Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Selihova to Tazio (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello dear stranger.)) I want to begin my first letter from the acquaintance. and to start I would like to introduce ourselves and tell a little about me. My name is Tanua Selihova. me 24 years. I live in Russia in the great city called Murmansk. This is a very beautiful and warm city. I love him madly, but I do not see me in the future in this city. this city and this country is not for me. I want to go somewhere and open up completely my talent. but to leave Russia, I want only to love. thought, why not. decided to try as well, and suddenly I find my true love on this site. Suddenly it's you? I do really like to correspond via the Internet. here without restraint, you can talk about my ideas, share problems, admit to feelings because, in their eyes, I can not always tell all the feelings and thoughts inside me that are often thought of beginning to lose the head. I would be happy if you would start a friendship between us, but first we will know each other better. I am a lawyer working in the notary's office. This is a very nice job. I help people in the drafting of documents. helping them to avoid fraudsters and con artists unfortunately now occur very often. almost at every turn. I chose this profession because I was taught from childhood never to cheat, always act honestly and fairly apply to all. because those whom I help, when someone can help me. so good when people help others to avoid fraud. Tell you about my family. My dad military. Previously, he floated on the submarine, now risen. My mother works at the school. She teaches mathematics. From childhood, they are very strictly related to my upbringing. Dad taught me discipline, and my mother taught to be honest. I have an older brother. 3 years ago he went abroad and found his love there. a year later they married. Now they have a child. I love children and you love children? My free time I spend in different ways. go to the theater, so beautiful, you go when anything in the theater? I love walking with friends. I like to go somewhere in nature and take a walk on the grass. to admire its beauty. I say differently. it all depends on the mood. About you, I know only what is written in your profile. I would like to know more about you. Tell me about yourself. What are your hobbies? What job? Do you love travel? Tell me all about myself, I am very interested. I will wait from you the letter. I hope our acquaintance will not end there. Yes, you still want to ask, do not answer me to my letters the same that you write another. Do not be the same as everyone else on this site. Thank you in advance. I wait for letters. Tanua.
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