Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Srigina to Patrice (Belgium)
Letter 1
I got your mail now and i see you there on instance message which is you have responded. I have went trough you profile and i really enjoy what i saw there that's why i think i should go straight and let you know what i have for you in mind. Firstly you are welcome in honor and with due respect from me Olga, As you can see I am happy to find new friends on the site and you are first man that i want to communicate so i think there must be something great that is coming out from there that's why i think i should continue with you and see were we can go from there. And again thank for the mail, its was nice to read from you again. Now you made me feel glad, so I want to make you feel better after reading of my letter. I like films, especially the historical ones. My favorite one is about queen Elizabeth. What about my favorite music i should say that i can listen to music in all directions. Of course i like classic and pacific music but sometimes i can listen to pop or rock music, it depends on my mood : )) I like reading books and magazines too. My favorite is "Thorn birds". I like Japanese food and some oriental ones, also the Ukrainian traditional food, it is very tasty and I like it very much and I think you should try it too. I am from a good home and family, well brought up with good education, I did not come into the site to meet people that hurt me, or think less of like to meet genuine people, who would not mind sharing anything with me, their thoughts and dreams, their true feelings and their wishes. I am searching for a man who will be my friend and who will respect me for whom i am and not wanting to take advantage of me, knows where that might get us maybe after some correspondence we both might have the desire to meet up some how. I would not mind to travel too... I have never been abroad, so I dream about travelling. It doesn't matter for me how many miles are between us, it only matters what we have in our hearts. It is always possible to find the road to reach each other physically. But there are so many single people only because they can't find the right road to each other's hearts. If you give me a chance to stay in touch with you I will find the right road to your heart, I will use this opportunity to get to know your desires and likes better, and we will finally build the bridge that will make us united once and forever. I'm sure you have so many questions to ask me such as who I am. I'm interested in you, I would like to communicate with you, I feel sure I can be the lady you will fall in love with and will feel loved in return. So please accept my proposition to continue our communication. I think, that I very romantic person. I like to communicate with people. I very much appreciate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I adore, when I am paid compliments and is ready to listen to them indefinitely. For me it is necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness and the order, I frequently i am engaged cleaning. Also to me to like to prepare for a meal, various tasty things. It is pleasant to me romantic relations between the man and The woman, but probably all women dream to get acquainted with good person to have with him beautiful romantic relations. But frequently such things come to an end.

I think, that for the woman the main thing to have in a life not Career or other success, and strong family and the favorite person beside what to care of him. Tell please, you dream to meet what woman in the life? So I think I should end the letter, I want you to be
interested in me, so I will try to make my next letter to you interesting to you, so please write me and send your pics. Have a nice day!!!!! Sincerely
yours, Olga.
Letter 2
Good morning, my sweat heart Patrice How are you today, is the day sunny for you, how do you think to conduct this day? On this day I want to do some sports. I like sports and dances. Due to my sport activity I travelled very often, but only on the Ukranian territory but I always dreamed to travel abroad and to see another countries, cultures and nature, as I really interested in this!
I see in you the person who I can talk easily with, who is interesting in me, the one who is making me want to know you more and more. I would like to know your soul, I would like to know everything about you. I see that you are not playing with me or joking around, many of our thoughts are the same, our values are very close and we are looking for the same things, we both are looking for the special one. And I think you are a very serious person, you are serious with me, you can understand me and my feelings. I see that I can establish the emotional connection with you, I can talk to you on any topic, it's very easy for me, it seems like I know you for a long time. By your letters I can say that you are a decent man with serious intentions. I like that in you. I think that we are even a little bit alike in that. Yes I am a serious person, but I do have a sense of humor too, so it can be easy for me to make jokes and to joke with you and with other people. Unfortunately it isn't understandable for you in the letter, but I think that you understand that in the real life I am better. It makes me upset a little bit. I am also serious about our correspondence. I like to read your letters and I think that I will really like to talk to you in person, you seem to be an intelligent and well educated person. I am trying to find a soulmate. I think that you too want to find the same. I want to find a person who will understand me and who will be close to my heart, who will feel my individuality and personality. I think that this person is should be older that me, because he will have some experience in life, because he will understand me. I am not looking just for someone who would enjoy life sharing values interests intellect friendship and most definitely a very lasting and passionate love. I would like to explore the possibility of us developing a real relationship. I hope maybe we could be a good match. I think that I am a good person to communicate and to lead the correspondence. I think that you know much of my values and qualities. I am also a very passionate woman who is looking for true love, to love and be loved. I am trying to be in a good fit, you can see it from my photos. I think that my letter is a little bit long, so I should end it now, because I want to write you more letters to you and each one letter I want to make interesting for you. So good-bye for now and write me soon. Sincerely yours
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Patrice. I have received your last letter and I liked it very much.
