Scam letter(s) from Irina Mirina to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love John!!! I very much regret, that you represent me scammer. Believe I never and did not think at all to be engaged in it{this}. I only wish to find the love. When I have started to search for the love on the Internet, I have got acquainted not only with you my dear Thomas. I have got acquainted with 5 men and corresponded with them. I chose from them that the man which is really necessary to me and have found it{him} in you my favourite. I on the present have fallen in love with you and I can not without your letters. I have explained to another, that I have fallen in love with other person in you and I hoped that they have understood me. I think, that they have taken offence at me and have placed me in a site as scammer. To this{thus} they have decided to revenge me. Please excuse me, what I have not written to you about it? But me as employees the Internet of cafe that there are such people who steal the information from other boxes have told and deceive people. From my box in the same way could steal my photos and write to other those people deceiving them. I am in an awful condition and I do not know that to me now to do{make}. I can lose you my favourite John and believe to me of it{this} very much it would not be desirable. Because I very strongly love you and I can not find other person as you to find with it{him} the present{true} happiness. I hope that you completely understand me in my today''s letter? I LOVE YOU!!! Please believe to me and do not leave{abandon} me my favourite John? Your love Irina!!!
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