Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Zakirova to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Mark! How are things going with you?

I am glad that you have answered me my interest. It is very interesting to me to learn and tell you about itself.
I the big optimist also trust in all good. My name is Christina. As I have written you the letter of the first, to it I will tell about myself the first. I very vigorous person and I cannot sit on a place I like to be engaged in various affairs. To me of 27 years and I was born on February, 1st. My friends say, that I do not look on the year, but it is the truth! By the way about their my friends at me I am a lot of and all of them the same optimists, as well as! I hope that to you will be interesting to correspond with me. I never was married! As I have not met the reliable and true man in the life! And you were sometime married?
I send you the photos. And you the as it will be very interesting to me to look at you have gone to me!
I hope to me it will be very interesting to communicate with you! For me it will be very interesting to find the sociable, true and pleasant man!
I will finish the letter. I hope that I have not tired you? I wait from you for the answer. Christina.

P.S. Tell to me the present name! Also do not forget to send me the photos!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Elmer! =) How are you? I am glad to receive your answer.
And I as am glad, that we continue ours with you dialogue with the big pleasure and with a considerable quantity of smiles on the person! I will continue to tell about myself. I work as the seller in a bookshop and I very much like this work, I love dialogue with people and as I love books. I love children because they are the basic visitors of our shop, but I have no, as I never was for the husband.
Elmer, I have chosen acquaintance through the Internet, as it in my opinion the best way to find to myself loving person.
Mmm... You look very beautifully on these a photo. I think, that I can receive a photo in each following letter!
Elmer you liked my photos? As I spoke I work as the seller in a bookshop of my city. About 5 years I am engaged in this work and I very much like to do it. By the way I have forgotten to tell to you, that I was in USA I have spent there year living on Brighton-scourge in New York. But I have returned to the native land after death of my father.
My father was lost in accident when I was 8 years old and we with mum remained one and have returned home. Has by the way forgotten to tell to you, that I live in Kazan is a big city which is in the east from Moscow approximately in 600 kilometres! I have got used to live in the big city. At me is not present the brother sister and consequently I am not afraid of difficulties. I live in one-room apartment with my mum and the unique representative of a masculine gender in our family a cat by name of Bonya. I send you the photos, and as a photo of my favourite cat!
Elmer, I will finish the letter. The cafe Internet is closed! I think, that I will receive from you a fast reply. Your rescued Christina.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Mark! It I Christina! When I check the mail that I always I wait for your letter! But when I do not see your letter I very much I am upset! Probably you about me have overlooked? Can at you a problem with a computer? I do not know! Why you do not write to me? I always wait your letter! I hoped that we shall constantly talk to you! Probably I was mistaken! It can and not so, you are simple do not want to communicate with me! I hope that you the decent{considerable} person and will answer my letter! You have forced to write me to the first! But why to me to have to write to you to the first? I hope that I should not write to you to the first any more! I very much wait for your letter! Also I hope that you will write to me! I shall wait for your letter! Yours faithfully yours Christina!

Letter 4

Hello me dear friend Elmer! How are you? How is the weather in your country? I am very glad to receive about you new letters the my dear friend!
Why you send me such short letters? It is not interesting to you to communicate with me? Or you do not wish to learn something about me. I am not interesting to you?
Your photos are wonderful. Very beautiful nature!
Today I am going to continue acquaintance to you Elmer! We with girlfriends have agreed about a campaign in a cinema on a new film! We are going to go for a premiere of a new comedy under the name "Love Carrots". What films like you? I will not wait from you for a return question and I will tell about my favourite films itself! I very much like comedies as I very much like to have a smile on the person, after all it so is fine! As I like films about love as in these films very beautifully show relations of the man and the woman! As they appreciate each other and love!
Having told about my favourite films to me in a head the question has come, and what you appreciate in relations of the man and the woman?
I very much appreciate fidelity and the truth. I consider, that the loving person neither when will not deceive the beloved and nor when will not think of change! I think you will agree with my opinion? I as think, that in relations truth words should sound only, after all this most important thing to trust the beloved!
Well Elmer, I finish the letter for today. I will look forward your answer. Yours Christina.

Letter 5

Hello my new friend Elmer! How are you? I am ready to continue our acquaintance and by the way every day I like to have dialogue with you my dear Elmer more and more!
In the first picture-it your dog? It very beautiful. These photos are made by you?
How there has passed your day Elmer? I was at a cinema and I liked a new film. In this film showed as the man and the woman have exchanged bodies. To me was very cheerful to look at them and we with girlfriends all film laughed. It was interesting to appear in an opposite sex body. I think I could cope with man's duties! But I cannot present myself in the form of the man, it would be looked ridiculously enough =).
Today on work to me the director of our shop has approached and has told to me, that will be very fast for workers of shop a concert at children's musical school and to me have given the task to collect gifts for them! By the way about the music, you prefer what music Elmer? I can listen to music depending on my mood. When to me it is cheerful and at me fine moods I listen to fast and vigorous music and when to me it is sad and bad I can listen to something slow and quiet but as to me very seldom happens sadly it turns out that I listen to fast and vigorous music!
I wish to ask you last question for today. You like to read, if yes what books are read by you Elmer? I love novels. I very much like romanticism and I its big admirer! And still I very much love adventures, after all it so is healthy to travel and find to itself adventures!
Elmer, today I had a heavy day and to it I will finish the letter today. I will wait from you for a fast reply the my dear friend!

Letter 6

Greetings my sweet! I checked today mail and have not found your message. I have been afflicted, that you do not write to me. I very much wait for your letter! Can at you that-nibd happens? I will not guess, and you to me write all in the letter. Do not force me to be nervous. I wait with not patience of your letter. About respect Christina.

Letter 7

Hello my love friend Elmer! How your affairs Elmer? Today when I have opened mail I have seen your letter and on my person there was an infinite smile! And you have a smile when you see my letter? You have seemed to me interesting, I liked your profile, that there you about yourself have written. I was not present on this site because I have become interested in you and I I want except you with anybody to communicate.
What for to me your money? I the independent woman who can take care of itself. What for such silly questions to me to set? I do not understand it.
Elmer, today I am very tired. We with girlfriends went to the sports centre. I have forgotten to tell you, that I very much like to go in for sports, after all sports help me to keep my figure and as to be healthy. I already on an extent of long time go in for sports. Every day I wake up in the morning and I leave on street, for this purpose what to run some kilometres. And you run in the morning or you are engaged in house run on a training apparatus? Once again in a week I go to an exercise room for employment by fitness and aerobics! In the childhood I very much liked to go in for sports. I was engaged in gymnastics and sports dances but when I have returned to Russia I have ceased to be engaged in professional sports, but I remember till now some exercises. I with ease can sit down on a twine or make any acrobatic trick! I do not like to look sports competitions as I consider, that it is not necessary to look at it, and these should be engaged!
Elmer, I will finish the letter for today as I need to make some affairs on the house. I with huge impatience will wait for your answer my dear!
By the way give me the phone number, that I could call you in the Internet of cafe from which I write to you there is phone for conversations worldwide when I have seen it at me there was a thought to call you so I will wait for your number!
With one million kisses your friend from Russia Christina.

Letter 8

Hello my friend! I have opened the mail box and have not seen your letter. Why? I thought, that we will constantly communicate. I was very much afflicted. Something can at you happens? Write to me please!
I very much like to communicate with you. Yours faithfully Christina!



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