Letter(s) from Julia to Brian (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hello, darling!!!
Hello, my dearest Brian!!!

You know that I would like to start my letter with such a words: Thank you very much that you are still interested in me, thank you very much for your attention and caring attitude towards me!!! Dear, I am so happy that I have found you because you understand me perfectly and you appreciate everything in me: my mind and my appearance!!! thank you very much! It is really very important for me!!! You are telling me about unbelievable things. I think that I will be living in fairy-tale if I can earn 7000$ per month and work by my profession. Dear, kid nap me from here and give me that wonderful world. I will start learning English in the nearest future because I understand that it is very important for my future!!! But you know, my greatest dream is to become closer to you and your heart!!! I do know that we are different people, form different countries with our own traditions and customs but we are still together and I should say that we have many things in common!!! I think that the most important thing is that we have the same dreams and goals for future!!! Yes, each of us has its own world and life style, problems and troubles but we are willing to find one thing!!! This thing is happiness!!! Happiness is not the road but the way of walking through life. So, I have intentions to try to walk through life together with you holding each other`s hands!!! What do you think about it?! I do not want to push on you!!! I do want you to know that I have some feelings towards you!!! I should be very honest with you and tell you exactly what thoughts I have in my mind and what feelings I have deep inside me!!! I am so happy that God helped me to find you and that you gave me a chance to know you better!!! I would like to continue our correspondence very much because it gives me energy, it helps me to shine brightly and to be in good mood!!! You know that I have been dreaming about my Mr. Right for a long time and I am sure that you have values I can appreciate and that you can become my Mr. Right!!! Dear, I am afraid a little bit that I can make you scare because of this sincere talk with you!!! I do not know if you share my feelings and if you feel the chemistry that has already appeared between us but I do want it very much!!! I hope that you are ready to develop this chemistry and to make it stronger and stronger!!! I am sure that if two persons are very interested in each other, they will overcome all obstacles and no matter how far they live form each other and what language they speak, love will surely help to solve all problems and helps them to meet each other and be together forever!!! We have already found each other in spite of the fact that we are far far away and can not see each other every day!!! But I am ready to fight for our future!!! I am sure that if you are ready to make the same for me, we will surely meet and find our common language!!! This language is supposed to be love!!! I will be waiting for your reply impatiently!!! I would like to kiss you and give you all the energy that the sun can have!!! I will shine the way for you which will bring you to me!!!

only yours sun

Letter 2

Dear Mr. Brian,

We are to inform you that your lady, Miss Julia, is using the service of our translation company. So, we are to tell you all the information about our company.

We are:

Translation company which is called "Global Communication". We are situated in Lugansk, Ukraine. Our work is to help people to communicate and to lead the correspondence with people from other countries through professional translations. But this is only one side of our work. We make all kinds of translation: documentation, papers, since works, etc. We use only professional human translators for all document translations. All translators translate into their native language only. This is a rule. We are very concerned with quality and always employ only best translators available.

Why should we contact you:

The reason is that Miss Julia is our client and she has been paying for the correspondence between you since the first letter. She does not have her own e-mail address, we mean that the e-mail address she uses is belonged to our company. She has right to pass the information through us. Unfortunately, she is not able to answer you now because her money for translation came to the end and we can not provide her with our service. She is very sorry for such a situation. If you want to help her and continue the communication with her, we are glad to give you all the necessary information, you need for this.

Why can you use our service:

Our translation company is legal and all the correspondence between people is confidential, each client has its own translator. Our services go from introduction to personal meeting. Everything starts from corresponding, via e-mail. In this service you e-mail us your letter and photograph. We will print the photo and translate the letter and deliver it to the woman of your choice.. This way the letter will be delivered in 1 to 2 days instead of the normal mail 15 to 20 days. Also, international letters are frequently stolen. Price is $5.00 per letter. You can also use our letter forwarding service to receive the ladies reply letter. We will translate and e-mail you the ladies reply letter for an additional $5.00. A letter is 1,000 words or less.

So, if you want to continue the correspondence with your lady, Miss Julia, you need to have money on your account. There are several payment opportunities available.

You are free to ask any question you like and we will surely answer you. Our translation company works from 9:00 till 18:00 by Ukrainian time every day except Sunday. We will be waiting for the further information from you.

Best regards,

Main Manager,
Andrey Tokovoy