Letter(s) from Evgenia Kozlova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Patrice!Thank you for your letter. :-)
My mind is getting brighter and brighter and that is because of you. Ihave just checked my mailbox, with a hope to get a letter from you. Isaw your letter and it added a lot of positive emotions to me. Ouracquaintance is like a fresh sea breeze, in a hot desert. I think I could be the woman for you, because I have lots of blackmini skirts like you described -))) I am all alone, i don't have a boyfriend right now, only romanticmusic and thoughts about you, lights my fire. How lonely it is withouta man in my house, a man that will hug and kiss me when I come home. Imiss breakfasts and dinners together, just the two of us. You shouldknow, that I am a good cook and can make amazing meals. Soups,spaghetti, a bottle of good french wine and just two of us together! Ithink that a dinner like this will be a great interlude for apassionate and wild night! You can not even imagine how I would loveto get to sleep being embraced by a man I love, to wake up from hercaressing and kissing me... I see that you are from Belgium, I have never been there, will youinvite me if we are o'k? My name is Evgeniya. I am from Sumy. It is North Eastern part ofUkraine. It is rather big city, with population of almost a millionpeople. I see that you like shopping, as for me i also like to go shopping, Ihope we will do the same.I brunette with brown eyes I am 167 sm with weight of 50 kg. My birthday is 09/11/1979 I am a manager by my profession. I work in a small firm, I am fillingthe blanks, do paper work. My salary is 150 dollars a month, I work 6days a week, from 8 am till 8 pm. I have only one day off it isSunday. I think that your character is for me. I would like to find not just a man, but a real love with anocean of feelings, joy, happiness and positive emotions!!! Please be true and serious to me and don't play with me and my Feeling.I will give you all thing what you wish and want to be forever. I will dream about you tonight and hope to hear from you soon. Please send me more nice photos and write me more about you. I kiss you very Hot and 100000000000000 times for today. With hope, Evgeniya

Letter 2

Hello Patrice! When I receive your letter, on my face always come a smile and I feel a heat in my soul, thank you for this. Thank you for filling my soul with joy, thank you for filling my heart with most pleasing feelings!! Yes,I have dreamt about you. So I am very serious here for the relationship which will turnhopefully to marriage one beautiful day. I want to feel love andhappiness and I want to give my love, my heart and my soul to mybeloved man. I will do everything for him. I will be most loyal, most passionate,most loving to him and I appreciate same from him. Loyalty,happiness, love and family oriented. I will stand by him with thegood days and bad days and I will support him and make him happy andpleased... I think LOVE is the most important thing in the world andworld would be better place to live if here exist more love between the people... I have not found my Love here in Sumy and I don'tcare about Ukrainian men. I wish to find my half abroad and I wantthat man and I should be equal, doing all kind of things togetherlike walking, cooking, cleaning... My biggest Dream is to create a family of our own... I have so much love and tenderness in my heart, which I want to share with my love one. I will treat him like a Prince and I will never hurt him orhis feelings. I am very family oriented woman and I will do myeverything for my Love One. I want him to feel love, passion,happiness, safe and secure. I want to serve him like a Queen servesher King... I am very romantic woman and I hope you don't feel badabout it... Of course I wish also health, good job, nice house... But I think Love is the most important thing in this world and I will do everything for love. I don't need money, I don't need great house ormaterial things, all I wish is Love, Happiness and Passion with my Special King and strong family... In my free time I usually train in the Gym and summertime also swim orcamping. In wintertime I like skiing and skating. I also enjoy verymuch cooking and baking. I am very good cook, maybe someday I willcook a special dinner for you. Would you like that? I wish you sunshine and love to your heart. I am thinking about youand I will send my love for you via soft wind and via moonlight. I hope you will write to me... With my tender thoughts for you

Letter 3

Hi darling Patrice! I thank you very, very much for your sweet and tender message. Youmade me very, very, very happy. You made sun for my day, although it'scloudy and dark here: ) I am very, very interested of you and I foundyou and photo very, very, very, very beautiful. Thank you Dear. Well,I am not so handsome like you are but my heart is Pure Gold : ). Honey,yesterday I have dreamt about our first meeting.So I am at the airport waiting when you come and meet me. So here youare, you are coming to me ad ask me: "Are you Evgeniya?" I look at youfor a minute and can't tell any word. I am speechless. I nodded.Then I kiss you in your check and take you to the bathroom in the airport. I want to show my passion to you, my emotions, I can't hide them anymore. So we are at the bathroom we start to kiss each other. Thenslowly you move down to my breasts. Caressing them, kissing them,sucking my hard nipples. Then you move down to my stockings and thento my love spot. Gently spreading my legs you get your head betweenthem and run your tongue up and down my lips with sliding it deep inme. Licking and sucking my clitoris my passion is increased. Then youextract your member and push it into me. Moving in slowly at first andthen as our passion increased move faster. It seems that we are theone. I thrust my hips against you to take all of me. Then I am moaningloudly and you are crying out as we both had our orgasms. You arefilling me with your warm juices, you are holding me close to you, andwe returned to reality. I am sorry if I am too open and too overdrive. I hope I didn't scareyou. I just didn't make love for 2 years. I wish we could meet eachother the sooner the better. I want that happen like in my dream. I will be waiting for our comments. Evgeniya

Letter 4

Patrice dear, I have a feeling after one night in bed with you, cuddles and kisswill make me the happiest woman in this world. I had a very interesting weekend. I was celebrating Easter.Your letters get me very excited,aroused, hot. YOU are seducing me!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling we can give each other pleasure in more areasthan just bed as lovers, best friends, great partners, advisers sharingall together and resolving all together. There are two sides to love emotionally and sexually and they both areimportant in a healthy loving relationship.I am also dreaming about holding hands,kisses,caressing each other,lovingcaring words,sweets,cards,flowers for no reason,a smile ,hugs,runninga hot bath,and more . Be sure you will get aroused easy with me. I wish so much that you were here with me, it would be fantastic to spendour evenings embraced each other look in the eyes, filled with tenderkisses and stay in a big bed, making love with a passionalmost every night. Patrice you kidnapped my heart!!!!!My love for you grows more each day. Would you like to come and take me?Please you are welcome to visit me here in Ukraine. I am sure we couldhave a wonderful time together. By the way can I call you my Sun? In Russian it will be "Solnushko" Bye honey, Evgeniya

Letter 5

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Letter 6

Dear Patrice,I will send you another photo when you send me the money, because Ineed to buy a new mini skirt because you want another photo in anothermini skirt. The address: * country -- Ukraine * city -- Sumy * zip code -- 40000 * street -- Kirova street 36 Full name: * surname --Kozlova * name -- Evgeniya Respectfully,Jenya