Letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Antoine (France)

Letter 1

Hello!!! I was very happy, when I have received yourletter. To me it is very pleasant that you have shown interest to me.It is very joyful for me. My name Marina. If you do not know))) I livein the city of Cheboksary, in Russia. You know the city ofCheboksary??? It is very interesting city. Here there are manyinteresting people, weight of beautiful buildings and parks. Hereagain the culture. In each country, there is a culture. And it on theis interesting. As and for you your city and your country is thefinest place where there live people. It was very interesting to me toget acquainted with you. When I have studied your questionnaire, itbecame interesting to me to learn about you more than is written inthe questionnaire. After all, you probably agree with me, that eachperson can tell weight of the interesting about the life. At eachperson was in a life and happiness and a grief, and each personovercame barriers and barriers in the life. And each person can tellmuch, leaning on the life experience. You probably agree with me????Well all will suffice Marina.... I will tell to you a little aboutmyself. I simple, kind, the girl. Which wishes to love and befavourite. I would like, that my man respected, appreciated andunderstood me. For me it is very important. I consider the main thing,that in relations between the man and the woman there should be anunderstanding and trust. These are two basic qualities which should bein each person. I wish to have about myself the man with whom I willbe very happy to spend all my life. My desires and my purposes arevery serious. It is very difficult to find such big and serious personhere. I have finished university establishment, and I have a trade oftraining of initial classes. Very much to like me it a trade. As Ilove children. Children it is life flowers as one person has told. Thetruth I do not remember who it was. But I will repeat its words.Children this finest, that can be between the man and the woman. I ingeneral simply love children. I would like to get children, but here Ican find that man who would like it, but during the same moment, lovedme. And its feelings were serious. I am lonely. I never was married. Ihave no children. But I very much would like to have them in thefuture with a kind, noble, understanding and the fair person. I verymuch would like to hope and believe, that you are such person. Myfavourite colour is green. It is colour of the summer, all live andall blossoming colours. And only in the summer, the nature can proveto be in full force (if it is possible so to be expressed)))))) At meis not present parents. While I want, that you have learnt me. What Ithe girl, and what soul at me. We will require some time to study eachother. But the main thing to us does not need to be missed our chance.If the destiny has pushed off us. That it is not simple so. Means soit is necessary. Only the God knows it. But I hope, that all will begood. Now I would like to tell to you a little about me directly. Tome of 27 years. My growth - 177 see I was born on April, 10th, 1981. Ilike to prepare, especially macaroni. I love this dish. I live one inapartment. I rent this apartment. I would like to study somethingabout you and to see your photo. If you have any questions to me,please, ask. I will try to answer. I hope, you will write to me soon.I will be very glad to receive your answer. With best regards Marina.