I think that you are writing rather good and the style of your writing is rather understandable for me. I thought that it would be difficult for me to understand the foreigner’s speech, but I was wrong.
Do you have any hobbies? As for me in summer I like to go in for running, swimming. In winter I like to ski and skate. Winters in our country are rather cold and there is a lot of snow. When the surroundings are covered with the snow it looks so wonderful! Everything is white – trees, ground, houses and the buildings, shops. The scenery is fascinating. Usually snow which covers the land is thick and when the sun is shining brightly it sparkles with small rays of sunlight. If to look closer we can notice the little pieces of liquid gold and silver in the snow. So you see this small piece of snow can be the most expensive thing in our life, but sometimes people are unable to such an obvious thing. It happens so because we are usually busy with our everyday problems and troubles, so such a simple thing as a fresh snow seems to us not important, so we just don’t pay attention on it. I like playing snowballs, and I can say that I am a serious fighter in this game; I used to play a lot, when I was a little child, so I have some skills. The summers are very hot. I can say that the heat is unbelievable, when it’s midday, happens that it is too hot even to breathe. But mornings are not so hot, that’s why if to get up early to run the distance and to make the morning exercises.
So you see that my hobbies are sport and also reading. I think we choose a hobby according to our character and taste and it makes our life more interesting. Hobbies include doing things, collecting and learning. It means everything from traveling to gardening, from chess to volleyball.
Almost everyone collects something at some period in his life: stamps, coins, books, records.
It doesn’t matter much what kind of hobby a person has, he always has an opportunity of learning from it. Learning about this things can be the most exciting aspect of a hobby.
Reading a book is my another hobby. I find it quite interesting. Best of all I like books about history of different countries. Sometimes I read detectives just to relax and escape from everyday life. In this field I think Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle are the great masters. Now I am reading “Thorn Birds” of Kolin MacCalow. Have you ever heard of this book? I read a lot of poetry – Esenin, Akhmatova. All of this authors are Russian ones, so I am not sure that have ever heard about them. I read “Master and Marguerite” and also the Dostoievski’s “Crime and Punishment” some years ago and I found these books fascinating. I read some works of Victor Hugo and I liked them – “Notre-Dame de Paris”. But as for me this book is a little bit difficult for understanding. “Notre-Dame de Paris” was written too long ago, so different life situations, different relationships and attitudes were described there. So write me, ask questions and I’ll answer on them with great pleasure. Good-bye and have a nice day!
