Scam letter(s) from Anna Lichko to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi,my sweetheart,Billy !how are you today?
Thank you for your new letter,i am so glad to get it from you!
Thank you for this wonderful love story that has started and i hope it will never end. I sincerely hope it will be the way we magine. I appreciate your understanding a lot.I know that now I have a chance to be the only one creator of my destiny and finally I'm communicating with man that mean so much for me. You know that its it you .You make forget me all the pain i had before and now i leave my past experiences in the past only. So I'm free to build my happiness myself and with your help. I know that my physical beauty is not the only one factor why you are interested in me. So I know I'm a real woman for you and I know that you respect me for my inner qualities and accept me that way i am. You are so special for me When I receive your letters I feel that my heart begins to beat faster. I do not know how to explain it but I think that you are a man with whom I will be able to be happy and of course i'll do everything for to make you happy as well.I feel as I was looking for you all my life. I imagine how we will meet each other in person. I imagine that you are telling me about your life and looking in my eyes.I imagine how we walking hand in hand and talking about our future.I believe that beloved people share everything with each other and try to do the best for each other. I am sure that together they can overcome any problems.Thats why i decided to share with you something bad that happened to me.
few days ago i came home from work and found out that my door is open,it made me confused because i know for sure that i closed it after leaving apartment.i open it and i saw that locks were broken,i entered flat and understood that i was robbed.there were not so much for to take in my flat.Bandits stole my tv,radio,money around 150 dollars and some not so expensive things.but the most terrible thing is that my door is broken now and i have to put a new one,because obviously i cant live like that there is no any reason for to repair the old one because it was so easy to break it and i don't want it happen again.i've checked costs and i need about 470 dollars for new good one. I think you understand that cant afford it now. please,sweet let me know if you can help me anyhow,i would be very thankful to you.i believe that you are care about me and will not leave me now.
thanks God that i wasnt home when it happened,because they could hurt me.of course i couldnt spent night in my apartment,so i packed my baggage and went to my parents's place.It was very hard and stressful day for i am really hope for your support,i feel so confused now so i don't know what to do.i didn't want to tell you this for to not make you worry but i have no choice. I will wait for your answer kiss you

Letter 2
Hello my love Billy!!

Darling I am happy that you want to support me in a difficult situation in my life!!!!

Darling I haven't my own bank account!Bank accounts in our country have only rich people!!!!!But darling you can send money through Western Union or Money Gram there are departments of both in my town to my name!!!!

Anna Lichko,
Novaya Alaksandrovka(62653),
Gogolya street 67/4

i always appreciate your words of wisdom with such refinement. You have always been so special, romantic kind, tender and honest to me. I want to give you everything that I have, all me and my life. No matter how far we from each other we have built this bridge that is called the Internet. Everybody deep in their soul has a hope to meet this close person and i am no exception, I want it too. I know life is beautiful and try to enjoy every moment of it. Please, write me what you think about this my love. I want to tell you about my dream i had last night of us. We sit by my beach on moonlight evening holding each other close and kissing deeply. The night is warm and i suggest a swim which you enthusiastically agree to. You take off your clothes and drop them on the warm sand and run down to the water. I can see your bare bottom as you run to the sea. I take off my clothes and run down to join you. As i enter the water you are happily splashing about and swimming a little way out. The water is shallow there so when you stop swimming and stand up it just reaches your stomach. The water is pleasantly cool, just enough to make your ******* stand *****. I walk toward you knowing that at this minute all i want is to hold you close to me and surround you with my arms. As i get closer to you i can see your body glistening from the water. I put my arms around you and pull you to close to me kissing you deeply. There is nothing between us and I can feel your ******** against my stomach. I look into your eyes and with a little smile, you pull yourself and allow yourself to slide inside of me. Gently the water ripples and we move together. You gasp slightly but I can tell from my face it is from pleasure. I slide off you and take your hand leading you back to the beach.
As i walk across the sand you can see the water running over the curves of my body.
I lead you from the beach to an area of soft grass where i lie down with my arms outstretched towards you. you lay down beside me and kiss me tenderly.
my wet hair is cascading over my shoulders, my ******* glistening in the moonlight with their ***** ******* pointing towards you. i ask you to take me right there and right now, not roughly but slowly and passionately savoring every moment and every touch. We would enjoy each other for hours, not minutes, under the glittering stars. I hope you like my dream ... But I cannot continue further, I feel a pleasant and easy shiver in a body...Please, write me soon. Sincerely your lover and friend from Ukraine.

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