Scam letter(s) from Alisa to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Greetings Willem!!!!! Thanks for your letter. My heart is overflown with pleasure Because you have answered my letter. I have written to you the letter, therefore That I liked your structure on a site of acquaintances. You the first The person with which I try to get acquainted through the Internet. It is new for Me experience. I am very lonely, because I cannot find the second Half. And consequently to me the girlfriend such has advised to try to find The person through the Internet. I at once want to tell, that I do not have house Computer and I shall visit Internet - cafe what to write to you the letter And to read the new letter from you. You already know, that my name Alisa and That to me of 27 years. I was born and I live in the big and beautiful city Kazan. It is large enough city which is in central Parts of the huge country Russia. My city is located not far from Capitals of Russia of the city of Moscow, on the big river which refers to Volga. I would like you to tell that you knew, I search for the person for More close relations. But I also have not refused friends on Correspondences. I would like, that our attitudes have developed in Something big and fine. I very much would would like to learn where you Live. Tell to me please about your city about your family. To me It would be desirable to tell to you about itself, after school I have gone to study in University where I studied five years as the teacher, that is on the teacher The English language and after I have finished university I has gone To work on a speciality, and now I work at school as the teacher The English language for elementary grades, that is for children with 3 on 5 Classes and this to me very strongly to like work. But as and in a fairy tale There is an end, my parents have died in a road accident 2 years ago And we with my sister Irina have remained together. With the sister it was difficult for us To go through death of parents, but how to be spoken time heals wounds and on To proprocession of long time we has reconciled to this loss.
Now mine The sister has married also she lives together with the husband. That I still to you I can tell my hobby preparation peep. My familiar and my sister Speak that I very well prepare, but I do not like itself to praise. To me It would be desirable to learn more about you tell to me more about itself. But Now already it is time to me to go, but I hope to see tomorrow the new letter from You. Good-bye yours Alisa.
Letter 2

Greetings my new friend Willem! Thanks that you have written to me again. Mine The pleasure to your letter has no borders. I am glad not only to that that you To me have again written, but also to that I understand I to you it is not indifferent. As well as you to me. I hope, that we gradually become friends. And it seems to me, that friends should share with each other problems. You Can write to me,
that you disturbs, your problems. I shall try To make everything, that I can to help to solve them. Certainly I shall not be To hide I search for the person not only for friendly attitudes, but also for Something the greater. I hope you will be not against that if I Something I shall ask you. I know, that at you very rich Life experience. And I hope, that you can share him with me. Mine Road I already wrote to you in last my letter, that I very much like To prepare. At me in the best way it turns out to prepare for a batch. Different Pies such as: a zebra, by the way very tasty pie, an apple pie, Different cheese cakes. It is a pity that you did not try the pies baked by me. As Speak my familiar at me talent for preparation of food. That I about meal It seems to me that this theme is not interesting to you. If I am not right write To me about it. I want, that you knew about me all and I try to apply All forces that you have understood me. To me to like to listen classical Music, and at leisure I like to go in for sports for this purpose three Once a week I go to sports a hall and I am engaged in fitness. I am engaged Sports for maintenance of my figure in the fine form. You probably Ask why I have not found to myself the man here in my native city, I Has not found the man in my city because all men are able only To drink ***** and anything it is more and on this I have decided to find to myself the man from For borders. I do not smoke and I do not drink, and only sometimes I allow itself to drink Glass of red wine. I have to you some questions. As you Think as the ideal family should look in your opinion? And on What position there should be in family a man and the woman? On it I I shall finish my letter. I with impatience shall wait yours the following the letter. I hope it will be as soon as possible. Yours Alisa
Letter 3

Good afternoon my dear and hotly loved Willem!!!!! My dear Willem today when I have come to the Internet of cafe and have read your letter I have decided to not write at once to you the letter, and in the beginning to descend in agency of travel and how many will learn to cost my trip to you. When I have come to agency of travel that to me the girl the manager has approached and she has asked me that interests me, I have told that I would like to learn how many to cost trip up to Holland and back she has asked me what class of comfortableness of me I interest has told that I would like to learn the prices for economy class without restrictions, that is on 3 class she have told that flight up to Holland and back, registration of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, passage of medical survey,
insurance, trip up to the city of Moscow and expenses for services of agency will cost about 1030 euros. My dear as the girl has told to me that I should do that because the agency of travel will engage itself in official registration of papers and that they will be ready qualitatively and in the shortest terms. I have asked as official registration of papers she will proceed for a long time has told that as soon as I shall begin official registration of papers they will be ready approximately in 10 days and I can arrive to you, from my city that is from Kazan I shall go by the bus or by train up to the city of Moscow, and then I should go in the airport and from there I shall depart to you on the snow-white liner of airline Aeroflot. My love I would like you to tell that yesterday when I went to agency of travel I thought that I can pay this trip itself, but today when I have learned cost of this trip that I have understood that for me is very big money and what to pay this trip to me 6 months would be necessary to work approximately and I would like ask you you can whether or not help me with money for my trip to you my fine love. My dear it seems to me that I have got in a fairy tale because very soon we with you shall together and we shall enjoy each minute of our meeting and all these days our two in love hearts will be together. My dear since that day as we with you have got acquainted every day, every minute I think of you because since that day as you have written to me the first letter all my ideas only about you and there is nobody more. My dear for all those days which have passed since time of our correspondence I has understood that I love you and now I on the present am happy that very soon we with you shall together. With impatience I shall wait the new letter from you with love yours Alisa.
Letter 4

Good afternoon the my dear and beloved on light Willem!!!
My dear Willem I would like you to tell that I very strongly love you and every day I dream only of one about an our meeting and I am glad that you want to visit the city of Moscow and I hope that I can arrive to Moscow and we with you can will meet. My love but except for good news at me is to you and one bad news, I cannot write to you the letter within 2 weeks because I should lie in hospital on inspection, I was ill not much but as soon as I shall leave from hospital I at once shall write you the letter. I very strongly love you and strong you I kiss with love forever your princess Alisa.
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