Letter 4

Greetings, how are you today Patrice? Each time when I come to the Internet cafe I am happy to open my post and see your letter to me. Each time you bring me joy and the good feeling of that I am not forgotten by you and you still want to communicate with me, that you still are interested in me. I want to be closer to you and to feel that you are really here, that you are next to me, that I can touch you, feel you and kiss tenderly. I want to be really close to you, like in my dreams about us. When I think about you I stop believing in loneliness. All I know that when I think about you I am not alone, I feel myself at home. Do you believe in loneliness? I do not now, the Internet is the place where I find you and I hope that I won't let you go now. I want you to tell you something about how I passed this day. The morning was very windy and a little bit grey, but it is ok, I hope that the weather in our country is not so grey and colorless as here in Ukraine. In the morning I wished to stay at home and not to go on work, but I couldn't do so. I think you will understand me, that sometimes we wish to stay at home and lay in the warm bed, to dream and to have thoughts about our future. So I decided to go to work. Today there were not many people in the shop, so me and girls, my colleagues on work, were sitting, drinking tea and charting. Do you know that it happens very often that girls start listening to gossips of any people, and it doesn't matter if we know these people, or if they are the stars. It doesn't matter anyway, because it is an interesting topic to talk about. So nearly the half of the day we were talking, when suddenly the customers decided to come and to buy some cloths. It is the strange thing – a minute ago we were drinking tea and now we are running to and fro, because have much stuff to do and to finish. So an easy working day has immediately turned in the hard one. Me and the other girls shop-assistants even had to stay for a longer time so as to finish with the all customers. There was someone woman who didn't want to go from the shop, she constantly was touching the cloths and asking us something. Then we just stopped listening to her and she got mad on us and quickly ran away from the shop, by the way she said that we offended her with our inattention to her GREAT person!!!! Can you believe it? This is not a problem of huge importance, but it is not pleasant really. So there were a lot of stuff to explain to us at the university, so the professor continued talking and making me feel asleep After the finishing this boring lecture me and my group mates had to write a test. It wasn't difficult at all. So I am sure that I wrote most part of it correctly, that’s why my mood changed and things didn't seem to me so boring, when thanks God I was free to go to home I realized now I can go asleep!!! It was a wonderful feeling that I have finished everything I planned on this day. So may be my day wasn't very interesting for you, but it is my life, my everyday stuff. So I have to say good-buy for now and I am waiting with impatience for youe next letter. Have a nice day and take care!!!!! Good-buy!!!! Yours, Olga.
Letter 5
The dearest person to my heart Patrice. Thank you very much for your letter. You are very good and kind person. I'm so happy to hear from you again. I thought about you all morning today. I have the dream about you last night. My dream was full of romanticism and I have woken up with a smile on my face. You know, when I read your letters, every time I think that you are so kind and good person. My mind is disconnected. I write to you, from my heart. I never had difficulties about what to speak you. I am ready to write to you constantly, some times to day. I can always find about what I shall be glad to tell to you. I am glad, that we are interesting for each other. It is very important, that we would keep this interest to each other, for all our life. It is very important to keep this sincerity and honesty which we have now. In a life there can be different difficulties and problems, but we shall easily overcome it if we shall be fair and open for each other. It is very important to remember always it and never to forget, that an openness and honesty, it is a pledge of a long happy life. I think words, honesty, openness, respect, kindness and passion, in aggregate mean a word - LOVE. You agree? I am so glad that you got interested in me. I do not know how to explain it but my thoughts about you become intense from day to day. I feel that my dreams about my future family are coming true. I hope you think the same. I want you to know I will try to do my best to be a good woman for you. I think about you and about us every day and night. You don’t leave my thoughts. I can’t sleep peacefully knowing that there is a man of my dreams and he lives in the other country. Now I am sure that my dreams come true. Every day I imagine that we are together in the beautiful green forest. We lie on the warm green grass and the warm air touches our skin. Beautiful birds that are sitting on the trees sing songs, we listen to their music and the light air wind caresses our hair. Everything seems so fairy and mysterious. Then you tell me about your life and wonderful thoughts. You tell me that you were so single without me and the great thing in your life is our meeting. You tell that you have never met a woman like me and I am so happy. Then we go along the skyline, hold each other's hands and look at the blue distance. There are so many deer. The two of them are walking straight to us. Maybe they are inseparable couple of lovers. I wish this dream would never end. You know, I really believe, our fate, our life, our future is a great picture which we may draw together. Imagine that you and me are painters. We will choose the write colors and landscape and the background. Maybe it will be picturesque scenery. I hope we will make a right choice. Sincerely yours, hugs Olga.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear and my great sweat heart Patrice!!! Thank you for your last letter, thank you for your attention to me, thank you for every word that you wrote to me, you are such a wonderful guy. I am totally confused how could you be as lonely as me, how is the life difficult, how can it be possible that we met each other and distance is not a problem for you and me! I am happy and very grateful to the Internet, because here I found you, I found you and your feelings to me. I found that I am not feeling lonely no more, because I have got you in my life, you are so here to me, thank you for this, thank you for making me feel romantic! How do you feel today? Is the day fine and sunny enough for you? As for me I feel really fine. I read your letter with big interest! Now I know, that I have a friend to whom I can tell about my life, hobbies and problems has appeared. The friend who can listen and understand me... Also I want that you to know, that I am so happy to know you, to learn more about you. When I see your letters I feel you feelings to me grow, am I right? I hope that I am, because I feel the same with each letter to you! You can't even understand how I am happy to read your letter,it always happens to me. You - mine beloved, my love, my palpation! Also, as you urgently require me, I too urgently need in you, to want be close to you, and to feel you, your hot breath. I want to hold you by my party, touch your lips by my lips and I will kiss you, I will feel you, I will feel your breath. Yesterday night, I had this remarkable dream concerning you and me. I can not hold it to me directly. I should express it to you, divide it with you. That our dreams came true to us it is necessary to work persistently above it.
