Letter(s) from Ekaterina Skopa to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello ! Today, when I have arrived to the girlfriend,
I hoped to see your letter on a box of my e-mail, and it was very pleasant for me,
When I could receive your letter and read it! I can receive your mail everyone
Day after my working hours.
I could read your letter, and it is very pleasant for me!
I am glad, to which you have become interested to me, as Iam, also interested in you!
If you wish to communicate with me we can often,
Know each other very good, and we can be closer people to each other,
Also it will be very pleasant for me.
It is very interesting to me to begin our friendly dialogue.
I hope, that in us, all will be, are a success!
And I hope, that we will have only pleasant feelings from our dialogue.
As me it seems, that you the pleasant, good and interesting person.
I hope, that we can create, our pleasant communications and friendship.

Well! I think, that you would like to learn more about me. Then...
As you know my name - Ekaterina. And you can name me Katya or Katenka!
My birthday in July, 27th, now to me of 28 years. (When your birthday?)
My eyes - brown, colour of my hair - brown Iam.
Silver, white and pink is my favourite colours!
My character, simple, harmonious, also all other my person
Qualities, you can learn in our dialogue!
I - the attractive, decent woman with not bad sense of humour, gentle and kind
In dialogue. Parametres of my body - growth of 170 sm and weight of a body of 60 kg.
I do not like to smoke and abuse alcohol. To me very much it is not pleasant,
When the person often likes to drink alcohol. It is pleasant to me, eat various meal,
But in the moderate and small quantity, for which to have ` t excess weight.
I like to prepare, it very much to love me! I cooking very tasty food,
I like to prepare hot dishes with meat! My love Russian kitchen:
Beef, the Cutlet on-kievski, pancakes, pies, "a potato in a uniform with Cutlets on-kievski"
Also it is pleasant to me, eat the American food of kitchen such as...
Eye Stake of the Edge and Tail of the Lobster!
My aunt, learnt me for what Iam meal preparation very tasty!
But I never forgot, to observe that food was natural and was not
Unhealthy! My aunt works as the cook in "a school dining room"!
But houses I cookery because the aunt very much becomes tired on its work!
Every day at that school, have dinner almost 2000 children of the person and the teacher!

Iam holds my body in the good form, regularly go on sports training!
I like to run and aerobic training! And also it is pleasant to me, go to theatres
And to visit a display of paintings, go to see art galleries.
Like to go with my friends to cinema. In a week end ` s I often meet with
My two more the close friend! And we go to cafe, we meet often enough together!

In our city very beautifully, In summer Iam together with my close friends
Often have walks in a garden of the central city! In our city Kazan,
There are beautiful places, in the centre of the located river of a city!
In our city there are four green parks, two centres
From entertainments and three state universities. Our city is not so big,
Therefore in our city very easy also is not noisy!.
Our city - Kazan. It is located, approximately
On distance of 800 km from Moscow, the population of our city approximately
500 thousand persons, our city is not big, but it is very enough beautiful
Sights. In our city it is a lot of nature, and it very much is pleasant to me.
Our city is surrounded by numerous woods, also in Tatarstan
It is a lot of river. Now in Europe there are insufficiently many cities
And it is also in Kazan, held the numerous nature in a city
Borders. I like to have a free time by the nature, and I go
In our city parks when I have a free time, I in accuracy as breathe
Fresh air! I live in 12 the house,
Together with my aunt. Its name - Tanya.
My aunt always helps me, she often speaks me how to make
As it was better or good! After I have lost last person
From a family - my grandmother, my aunt has not passed
About me and now we always help each other.
And now Tanya, very much more the loved one for me.
Right now I live only with my aunt. Sometimes I feel a little one,
I think it because I have ` t a fine person!

I do beautiful forms of hair for women! Before I have started to work in
"The bar - coffee", I very well went to school,
My love lessons, it were lessons of English language :)
After I have stopped to study at school, I studied in the professional
University art the barman in the Kazan city - this city, nearby
In our city. I have finished university on the excellent. In my life,
I have visited some cities and these cities of Kazan.
Today I have a degree of the senior owner in a modelling hairdress.
I have enough not a bad formation.
Today, I can tell that I the good professional barman!
I work in the workplace the seventh year as the barman, I work 10 years.
My work is pleasant enough for me. I work five days during a week, on Saturday
And on Sunday I have a rest. It seems to me, my work is good!
There is a small shortage of my work, it is low payment for my work.
But I do not despond, I do, and I always aspire to improvement!
I live in hope to find new work! Probably, in other countries my work
More it is required? At a leisure I often like to have rest
By the nature! I like to observe it calmness. At the summer nights
I like to look at stars. And it very much bewitches me, it very much
Pleasant to me observe a rain of stars!

