Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Zemlyanaya to Larry (USA)

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Letter 1

My darling Larry
You know today with me the big trouble. I went from Embassy by the underground to the airport. I carried all your money with myself. I have put your money in a bag. In the underground car was to many people. I do not know, that with me happen. But I held in the hand only handles from a bag. Someone simply a knife cut off my bag. I do not know, that to me to do. Darling Larry, excuse me, forgive me. I did not want it. I simply wished to arrive to the airport to find out about a start and to go to Bank what to send you a part of money which you asked me. I regret, that all has learnt so badly. I have noticed at a building of branch many suspicious people. Probably, this gangster simply waited for me at Embassy. Then he followed me to the underground. In the underground it simply cut off an edge my bag when was to many people. I have run at once to the militiaman to ask the help. It only has made a helpless gesture. The militiaman has told, that it will do the utmost. He also has told, that there are chances to catch no gangster. I am very afflicted. Larry I did not go yet to the airport to exchange the ticket. I do not know, that to me to do. I understand, that you have spent much for my trip to America. I will return you your money. I will work to return you all money which you have spent for me. Darling Larry, I very much love you. Please, understand me I understand that you are ready to kill me, but please forgive me, I am very strongly guilty to you. I already have tested many troubles in Moscow. Certainly, Moscow - very beautiful city. Only this city has brought to me a lot of a grief. Larry, help me. I do not know, why I such unlucky. I know, that you any more have no money. You have spent all money for me. I am very guilty to you, you can will lose the house because of me. But understand me, I do not know that to me to do.
I will work in the afternoon, and in the evening we will spend time together. Larry, please, take away me from here. I do not wish to remain here.
I just now could write to you, I was in a site of police and filled the statement, I very strongly cry, I do not know that to me to do. I would like to roar, I wish to cry.
To me very difficult, I wish to finish a life, I such unsuccessful.
Larry, please understand me. I very strongly love you, and I will always love you, that you would not speak to me.
You the most good person on light, you do not deserve so much many problems.

Letter 2

My love Larry
Excuse that I have not written to you earlier, now I was in police and made out the temporary passport, all my documents have stolen together with money. Larry, all your money at me was with themselves, I did not lay down them in bank.
Favourite mine Larry, forgive me for such error. But I know anything concerning a credit card.
Larry, I do not have any documents and I cannot arrive to you, today to me have given out only the temporary passport, and any another. Now I should go to the city what to restore all my documents.
Larry, I am very sad also I do not know what now to do. Favourite mine, please forgive me, but I will love all the same you and to be only together with you.
We necessarily will meet you.
Larry, I will write to you as soon as I will be in houses. And now I need to go. Please be not angry with me.
Yours Marina

Letter 3

My Larry
I do not have any money. In embassy I took all money which from me there was money. I took all that I had it 3200 dollars. All this money at me has stolen. Now I hope only for police. I now do not know that to me to do. I do not know as I can return you apartment. I cry also I do not know what to write to you how to explain to you.
Very much it is not convenient me before you. I very strongly love you, you the best person and you should not have such problems. Favourite mine Larry, please forgive me, but I held the sum at myself in hands, and I have not thought at all that at me can cut out the sum and get my money. I at all did not know that so can make. In my city never heard about it, I knew that can snatch out the sum from hands if her strong not to hold in hands. But when I have seen the sum with a cut that I have thought that I have simply torn about what-be an iron detail in the underground. BUT when I all weave aiaaaaean before that me has amazed the big shock. At me now still all the big shock, I do not know that as to me to find money what to give to you.
My love, I beg you, please understand me.
I love you, but I any more do not know what to write. I cry from all these problems, it is very a shame to me before you, for that that I have put you in such inconvenient position.
Favourite mine Larry, I very strongly love you and do not throw me.
I Love you.

Letter 4

Hello my love Larry
I have just arrived to the city. I have reached normally. I am very strongly upset. It is a shame to me before you with that that I have spent your money. It is very a shame to me because of it.
Favourite mine Larry, I so miss on you, to me is very sad.
Now I will go and there will be aincoaiaaeeaaou all I aieeiaiou, I will restore the Russian passport then I will restore the passport for travel abroad, only then I can leave again for Moscow and I will restore the visa.
Please do not worry, all will be excellent.
I love you, you the most favourite person. Larry, all these problems only strengthen our love.
I will write to you as soon as I will have a possibility.
Know I still all I love you and I will always love you.
Yours Marina

Letter 5

Hello my love Larry
I am happy to see your letter. How at you business?
I understand that I am very guilty to you. You really do not deserve such big losses because of me. To me it is very sad, I really did not want that it. I even could not think of that that can plunder me. I had such fine feelings after to me have given out documents and I could sits down aboard the plane. I was very happy. I rejoiced and smiled. I was as though in heavens with happiness. My thoughts were not about that that can plunder me, and about that that we with you soon will together. My feelings were so fine, that I could not think that at all can plunder me. Favourite mine Larry, I so wish to return all back before I left embassy and then to take your money with myself and to put them in a brassiere and what can pull out nobody my money.
I cry from it. To me would be so perfectly that we with you could be together and are happy. Now I would like to move to you and to kiss and tell that I very strongly I love you. You the finest person on light.
Larry, yesterday I was in "the passport a table" and have handed in the statement on restoration of my documents concerning my Russian passport, the passport for travel abroad, as the birth certificate. All these documents will be ready approximately within three days. But for that what to restore them it would be necessary to pay the commission at a rate of 170 dollars.
As I was in travel agency and found out about restoration of my visa and tickets. To me have told that restoration of my visa is required about one week, and it also is required about 200 dollars. And concerning tickets. For this purpose what to restore tickets to me it would be necessary to grant the sum at a rate of 400 dollars. It is the big sum as I did not inform them on that that I will not take off that day. I could not write the statement for carrying over of tickets as I did not have any documents. All my documents confirming my person have been lost. Now what to me have again restored my tickets to me it is necessary to pay 400 dollars.
My dear Larry, it would be required to me about 800 dollars what to restore all documents and I could arrive to you. I do not have such money, and my family too does not have possibility to help me. As I and my mum already would borrow money for this purpose what to leave for Moscow very much. I do not have possibility to find such big money.
I do not know now where to me them to take. Whether now I will try to go to my girl-friends and friends and to ask them I can to help it to me with such big money. But I am not assured in it.
Larry, you can find this money? Try please, and that I hardly can find such money.
Please it is good?
Now I will go to friends and I will try to persuade them on that what they have helped me, but I think that it hardly will turn out.
I love you, I will write to you most likely tomorrow as today already hardly it will turn out.
With love yours Marina



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