We should pass many difficulties. I have understood for myself, that I any more do not present the life not only without your letters, but also without you! Now for me life without you is not meaningful. I can not live without you and on this want to ask you: whether you Want mine love? Waiting for your letter and for your reply to me. Yours, Olga.
Letter 7
Hello, my dear beloved Patrice Today is such a bright day, sunshine is allover, I feel happy, because I have seen a new letter from you in my post. Each new e-mail and note from you brings me an enormous happiness. Thank you very much for writing to me. Yesterday I was thinking that it would be so great to meet my love and stay near him forever. I know that it is not so easy like I think but I think it is possible that I meat my real love. I want to love and to be loved I want to build our own happiness,only me and my man there. My soul has such a big interest for you, now I know it for sure.
I am not a small child and I know that at first almost all men look at body,legs and face. But it is not a problem for me, because I hope that you like my appearance, and after letters to me you understood that I have a rather rich inner world.
Do you like my letters to you? Don't you think that they are too long? If you think that I should write shorter letters please tell me.
I like our communication, it makes me feel better and after reading your post to me I feel strange joy in my heart. This joy is the most important thing in my life now! Each your letter from you is a drink of sweet feelings!!! Ok, I want to ask you something. Are you ready to leave everything and to give everything for beloved person? As for me, I am really ready for everything for my love. When I was a child I was reading a lot of fairy-tales, and of course I was dreaming about prince. Now, I understand that our life is not a fairy-tale and you need to build your happiness yourself. I also want you not to be shy to express everything you think or want to ask, because now the main thing for us is communication and I am sure that you agree with me. You are the person with whom I want to spend all time, and I hope, that it is mutual. What your close people and friends concerning our acquaintance think? I hope they not against. Do you like visiting friends? I do not know why, but I have woken up in excellent mood. And it is because of you! I want to say thank you for this!
So it is the time to end a letter, I want to hear from you again, I want you. Olga.
Letter 8
Hello, my dear Patrice. Thank you for your last note to me. It was really nice for me receive it. Thank you very much for everything you have done to me! You are really the person I love! In your last letter you said that you feel a love to me, that you want to see me here to you. I was thinking a lot about it, and now I think thank now I can answer on question. I think it can be possible for me to come to you and to make a visit. But first of all I want to ask you if you are ready to receive me like I am, to receive me whole with all my advantages and disadvantages? I hope that you do. I want to say you that I am not a perfect ideal, sometimes I can be just unbearable, sometime not…I think that soon you will get used to me. I want to ask you some questions before we will start and go on more serious level of our relationships. Are you ready now? So lets begin, but first of all I ask you to answer on the questions truly and honestly. Are you still continuing the correspondence with other girls? Are you still writing to them a romantic letters? Are they the same letters as you write to me? I hope that not…. Because I want so much to believe you…. I don’t want to play games, nor to be betrayed. I think that now I have this right, don’t you think so? The next and the most important question are you ready to help me, to wait with patience until everything will be done, until everything will end and we finally will be together? I need your support, financial support. Now I don't feel confused when saying it, because I am a girl from a usual family, I have to live alone, because I have such a destiny, I don’t receive any help from my relatives, and I will never ask them. I have to earn on living alone. I am not a lord, I am not a princess, I am a usual girl from a good family, I want to be educated and I pay for the education from my earnings, parents will never help me. I want to believe you, I am so fed up with loneliness, I want to be happy, I am fed up from the being not understood.
