle about for the streets. My love for you will last until the volcanoes spit flowers and the walls sing because if I lose my faith in you, I would die. I know,my love, that the clouds only last a moment and that the Sun is for every day but I will say to you more things because as the language is universal and that only it's necessary sensibility to understand it and speak it do you know a thing lovely?
The most beautiful of the seas is that one that we haven't seen, the most pretty creature still has not born.
Our most wonderful days still we haven't lived them but the best thing of everything is that one that I have to say to you still I have not said it to you..
I Have thirst of you, love ... my love and I start Loving you so much Warm kisses
yours Nina

Letter 13

Hi my lovely boy Patrice!!!!!!
I'd be very thanksful to you if you'd help me with money, can you sent them with Western union or money gram please?
To love you in fact is a prize,I don't know if I deserve you, at least I fight to deserve you, but it's a prize, is a gift that any person should receive, but that only I have.
For leaving me to love you I thank you and I offer you thousand years of love that I condense in this kiss that I deliver you from the bottom of my same one. I love you for letters like that today you wrote me, because your intelligence seduces me, because your words caress me, because if you aren't in my Mailbox my eyes cry:(
is this true love????
I have liked that you have written to me today because yesterday I didn't stop thinking about you.
Of Course I am very serious with you and with our relationship.
because we are two adult persons that we know what we want and now that we have found us it would be absurd also to lose it ... and third and the most important to know you,to know that you exist and that you are in my life it's the best thing,most beautifully and wonderfully that it has happened in my life and I will not allow that you should get lost.
First of all I wish to say to you than YOU have changed my life once and forever and I AM enchanted with your letters and your words, with your expressing yourself and your love, it is like to enter into the sea, that is warm, tender and kind and to be drawing in it.
It is exactly what I feel when I read your letter and you marvellous and wonderful words!!!!
also I miss you and I love you very much.
I'm going to University today, because I have to take some books there, so I'll upgrade my brains:))))))
I don't remember if we talked about books????
I've read Notredam de Paris once, do you know?? by Victor Gugo?
It's so romantic story, I was crying in the end, but it's so exciting and interesting! It's classic, what can I say! Masterpiece!
To be honest I don't read much because I don't have time enough, but there's some books worth reading, yeah? It's duty to read them!
What's your favourite book????
I miss you much, my love!
take care, yours Nina

Letter 14

Hi lovely boy Patrice, even the most lovely boy from the whole world!
I'd be very thanksful to you if you'd help me.
Here's my details:
First and second name: Shevlakova Nina
address: Ukraine
Antratsyt city (94600)
Polyakova street street, 28/80
Open your eyes, I believe, that like you dream and my dream too, soon we will be together and this way I will be able to whisper you with sweet words how I love you. It's enough for me to think about you,for to feel a cold in my heart, to listen to your voice's sound, to feel your passion's heat. I don't need to mention you to surprise if my heart speaks about you every second, every minute, every hour, every instant.
I have a feeling that our dreams will make real very soon.
Only I want to say to you that now I feel very lucky and happy for to have you in my life.
I must admit that every minute I start loving you more and more and every day I wish more and I'm more sure of wanting to share my daily life with you. But if I speak so much of feelings to you and love is because I am woman that I think that it's necessary to fight every day up to the end of our days for to demonstrate you that I love you with madness,for to demonstrate you that I am woman very different from the women of your country,for to demonstrate you that you can trust in me fully and to open your heart and your soul to a woman who will never disappoint you. I LOVE YOU.
By the way, before I forget. My parents and my family they have asked me to send you big kisses and warm and kind regards and also best wishes to you and to your family and they are really looking forward to know you in person and they wish us luck and understanding,they hope that everything between us will be great.
I will be the most lucky and happy woman from this world when I'll be with you