I like to speak about me directly. I think, which you will be not against,
That I write long enough letter, I want only, that you saw,
That I really seriously consider to our dialogue!
Well basically about which I wished to tell to you today in my letter.
And I wish to tell to you, that unfortunately I do not have own phone.
But if you write to me, your telephone number then in affinity
I can call the future for you from station of the distant
Telephone conversations. I will not speak confidently about it
Because not all numbers probably to call from station!
I hope, which to you was interesting, reads my letter!
Well and now I with the big impatience wait your letter.

Letter 2

Hello my friend Jose !!!
Iam, it is glad to each your letter. Your more and more becoming letters
Very interesting Also you become more attractive to me!
It was very pleasant for me, has read your letter. How you do?, how your mood?
It is always very interesting to me to learn newer about you!
I hope, that you feel very well also when you receive and read my letters.
In me all it is fine, I had pleasant feelings when I could read your letter!

Here very fine weather all in green colour and very solar today!
Jose, I wish to tell to you, that it is pleasant to me to carry on dialogue with you!
Earlier I have not been assured and a lot of deceit thought it on the Internet,
But communicating with you, I have understood that it not so
I have understood, that there are such good people who also as Iam wish to find serious relations!
But now the Internet is not necessary for me because now I carry on dialogue with you, my friend!.
I think you the good person, I believe that you the truthful person, I could understand
It from your fine letters! I hope, that you are expressed all your feelings yours faithfully,
Since then at first our dialogue! I wish to have serious relations with the person.
I had a bad experience. Those old relations, are even not worthy
To mention it. Now I have really understood a lot of prophetic after the last relations
And the most valuable character traits, for me in any person - honesty, sincerity and fidelity.
Each person of the person or the woman has negative features, but if
It or it has those 3 Positively, that I mentioned, I think, that
It is a person who is undoubtedly reliable. On whom probably to rely.
Certainly it is difficult to understand, that the person before to observe its behaviour
In various situations. But enough sincere and close dialogue and then
Probably to understand that intentions in this person.
It can be felt inside. Concerning me I never would be, have begun, speak with the person
Which it is not fair or not sincere, I try to avoid dialogue with such people.
In my opinion you the sincere and kind person, therefore
To me are very pleasant to communicate with you!
And I very much hope, that I am not mistaken in mine, thinks.

And I have a desire to develop our relations from friendly in more
The serious. After my relations with one not the good person
I did not have any relations with men till now with you!
Jose, for me it is very pleasant to carry on dialogue with you.
Now, when I carry on dialogue with you, my mood happy and joyful.
With you my days are more joyful and become more interesting.
Now, I think, and I hope, that development of our relations
Will have very fine character!
I communicate with you, and I have forgotten about all bad ideas.
And my ideas become very romantic and fine and some time before night
I dream! In your letters I feel kindness and cautious anxiety to me.
I very much wanted it, the happiness has come back by my life,
And I very much hope, that my happiness is close to us!
I think, which we together in our dialogue move to a correct management!
I very much wished to be with the person who can give me care and warm
Concern to me!

My impressions about my childhood are very fine,
My parents very much love me and give me the big care and love!
When I was small, I was happy the family, my daddy and
Mum. I, respected, and I will always thank the parents, for it they
To give me a life in it a planet in this city. I was born in Kazan
And also lived here. Earlier we with parents have gone on walks in wood
By the nature to have rest. It was pleasant for me, because we
Were together! I will never pass about these happy days!

I would like to know more about you, your internal part. That the fine
Relations for you? In my opinion I think, trust - very important feeling
In relations. I think, it if two persons do not trust each other,
It it is impossible to construct fine relations of two hearts of love only
For one simple reason they will not open the heart to each other,
And their relations will not be on happy 100 %, they cannot create the present love!
I think, that fine relations it when two persons trust everyone
Another completely and hide nothing from each other. Know,
As it sometimes happens, when everyone the partner, always wish to check up
Relations on duration. I saw such incorporated pairs. Unfortunately in
This pair there was my girlfriend and its friend which constantly did not do
Trust its feelings. A month later this pair has been already divided.
I would like to concern, when both persons in steam trust
Constantly in any situations. Certainly there are exceptions.
When two persons wish to be only together with each other, they do not do
Want something superfluous problems in their relations, they speak everyone
Another everything, that they think. They discuss and solve all arisen problems
Together. Also they speak about everything, even about secrets.
I hope, that you understand that I speak. It similarly, they have
Understanding in relations, but they understand each other all time.
I think, that it to the named Present love if, when two persons - together
All time and if they are separated within one hour, it seems to them
Similarly, they did not see the friend the friend the whole eternity.
I will be very glad and happy, if we can reach it together with you.
I have told it to you because I trust you, and I think, that you should know
About me all. I ask, that you have told to me about these As you will spend day,
Than are occupied, how will spend free days? Tell to me about
Your friends and about your relatives.
For me it is very important for knowledge of people with which your life nearby!
I with impatience wait for your letter and your photos,
Your letters are always pleasant for me, it as a beam of the sun among dark day :)

p.s. I too hope for a meeting I think that at all of us will be good!
You very much like me Jose!!! You could send me the photos! I very much wish to look at you!