So you see my fate, my problems, but are yu ready to be with me? kiss you
Letter 9
Thank you for your letter Patrice, My yesterday evening was full of the fantasies about you and about our future. You told that it would be extremely nice time, when we will be together and when we will have so nice opportunity to realize all your ideas about the traveling. I already imagine myself staying on the island with you, I want to break your usual schedule of the day- you are not going to have the same things every day, I will make your life colorful and different. You know, honey, I’m a great creator and I like all new and unusual things which can be very pleasant for the person whom I live by and so whom I love. I need a little support in these things but I think that the result will be the greatest. I already have some things like those ones in my mind. Honey, I really want so much to do all that for you! Just imagine the morning- the sun is shining through the leaves of the trees and somehow falls on your face, you open your eyes and look into my ones- I understand everything you want to tell me about, I gently touch your lips with mine and you can taste the sweetness of yesterday strawberry on them.
Then you continue kissing my face and …I can see that you feel the greatest pleasure touching the every inch of my skin, feeling the hotness of my body and my soul. My hear falling on your shoulders and on your lips…then you kiss my shoulders and all my body just melting from your closeness, I really melt into your arms. I love your tender arms most of all in the world… then I let you do with me everything you want, cause from that moment I am an absolutely slave of Yours and I like this temporary slavery with you. Somewhere the birds are singing but you do not hear them- the real music for you is the sounds of my hot breathing. And you exactly know that the every breath of mine is ONLY FOR YOU and BECAUSE OF YOU! …at the end I would make you massage and now YOU are crazy of my arms and of the strength which you feel in your body after it. While you are having some rest, I fix you coffee- I like to do it specially for you- I never drink it with you, cause I like just look at every your movement. When you cope with it, you take me on your hands and go downstairs to the pool. I like when you carry me- I feel your protect . You tenderly lower me into the water of the pool and come to me too. We begin our water play… you smile and laugh a lot, you try to catch me-but I am like the golden fish ?.
when you at last catch me, I tell you that I will bring to life only three your wishes, you smile again and tell me them… What are they, honey?
Letter 10
Hello, my dear and my best friend Patrice. Each time I write you a letter my heart fills with all my hopes and love. My feelings grow from day to day, I feel that I am constantly thinking about you, I can't imagine how I could live all that time without you. I am happy that mankind invented such a wonderful thing as a computer, as an Internet! Do you think so too? I think that you are mine sunshine, that you are the air I breath, you are mine hope for the future and my dream. You are mine night with. I wish so strongly you were so close to me, you were here and understood my feelings! I feel your understanding, I feel your hot breath, I wish I could talk to you softly and tenderly, I wish I could touch your hot skin.... My love to you is growing and growing with the each moment! You are my sky, so each time I see the sky I see you, your eyes. Each time I see the water and the river I see you and your smile. Each time I touch my bed i touch you, your hot hands and your lips.... But now my thoughts make me feel ashamed, because I have to tell you about my problem. I have never asked about the help, I hate asking, but I have to do so now. I can not ask for help from my “truly-loving relatives, because I don’t think that if they didn’t want to help me. I hate them! They don’t care. They are unable to understand, they don’t have any normal human feelings, may be they are the animals, but not people. If you can, if you want to help me, if you are interested in my future, if you understand that I really need you, you will help me. But if you don’t want to, I want get upset. I will just forget about it as a nightmare, I won’t disturb you anymore, because I understand that you aren't the person who really cares about me and I was wrong, if I was thinking so. My fingers are shivering when writing this words, I have never asked about anything, especially about the money. But believe me I just have to do so. Please understand me, that life is hard, especially for a girl, left alone and lonely in this big word. A have got some troubles. They are not so serious, but really I am fed up with them. I live in the apartment which is situated in the old region, our houses and flats are old. When I decided to rent an apartment and to live separately from my parents, I rented not a very expensive flat, so as I could be able to pay for the rent. But all the things there are going to be ruined. I have got a windows in the apartment, and