Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Basalaeva to Jeff (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello once again my dear and love Jeff!!!
You to me have given the reference. And I there have come. And I was horrified. Who that took my photos. Also uses it. And it spoils ours relations with you. My dear, I did not speak to you earlier. That I searched earlier for the person in Russia. I had no address. I had only a profile on Russian site. And I almost a photo have put all there. That saw me. My dear. And who that has stolen my photos. I do not understand as it it has turned out. But who has stolen my photos. Also has started to use. My dear, I speak you the truth! I always was fair with you! I when did not deceive you! I really love you! And I wish to spend all life with you! My dear, to me it is very insulting that you suspect me. After all I called to you. I wrote all time. And you think that I wrote to you and called from FOR MONEY???????????
Money it angrily. I when did not pursue money. I the fair person! And always was such! And me it is insulting a little that you could to think of me badly. As I spoke today to you in the morning. That I can show you the contract with agency. I took it. Also I send to you. As if you wish to inform on me. Inform. To me not that are afraid. After all I really real person. Simply who my photos has stolen that and used. My dear, I still love you! And I do not know. Can you will throw me. It will be for me any more a life without you. As I live only one thought. To be fast with you. Solve. After all you me know all is better. And you should not think of me badly. After all I always speak you only the truth!
Katya. ps
Even if you will throw me, I you when I will not stop loving. And I am not afraid that you inform. To me not that are afraid. I the real person. It is you know. As I called to you already many times.
Letter 2
hello mine love Jeff!!
I love you very much!! And I am valid you I deceive. My dear, I do not understand about what you to me write about IP addresses. I do not know that this such. I do not understand, that you there have found. I do not understand that this such. My dear as you search IP for addresses. And what is it? I love you!! And I wish to meet you still! As I as can look yours IP addresses??????? I as should be convinced are real. I live in city Shumerlya. And I do not understand, that you there have found. I look forward to hearing from you! I hope that you still will understand that I real! I after all really love you! My dear after all we spoke on the phone!! Why you do not trust me? Why you do not trust that who that has stolen my photos. I look forward to hearing!
Yours Katya. My dear, I write to you now. And at me tear.
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