Letter 3

Hi my sweetheart Jose !!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
I am very grateful to destiny, that I have found you, my love!!!
Each day brings to me huge pleasure when I see your letter!!!
Your letters for me something the greater, than the letter!!!
For me is a huge happiness to see your letter in mine E-mail!
What for you my letters mean?
When I wake up I think of you, my love!!!
When I fall asleep I think of you!!!
When we shall be together with you I shall be the happiest woman on the Earth!!!
I very much want to be with you, my love!!!
You want, that I was with you?
I very much miss on you!!!
You miss on me, my love?
I think, that it is very good when you really like and appreciate persons!
And for me the most important person is YOU!!!
I LOVE YOU And I shall LIKE!!!

YOURS FOREVER Ekaterina !!!

P.s FAVOURITE I am happy that you wish to arrive to me and we will enjoy love eternally, Today I informed it to mine the aunt and the grandmother and mum and the daddy and they spoke to me that TRADITION in would sew to a family that I went to you my LOVE how it is very ancient tradition in our family so all women in our sort did, As my mum did, and my PARENTS were happy Jose . I cannot break mine tradition o I cannot sin! love in me of tear, what to me to do? I cannot deceive the native. Whether you understand? Whether you are possible to help me to pay with documents and I soon I can to arrive to you and we will be happy, I very much wish to embrace yours hot a body and gently to kiss your sweet lips and to make love eternally In me shame to ask you about money, but this decision of our fast meeting, whether you Are possible to make to send me money?

Letter 4

Hi my love Hello Jose !!!
How are you? At me all is good. How weather at you? I think, that our meeting with you is close. I so miss on you, my love!!! I so wait for our meeting with you, my Prince!!! And I very much would like, that our meeting with you Was the most unforgettable moment in our life!!! You would like it, my love? I think, that we shall be with those happy people on the Earth!!! I believe in it!!! I want it!!! And we shall be happy with you, my love!!! My mum transfers you ardent and sincere greetings, And strong embraces!!! Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses, And also my most passionate embraces!!! I so dream, that two loving hearts will be together!!! And these two loving hearts are our hearts!!! Yours Ekaterina !!!

P.s Today I visited a tourist bureau and to me have informed that my LOVE what to arrive to you is required to me and to build our love and a family The visa + the passport for travel abroad + the insurance + other documents (400 euro) In me tears because to me have told that it much very much money for me My salary makes very little it approximately 130 euro You understand as to me it is sad that I cannot to arrive to you? I very much would like, but I cannot pay, what to me to do? You could arrive to me my love? I very much would like our meeting and to me very much I wish to be engaged with you love, in me tears because I LOVE YOU and it speaks my heart which loves and waits for our meeting.

Letter 5

Hello Jose
How you today?
I am very glad your fast today to the answer
I AM very happy that you are going to help me and to send to me 400 euro that I would pay money documents and the visa and soon my love how you can soon send me money arrived to you? I very much WAIT for our meeting when I can embrace yours hot a body and gently kiss your sweet lips and to enjoy - to make love ETERNALLY and to LIVE HAPPILY, today I learnt as you can send me money and to me spoke that exists WESTERN UNION - fast and reliable remittance (there is in everyone mail and bank) as I learnt that you require to do and me spoke you require correctly to specify my name and a surname and the COUNTRY Russia and I can receive your money
Loved please inform me as soon you will make this miracle? I Am grateful to the God that it has connected our hearts in this world, you sense of my life and I do not represent a life without you In THIS WORLD,
You could send me money this week?
Here my ADDRESS:

My full name - Ekaterina Skopa
And my home address :
The Russian Federation
Republic Tatarstan
city - Kazan
Street-. Tereshkova 21 apartment 12

I wait, and I dream for an instant of our meeting in Your airport. I will shout during this moment because it will be from ours Happiness my dear. I dream, as we will live together my Loved , to go On walk, storage for our hands. I want it, you will show me yours The native land, and you love places where you like to leave on walk to Spend more than your time. I wish to be very much with you mine, I want it very much Very much, I grieve without you. I wish to tell to you, that they have so many the happy Smiles for us also, thay are so happy, because we love each other very much Very much. Happiness together! Well, allow me to finish my letter which I hope to see Your letter so is fast, as far as possible.
Kiss you Ekaterina!!