it always blows from the holes there. Actually I can get through it, because I feeling ill constantly, especially in the winter. Again I have got a cough, so I decided to change the old windows from the flat on a new, modern ones. I have changed in all the rooms actually, except the windows in my bedroom. The procedure of repairman takes too much time and money, but it better to be done, than to feel constantly ill and cold. I need to change the only one window, but unfortunately I don't have any money for it. I thought about asking money from my friends, but unfortunately they don't have the sum too at the moment, they say they can give it in two weeks, but I need it now, so than I remembered that I have got you. I am asking you for the help. My heart is trebling I am so afraid!!! I am writing to you a letter and I feel that life is not fare. How many bad things happen with us, each time when we wait and hope that everything in the future will be good, that anything bad won’t happen with us. As soon as we begin to believe that our future will be for sure not full of tears and sad experiences, of problems and troubles. Now I sit in front of the computer and think that life is so unfair, I can understand where it finds such situations which we are unable to overcome? May be you don’t understand why I am telling it, but money is the part of life, without which be can't live. I need only $330. Can you help me with this small sum? I just don't have this money now at the moment, but I think I will get them in 2 weeks from friends. So if you can, please help, and I promise to give it back to you in two weeks, as soon as I will get the money I will send you back. I promise.
I don't know where else to ask, I just don't know... You are my last hope, because I was long time thinking what to do, and than I remembered that I have got you....Thanks God that I have got you! I am waiting with an impatience your answer on my letter. Any your answer will be good for me, because I believe that you are a good person and that you have understood my life situation.
I am waiting for you. Sincerely yours, Olga.

Letter 11
I'm happy that you will help me.
Now I can sleep calm.
his is my postal adress:
Ukraine,city Kirovsk(93800),
street Tolstogo,10/22
Surname - Srigina
Name - Olga
Please send me if you can through Western Union or moneygram , because it`s found near by my home.
Letter 12
MY LOVING PATRICE, I would like you to know that I'm the happiest woman in the world because I have such a loving, tender and caring man, my darling. My heart and my soul is under your control, I fall in Love with you from the very beginning of our relations. I always think about you, about our future together. I'm glad to know that we have the common wish to be together.
I've never heard such a wonderful and loving words. I don't have words to express all my feelings which I have to you darling. We were created to find each other, we wait for this moment for a lot of years and finally we can be together. Two lost souls which found each other. My heart stops every time I read your letter because it feels your words so hot, so tender and so loving. I Love You, I can repeat this words again and again. My thoughts are totally with you, my soul is yours and my heart is the part of yours.
I miss you so much, I want myself to be close to you and make all our dreams true. My heart is filled with tender, sweet, loving feelings to you. Each of your letter, each line, each word inspires me. My Love, I make the sexy photos especially for you, at the photo studio. Hope that you like it, don't you?
My whole being aches to be with you. The first day we meet is like a dream.
I will see you and we will embrace and kiss. We will tour the town and eat a romantic meal. As we talk I will stare into your eyes and be lost forever in your soul. We will spend hours talking and getting to know each other and it will feel like only seconds. I want to complete you and win your heart. I want us to be totally in love. Yesterday I was swimming and saw two people in love in the swimming pool. They were dancing, embracing, and hugging in the pool. It was like they were in their own world. He was totally and fully consumed with her and she was him. It was so beautiful to see two people totally passionately committed to each other. All I could think of was how committed I am to you. I see us at a swimming pool or at home and I am fully and totally focused on you. The whole world does not exist just you and me and everything I do and you do is all based on us. We are totally consumed in love and passion for each other. I can not wait to meet you and get to know you. I want to be yours and you mine forever. My dear, you are so wonderful and I think that there is no better person then you in the whole world. My dear, I am sure that I'll be happy with you because you have such a golden heart and beautiful soul that it is impossible not to be happy with you. My dear, I am sure that your friends will become my best friends. I hope you are doing well. Olga
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